Probability of Large-Scale False Flag Terror Event Increasing As European Banking Panic Looms


Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
September 9, 2011

Washington DC, Sept. 9, 2011 – Late yesterday, Obama administration officials speaking off the record told reporters that they had a “credible but unconfirmed” threat warning for a terror attack around the time of the 9/11 anniversary is coming Sunday.

This announcement caps a week in which numerous veterans of the original 9/11 false flag terror attack and cover-up have been prodigal with their media warnings that a repetition of the bloody tragedy of 10 years ago is simply a question of time. These figures have included former New York Mayor Giuliani, 9/11 commission chairs Hamilton and Kean, and many others.

Based on the current intelligence constellation, a large-scale false flag terror attack over the coming weeks and months is now increasing in probability. This is because such a terror attack, plus the wars it could unleash and the martial law which it might be used to impose in Europe and North America, would facilitate measures which the ruling finance oligarchs of these nations judge to be essential for their short-term survival. The false flag attack could be blamed on Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, the Palestinians, or a range of others.

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Once again, the initiative may be passing into the hands of that rogue network, invisible government, secret government, parallel government, deep state, or special forces underground which exists at the point where Wall Street and City of London financial bosses intersect with the dominant personalities – active-duty and retired – of the Anglo-American secret intelligence establishment.

Imminent Banking Panic Means New and Bigger Bailouts Imposed by Martial Law

The leading factor compelling the Anglo-American power elite into a new false flag terror adventure is the now rapidly worsening breakdown crisis of the European and US banking systems. Almost 2 years of Anglo-American financial warfare against the euro, generally taking the form of credit default swap (CDS) assaults on European government bonds, have now created an extraordinarily serious crisis. There is presently a list of at least one dozen large European banks, each of whom is a candidate to play the role of Lehman Brothers in the blowup which can now be expected for some time over the next two months. This includes the top British banks. This crisis is almost exclusively the handiwork of the City of London and Wall Street, and they have created it in order to relieve pressure on the dollar, and to neutralize the threat to the future role of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Over the past few days, Anglo-American commentators have been chortling as the dollar has picked up a few pennies of value compared to the euro.

The problem for the Anglo-Americans is that panic runs on European banks will quickly be translated into panic runs on US banks, and on the dollar. Institutions like Bank of America, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and even the vaunted Goldman Sachs, which have existed as zombie banks thanks to government largess since September 2008, are now exhibiting telltale signs of a Lehman-like death spiral. In short, if the European banks blow, the London and New York banks will not be far behind. Maybe the Wall Street geniuses of international financial warfare should have thought of that before they embarked on their current lunatic beggar-my-neighbor campaign against their confreres in continental Europe.

Experience teaches that if the New York money center banks are faced by imminent bankruptcy, their first instinct would be to demand a second bailout of trillions of dollars at US taxpayer expense. The problem for them is that the first bailout has left such a bitter aftertaste that congressional passage of such a monstrous funding bill would be anybody’s guess. From the Wall Street point of view, this makes martial law a much more attractive alternative than in the recent past. Under the impact of a huge false flag event, new bailouts could be railroaded through the Congress or even approved by Wall Street puppet Obama as executive orders and validated later. They could even be approved as a measure necessary for national defense in an emergency. The impact in Europe would be similar.

Martial law declared in response to a terror attack would automatically be used to suppress public protests against the bailouts and austerity cuts decreed by the zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas. No matter what the ins and outs, a new terror crisis would help Wall Street get its money. And there is nothing like an imminent financial panic to make the Anglo-American ruling elite go collectively bonkers.

The Twelve Tyrants of Austerity Threaten the Pentagon Budget

A second and related problem is represented by the first meeting yesterday of that extralegal pseudo-judicial organism which the American people are increasingly referring to as the Twelve Tyrants. This is the infamous Super Committee or Super Congress, an entity which exists in clear violation of the United States Constitution. If, according to one likely scenario, the Twelve Tyrants, the Congress, and Obama fail to agree on a common program of genocidal austerity against the American people, and automatic budget guillotine will come down around Christmas of this year, and will begin cutting $60 billion per year out of the Pentagon budget. According to a number of observers, this prospect by itself is sufficient to move the intelligence old boys of the rogue network to stage a substantial new terror stunt to protect their current level of funding. If new terror attacks occur, it will be much harder to cut the Pentagon budget. Having been deprived of the Cold War 20 years ago, these bellicose militarists do not intend to be deprived of their ersatz Global War on Terror, and they are prepared to go far off the reservation to assert themselves.

The anxiety in these circles is increased by news reports that the US presence in Iraq is about to be scaled down to about 3,000 troops. At the same time, public pressure for an early exit from Afghanistan is growing, while others are calling for a strategy based on limited special forces and the use of predator drones, but without large numbers of infantry.

Republican Warmongers Pose as Isolationists

The disgust of the US population with the endless wars of the past decade has gradually transformed much of the Republican Party from a self-professed congeries of warmongers into a purported gaggle of isolationists, as seen in the recent debates. Naturally, for most of these figures the dovish transformation is purely demagogic. A robust false flag terror event would go far towards flipping the Republicans back to the warmongers stance they find inherently congenial.

London and Washington Still Want to Attack Pakistan

Another factor which disturbs the Anglo-American imperialist planners is their inability to launch their military incursion against Pakistan. This had been planned for the immediate aftermath of the May 1st “Bin Laden” publicity stunt, and would have included an attempt by US Special Forces to seize or destroy the Pakistani strategic nuclear deterrent, leaving that country defenseless. The Anglo-Americans have been held in this case by a timely ultimatum from China, specifying that Beijing would treat an attack on Pakistan just like an attack on the Chinese homeland. This has largely checkmated China and Washington ever since. However, in the aftermath of a new false flag event blamed on Pakistan, it would be possible for the Anglo-American to revisit this issue with increased blackmail potential against the Chinese.

The US-UK Assault on Syria is Failing

In the Middle East, the Anglo-American power elite has wagered everything on the successful march of color revolutions backed up with NATO military aggression, leading to the overthrow of most of the existing regimes in the Arab world. Syria poses the most serious test so far for this new Anglo-American strategic doctrine. After all, it was relatively easy for the Anglo Americans to destabilize and overthrow the governments of Tunisia and Egypt, given that these states were already located within the Anglo Americans sphere.

NATO’s Urgent Need to Attack Syria

Libya has proven a much tougher nut to crack, and NATO, and despite a brutal application of genocidal force, has not yet cracked it. Because of Qaddafi’s superior fighting qualities, the long war in Libya has tended to shield Syria from the next, planned wave of NATO attack. In the meantime, the Syrian army has made substantial progress in quelling the armed rebellion mounted by death squads and armed gangs loyal to the Moslem Brotherhood, itself the creation of British intelligence. The optimum time for NATO to invade Syria would have been two months ago, but this proved impossible because so many of NATO’s strictly limited military assets were tied down on the Libyan front. Very soon, there will be very little of the Muslim Brotherhood soldatesca left in Syria for NATO to come and rescue.

A false flag terror attack, however, would immediately change this equation by creating political conditions in which Obama could successfully extort increased military assets from Congress and from Europe to carry out a direct attack on Syria. This in turn would likely embroil NATO in all-out war not just with Syria, but with Hezbollah and Iran as well. If one thinks of a world war evolving along the lines of the Thirty Years’ War in Europe (1618-1648), then this would begin to look very much like such a world war.

Isolated Israel Faces the PLO Demand for Statehood and the Hostility of Turkey

A further exacerbating factor is represented at the ongoing internal political crisis and increasing international isolation of Israel. Right after the 9/11 anniversary, the United Nations General Assembly will convene in New York City. Here there will be a determined attempt by the Palestinian Authority to exert its existence as a sovereign and independent United Nations member state. This bid will enjoy overwhelming sympathy around the world. It is quite possible that the General Assembly will approve the Palestinian request. The United States faces the humiliating isolation of having to block Palestinian statehood with a solo veto in the Security Council. Saudi Arabia is on record as saying that this outcome will lead to a catastrophe in US-Saudi relations.

Will Turkey Decline Role of US-UK Kamikaze Puppet Against Syria?

A further complication involves Turkey. According to the Anglo-American dream scenario, Turkey should by now have attacked Syria, citing the pretext of wanting to stop the refugee flow across the two countries’ common border. For a time it looked like the Turks would indeed accept the role of kamikaze puppet against Syria in the service of London and New York. But, for the moment, it looks like they may have paused. Instead of invading Syria, Turkey is currently engaged in a high profile diplomatic clash with the Israelis, which makes much more sense from the point of view of Turkish interests and internal politics, and which increases the pressure on the desperados of the Netanyahu regime. All this comes at the moment when half a million Israelis have demonstrated in the streets to show their rejection of the militarism and economic austerity measures of Netanyahu.

A Turkish-Egyptian Alliance?

There are even reports of a possible alliance between Egypt and Turkey, which would be most unwelcome to the US, British, and Israelis. The Egyptians, for their part, have become somewhat less subservient neighbors for the Israelis in the Sinai, especially after some Egyptian forces were killed by Israeli bombing raids targeting Gaza.

Iran: Bushehr Goes Online

In the background, the Iranian nuclear program is quietly proceeding. The Bushehr nuclear power station has come online, producing electricity for Iran’s national grid. The Washington Post, citing a September report from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, claims that the Iranian nuclear program represents “an undimmed danger.” In a September 6 editorial, the paper claims that Iran has begun to use a new and more advanced centrifuge for the enrichment of uranium, and that rapid progress is being made in transferring existing centrifuges into a large underground facility located in a mountain near Qom, which makes them all but invulnerable to outside military attack. The protracted campaign of assassination against Iranian nuclear scientists, it would appear, has not been effective in stopping this progress. In the fevered imaginations of imperialist military planners, we may therefore be approaching the point of no return for an attack on Iran.

Neocon Bonapartist Petraeus Now Running the CIA

As of this past Tuesday, the General David Petraeus has now taken control of the US Central Intelligence Agency. Petraeus has long been noted as the favorite Bonapartist of the neocon faction, and their chosen vehicle for a return to power en masse. Petraeus is carrying out a personal union of the Pentagon and the CIA, the two pillars of his projected future authoritarian presidency. If the US ruling elite should decide to jettison Obama, look for Petraeus’ star to rise at the expense of the “bunch of cranks” populating the current Republican field which is “the weakest since 1940,” in the words of John Weaver of the Huntsman camp.

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  1. vljones says:

    Nato, Britian, Israel war mission is all going to fail because the arab countries going to turn against them. I see that turkey and egypt already doing that to israel. Israel need to be more careful dealing with the other countries over there. Israel is all surrounded by them countries.

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