Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary 『円の支配者』


Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy” reveals how Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda and desire of …


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  1. Aengrod says:

    So whats the guitar tune at the start of the video?

  2. JK JK says:

    An interesting read about these people:

  3. "In Japan, many of the most important post-war economic and political leaders came from an elite group of wartime bureaucrats, the very same people who had pushed Japan into war."

    It's not that war criminals continued to rule Japan after the war. The Pacific War (and the war in Europe) was really caused by European and American Zionists including Churchill and Roosevelt. They pushed Japan into the war by arming the Chinese to escalate the war in China and by imposing the economic embargo on Japan. What could Japan do without oil for which it depended almost entirely on the US? 

    The same Zionist criminals put Chinese and North Korean Communists(?) in power. The world is ruled by those criminals to this day and they manipulate the Central Banks. Japan's economy was destroyed on purpose by Zionists just as the whole Japan was destroyed in the war.

  4. 1:06:54 Toshiya "Toshi" Fukui’s " while destrying the high growth model, i am building a model that suits the new era" Holy shit

  5. se7ensnakes says:

    How bank create and destroy money is actually a lot simpler than it is. The alleged mystery lies in the double entry bookkeeping system of asset and liabilities. The truth is that the liablity is counterfeit plain and simple

  6. Curious You says:

    excellent documentary shedding light on the ongoing plans on the criminal international banking cartels to over take, own and control every country on this planet .  Only through public education brought on by films like this does humanity have a chance at defeating these  Zionist criminals' plans at global hegemony….

  7. thatguy928 says:

    read "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins. The Federal Reserve was created by Warburg, a Rothschild agent to fund the British military, start WWI and collectivize the culture of the US in the process. The Bank of England originally funded the industrial revolution and destroyed the small farms of Britain, creating the working class that supplied the factories with labor

    central banks control economic growth through interest rate adjustments and the money/debt supply. the stockholders of these banks very much know what they are doing

  8. 梅桃桜 says:


  9. they're central bank management is identical to what the US central bank does minus the foreboding music. well not identical it is much more for benefit of their own population much more fair equal distribution amongst non-jews.

    I mean if you can learn this in 90 minutes just think think that children of globalist jews learn this stuff when they are 5 years old , in much more depth in a few weeks. and they learn so much more how to run the whole globalist crime racket and race war on the non jewish whites plus the fact they breed themselves for high IQ (Einstein married his first cousin) while downbreeding whites with negros to give them 85 IQ cattle livestock.

  10. plus imagine if Italian mafia had taken over central bank of the United States and virtually every single Italian American was acting as cover and excusing it and at every turn trying to cover it up and quell opposition, that's what the jews do everytime and that's why they been kicked out of every country they were ever allowed into

  11. they probably realize they can expand or contract the human population by the central bank policies. That's why they prolong recessions, to keep the population from exploding. so people can't afford to have a dozen kids but why then do they subsidize all these blacks and poor people having children, give them such large stipends for having children out of wedlock. doesn't make sense until you realize….they are controlled by the black life force.

  12. Thank you very much for posting this.

    I try to follow real economics as it were, but I certainly learned many new things from this about Japan, where I live.
    Time to buy the book by Mr. Werner.

    Glad to see there are also perfect English subtitles (for my Japanese wife to follow this in English).

    Many thanks.

  13. Entan On says:

    This is a stellar piece of work. It is such a relief to see a rejection of the standard Keynsian free market dogma, and to hear an academic economist who actually started life working in the real money/commodity markets.

    I'm not that sympathetic to mindless mobs chanting about the 1%, but nor am I sympathetic to the Soros of this world amassing easy money at our expense, then pulling political strings way beyond what democratic government intended. This documentary charts an even course between those two poles, and warrants its assertions with simple facts, every step of the way.

    On top of that, the photography of Japan is worth watching as a movie in its own right, and the music is just as good.

    Thank you for this exemplary production.

  14. chess747 says:

    Every country is controlled by debt it's all deliberate,from countries to you and I,how else can the top 1% control the world and if you don't agree your country is classed as a dictatorship or a commie country…control control control,who runs America the Jewish establishment,who's the real trillionaire the Rosschilds which are Jewish.

  15. Maxinator says:

    Very interesting. I see some confirmity with the current program of the ECB and the interest rate (Euribor) of 0%.
    Edit: commented to early didnt see the end =p

  16. Great movie! Let's be clear though, this is just part of a larger plan. The goal? World tyrannical government. If you continue on from this story you'd have to discuss ASEAN (being set up with "help" of USAID), TPP, TTIP, and the complete destruction of the Middle East. It's clear that a world economic and political system is being set up right under our noses. As we sleepwalk our way through daily life the elite are taking control of every corner of the Earth. The final pieces to the puzzle are China, Russia, and the American right to bear arms. These three items are last on the list but quite possibly could be done all at once if they start a world war. Don't be surprised when it happens….

  17. WTF?! , 50m25s States BoJ consistently refused to increase Money Supply, and indeed actively prolonged the pain and recession(to perversely having caused a crisis and blaming the Ministry of Finance to seek further power / independence)
    57m35s then just glibly state that the Ministry of Finance was responsible when the MoF actively begged the BoJ to expand and the BoJ refused,
    so Richard Werner(a Jardine Fund pusher?) becomes in that moment no more than yet another sick pawn of a central Bank,
    spouting the BS that has destroyed peoples for centurys

  18. French subtitles added, thanks to the translator Karl Chretien

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