Prince: Illuminati Blood Sacrifice, Chemtrails and the 9/11 Deception


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  1. Why does anyone care about whom is sleeping with whom? I just don't get it.

  2. brettolicow says:

    Do you not see, this is just like the film "Death becomes her"……. ?

  3. Sal G says:

    Just like MJ was going to own his music. But he wasn't stupid, he has a huuuuge Vault that was that he said himself at the time (late late 8o's or early 90's) said he had over hundreds of fully produced ready to go songs with all video's and movies. So bye bye. Just like mike. There is higher than "the elite/illum"; That I promise you. Love and God Bless everyone;

  4. Jarrett Ball says:

    why don't you talk about the bible why don't you make a video about that. because this is easy. why can't you teach people about God because you know this is easy. who cares about what prince did or how he died . why don't you explain shit about why we are here on earth. ur video is shit. u wana help ppl or perhaps
    open eyes to ppl so make a video about the bible or is that to much work for you.

  5. Jack Package says:


  6. OroraMonroe says:

    Just to note. Tupac, Prince and Left Eye all Gemini… duality

  7. Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin all died in their twenties!

  8. Johnny Davis says:

    no one died on 911 either! this is all a show. Chemtrails= cloud seeding silver iodide geoengineering, not alumninum and they are also shapeshifting spirits in the sky too. All planes dump exhaust just like cars and trucks. Prince is a robotoid with devils inside and was NOT sacrificed!

  9. venus kinch says:

    I dont buy that he was full on a cult I believe he related to some things and he's Gemini He uses some things and symbols but we all are know for doing that it doesn't mean we are die hard occult. he wasn't into men or even imply to be . Now if he really was the mix gender and try to persuade it he would have had a girl on one arm and a guy on they other claiming he was one of both sexes. I believe he was just in tune and his liked bits and peace of things for his own person reasons. but he wasn't pushing for bi sexuality . So No … Prince had a deep mind and a LOT of layers and he clearly stats many time he follows GOD … why would he state he Follows God if he were trying to lead anyone astray. He wouldn't bother saying any about God if that were the case.

  10. This is the most mentally challenged video i have ever seen.

  11. DennisRDJr says:

    I remember Prince saying in an interview once back in the late 90s, that the song Let's Go Crazy originally mentioned God and the devil. He had to change the lyrics though for radio play. In this case, 'going crazy' meant God and the 'elevator bringing you down' meant the devil. Ironically, he died on an elevator which was on the 1st floor when he was found.

  12. Well I think the self-appointed 'enlightened ones', just to get your goat, do things in plain sight (their words) so that you'll see it, because they know most people's 3rd eye awareness is not open and don't come from that perspective, but it's very real.

  13. Grimlock 84 says:

    Consider Prince's song "I Would Die 4 U".  April is the 4th month of the year and /U/ is the 21st letter of the alphabet.  Prince died on 4/21.  Weird.

  14. Maryam 40 says:

    After much researching I found out prince was broke. .if there's any motive to fake his death I don't know of a better one then making money….I don't believe he ever pissed the elite off he was a very good illuminati puppet…that symbol he became well first. .he killed off his own name…and that symbol is satanic…now ppl will wear it as jewellery. .not knowing it represents Transgender and also the baphomet…If his life was truly threatened why not run?…I just think the twitter comment..also an interview where he says he did everything he wanted to do….was him saying ..I'm done I'm out..he was an icon but he was irrelevant. ..his music wasn't selling….so I'm going for fake death. ..its still a sacrifice as he now cannot be in the public eye …being broke is a good enough reason to fake his death. …MJ faked his death he made millions…

  15. MrSilksoul says:

    Just rappers huh? So metal and rock artists don't?

  16. How in the world did Prince know Bin was gonna bomb America 3 years before it happened? I still believe 911 was an inside job!!!!!

  17. Prince's music was the soundtrack of my life in the 80's and 90's, and I loved him. I hate to say it, but in so much of his music videos, he throws up the il cornuto, the OKAY fingers with the sixes, and he performed concerts on a black and white checkerboard floor. I believe after his issues with the control of the record companies, he saw what was up, and too little too late, he turned his life around and became religious, maybe to try and get out. But once you sign the contract, evidently God and all Prince's philanthropic good works were to no avail. It's too bad this happened; he was a genius. He died all alone in an elevator, allegedly. I also read an interview where he told LA Reid the elevator doing down was in reference to Satan, and where did he die? So sad, I miss him so much. But once it's done, there is no way out. It has become so blatant in the music industry, and with celebrities, as you mention. When I watched an older Oprah interview with him, he said he feels like there are two people inside him, expressing the duality, just like so many of them you mention. It is real, and people need to wake up. If you rebel against them, like it was represented in the 2008 simpson's episode, you will be taken out. There are too many coincidences. RIP, Prince

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