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  1. Isatou Sey says:

    So touching after going through rough times in our lovely country. God the Almighty has finally wipe our tears. long live the Gambia.

  2. m michels says:

    Adama Barrow…..another stooge promoted by the white devils and the
    soul-less Africans selling out their peoples, another Western COUP. Poor Gambia soon will be a place of prostitution, drugs and sodomy. France/British Propaganda.

  3. dawna yaram long live Gambia

  4. Bobs Madilla says:

    The Gambian political impasse and how it was solved ought to remain of a lesson to the other parts of the Africa. The AU through the East African Legislative Assembly must legislate into law an independent and neutral election monitoring group to be deployed wherever there is a presidential election on the African Continent to monitor and to be witness to the announcement of the validly elected president in a free and fair election. The institution of this independent and neutral election monitoring group should stop the African incumbent presidents from using the state machinery to bribe their national Electoral Commission to announce them as the winners after they lose an election e.g  Y.K Museveni of Uganda.

  5. Bobs Madilla says:

    Yahya Jammeh is crying now, he's in total confusion, part of his inner self defense says this is just a dream and his other inner actual self is telling him, its real and your era is over and you are seated far away just watching and that you are not even invited to be part of this Gambian historical moment.

  6. Ali Sarr says:

    Gambians, let's pray that our new president and our new Gambia will be far more better than the past. May Allah guide and protect Mr. Barrow to have the ability to develop our beloved country in all aspects. May Allah grant him long life, good health and stability to be able to take Gambia to our expectations. Amiiin

  7. Kenba Sillah says:

    Really really Gambia has decided

  8. onime visual says:

    the quality of the visual really suck. higher some of us to do quality visual for you

  9. LEAP Admin says:

    The Gambia Experiment!!

  10. nesta yi says:

    this is so nice

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