New upload 2016. Do we really know the man behind the music?This Documentary film, explores how Prince – showman, artist, enigma – revolutionised the …


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  1. We know says:

    When the song Kiss came out…..that was the time my friend and i were becoming teenagers and doing teen things. like sneaking out the back door to meet boys! Good times.

  2. great documentary and shows the many layers of the man and his music. Watch it, its good.

  3. chefjanet2k says:

    Always have and always will love this man. Too much talent in one compact, sexy little body.

  4. Joseph Edric says:

    24:03 The way she said the word controversy. Very strange to American ears.

  5. I can't listen too Purple Rain or Let's go crazy right now. Too depressing.

  6. mellowdee63 says:

    it was an article here where I live in the Daily Herald a suburban Chicago newspaper saying that Prince had no known will

  7. Cel Ine says:

    Genius ????

  8. I love you now and forever, I can not let you go out without saying what I saw and participated in the week of your death The same week you died the Government let off experimental gas fumes through out the whole downtown Milwaukee area , the whole city downtown area was consumed in smoke. A couple of days later I saw a huge plane make a complete U tun over the city. I have never seen a plane make a complete U turn before.

  9. …I know Mr Ho. It's almost as depressing as Victoria Wood dying.

  10. Rosa Brown says:

    wow!!!! he produced his own album at the age of 17!!! first person in music history to do that!! love u Prince!

  11. Jamne Stiles says:

    Prince always appeared to be in great shape like a marine, a killer. I do not believe he committed suicide by accident or any other form. I think he was exposed to a disease called myacinia gravis. I think his heart stopped because he had spent time with a woman who was a carrier of the disease that inflicts sudden death on men, at the near age of 60 or earlier.again, I believe it was because of an over active thymus gland, that sends the wrong signal to the heart telling to stop when he really wanted his arm to stop, instead.

  12. Jamne Stiles says:

    he probably felt sick, like he had the flu but later died of heart failure.

  13. Jamne Stiles says:

    If he was a drug addict and died of those causes, then his sister will get his money and she will follow the same path.

  14. Jamne Stiles says:

    Thinking of how many people you want me to kill with your lute.

  15. Jamne Stiles says:

    you really want me to do it too.

  16. Jamne Stiles says:

    You like it when I kill, just like all the others including Senator Clinton.

  17. Jamne Stiles says:

    You want my legacy if damage to rise higher and higher.

  18. Jamne Stiles says:

    Your sister can't do that.

  19. Jamne Stiles says:

    Rest peacefully

  20. The best ever. No one's close. A master musician, all new way of creating music. An awesome performer. Watching him was an event. as a musician, Prince humbles me! I miss you brother!

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