President Trump Documentary 2017


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31 Responses

  1. Yvonne Vu says:

    this is not 100% true documentary.

  2. John Titor says:

    pbs is so liberal, defund this propaganda. "trump was steaming" cuts to donald trump smiling.

  3. TheGoose446 says:

    I love the text messages that keep popping up

  4. Egon Jensen says:

    What does she say at 30.55? ''Donald can't be sexually attracted to a woman who's had…??''

  5. tancheeken says:

    Trump is miracle man. This so call documentary focus only on the bad. No mention of his charities and achievements.

  6. Ruthlesss! I'm down wid it ! get'er done !…

  7. Rhaldryn says:

    2:07 for the first lady's nips.

  8. Larissa d. says:

    People like Trump made America the beacon and the envy of the world.

  9. Lol little kid at the military academy making a face? @11:16

  10. The fucking media is so biased. I hate public television. All they do is insult Trump, but never insult that fucking criminal Hillary Clinton. Fuck the media.

  11. brycepitts01 says:

    that's where Donald Trump said I started off the new Brooklyn and my father gave me a small will the million dollars my favorite line 🙂

  12. brycepitts01 says:

    Donald Trump never backs down you can't stump the Trump 🙂

  13. The Biggest F@*k you ever recorded
    Trump is TOP KEK

  14. John B says:

    I hope Obama gets prison where he belongs because he tried to deceive Americans with a false birth certificate and allowing Israel to increase its power over the USA. Now Obama is fighting Trump illegally and treasonous and sowing the seeds for his own downfall. Obama is a conceited nothing, always was and will be. His only real legacy was to promote male homosexuality being a gay drug addict married to a hermaphrodite with borrowed children.

  15. the donald rocks, fuck all the haters and morons, even in this doc so many morons, oh my god.

  16. the us has elected an EXTREMLY narcisitic reality celeberty for president.. He could wery well be the next Stalin, Hitler or Mao..
    no I'm not pc, leftving, or a feminazi..


  18. jtpett1 says:

    Trump has been a fraud and fake all his life. He spent all of his adult life looking out for himself,so what made people think that if you elected him President he would finally look out for anyone but himself.

  19. so while Trump continued his self masturbatory campaign to legitimatize his presidency, he allowed Russia to continue their offensive into the Ukraine

  20. Farooq Ishaq says:

    So in essence the trumps were no different than all Germans so subscribed to similar view..even the Nazi came with same theory! genetic superiority, survival of the fittest

  21. edwardpf123 says:

    Maybe we can see Obama's college records now!

  22. yarrum3 says:

    lol the random texts that keep showing. whats the go with that

  23. OKLAHOMA CITY OK got the gold star

  24. He stood against the entire Obama-Clinton mafia so bravely and ultimately destroyed all of them

  25. InfamousNyro says:

    This is such a fraud documentary! HA! A fucking dinner that is FILLED jokes for decades, seriously pissed off Trump and made him run for office? I'm not buying it

  26. Tsnore says:

    Frump, the brand, is now Resident.

  27. Alfie Gamer says:

    Nuclear holocaust here we come. Hope he and Putin never fall out. Both a couple of nutters.

  28. this guy's a fraud and a disgrace

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