Prison Architect – Part 8 – SHOWER SHANKING


New arrivals show up, and guess who wasn’t 100% prepared!? Live Stream: Twitter: Facebook: …


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  1. Hey Im first I dont care

  2. Owain Gaming says:

    change 5pm to freetime then the prisoners dont get angry all of the time

  3. Owain Gaming says:

    and you need prison labour for prisoners to work in the kitchen

  4. Lark Shark says:

    To schedule a program, you need to have work time in the regime

  5. Retro man1 says:

    When you were looking for security and stopped on the one before it lol, and if you haven't noticed there is a search bar for everything, use it sometimes, it'll help.

  6. NyanPlayz says:

    Toaslet Please Reply. Do you know how to set up a microphone on a Windows 10?

  7. soliferi says:

    there are some prisoners that dont get 'suppressed' i'd like to be able to put them on death row…

  8. soliferi says:

    ….i changed the max security back to normal cos i couldnt be fucked dealing with extra treatment. post a guard/dog in each room for permanent vision.

  9. ravenlorans says:

    They have a Built in a Cheat/Hack Option in game now. Everything Builds
    Instantly after you place it. No waiting for the workman to build things
    anymore. There might be a Bug tho, as after I built the Prebuilt
    Canteen and Kitchen, the cooks would not cook food. Plus all walls are
    Brick. I wish they had the option to make the Prebuilts Concrete.

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