Project 2012 Intro: Predictions Coming True? Nuclear War Begins Soon?


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If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.

Lord Louis Mountbatten

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Albert Einstein


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There are prophecies and oracles from around the world that all seem to point to December 21, 2012 as New World Age ( World is not going to end but millions of people could die in the process of New Age Transition). The ancient Mayan Calendar, the medieval predictions of Merlin, the Book of Revelation and the Chinese oracle of the I Ching all point to this specific date as the end of civilization. A new technology called “The Web-Bot Project” makes massive scans of the internet as a means of forecasting the future… and has turned up the same dreaded date: 2012. Skeptics point to a long history of “Failed Doomsdays”, but many oracles of doom throughout history have a disturbingly accurate track record.

Prophesies from many traditions from all over the world over speak of a great transformative shift that is happening in the years around 2012. The Mayan calendar comes to a close on December 21st 2012. The Q’ero Shamans of Peru speak of this same timeframe in their prophecy called Pacha Kuti which is the time in which they say that the luminous ones will return and the world will be turned right side up again. The Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Cherokee, Maori, Jews, Christians and many others have ancient prophesies that speak to the nature of this very crucial and amazing moment in time. We are documenting much of this traditional knowledge and more in this research project.

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Many analysts and experts are now saying that something BIG is coming… Greatest Depression , rising tensions in Middle East (Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine….) and South Asia (IndiaPakistan), Russia is getting stronger and making strategic moves, China silently emerging as a serious threat to the Super Powers.. all fully prepared and loaded with Nukes for a possible War! Ready to take avenges (cold wars and WW2). The World War 2 ended by the Nuclear explosions ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki ) and now experts predicting that the WW3 (The Greatest War) will start by a Nuclear attack on Israel, Iran or Pakistan… near 2012 that will transit this Age/Civilization into the New World Age on 21st Dec 2012!

The majority of world’s population is not involved in politics.. they are simple, innocent and common people.. this is not the matter of any country, any nation or any religion now… not any more! If this happens, each and every being on this earth will be affected!

Pak Alert has launched “Project 2012″ to research this topic and investigate the facts in the light of current global geo-political developments , astrology readings and sacred prophecies about End of days/ Age transitions and try to authenticate the possibility of  a Nuclear War/ Armageddon before 2012.

Does the world have a couple billion fully stocked shelters to help humans survive nearby blasts and protect against radiation for months, and feed people for years, after the war?? (NEW: Please see Bunker videos ) Considering the VERY LIMITED time left, we are also researching to understand how we can practically and quickly create low cost nuclear protection bunkers for civilians, preserve  and store seeds, dry food, gold/silver ( start buying gold/silver now!) and all other pertaining factors to survival after Nuclear Armageddon. Our objective is to educate people about what devastation a nuclear war could bring and how we can help each other to save ourselves from a possible nuclear attack…this is not just about 2012 prophecies .. but this makes perfect scene in the presences of thousands of nuclear warheads and other modern warfare weapons around the globe wholly for the purpose of Mass Genocide and Destruction! We will start publishing our research reports soon.

We all should gear up now and start thinking about our survival! There is no harm in keeping this thought in mind, live normal life but plan future smartly!

We sincerely hope that WE ARE WRONG!


159 Responses

  1. “…the Book of Revelation and the Chinese oracle of the I Ching all point to this specific date as the end of civilization.” — This statement is not correct.
    The Bible has many prophecies that pertain to the ‘end of the age;’ but there are NO specific dates mentioned. People think they can ‘calculate’ dates, based on all kinds of arcane logic. But Jesus stated- specifically- that no one knows the ‘day or the hour’ except God the Father. All indications point to the world being ‘near’ the end of this age… but no one knows how near; it could be months, but more likely, years away.
    As for the I Ching, the specific date, Dec. 21, 2012, was derived in a very complex manner by Terrance McKenna, and has been challenged by other researchers.
    As always, ‘time will tell’… and there’s not much time to wait for 21-12-12.

  2. dave says:

    Is the chaotic weather pattern occurring lately related to the 2012 apocalypse?

  3. Sultani says:

    Percy i pay respect to u for standing up for the truth, can u plz give me the link to your ur blog so i can sign up 🙂

  4. AntiLieGuy says:

    This is exactly what is going to happen:

  5. lyoklyok says:

    fucking madness. in order for ANYTHING, ANYONE or THE WORLD to change for better, EVERYONE, the whole planet needs to drop all of the bullshit that “we” are doing and in one day ALL TOGETHER all over the world change things, otherwise “good luck” to all of us. Never thought the world would ever get to where it is now and where it is going… sad

  6. Madmax2012 says:

    hope you are wrong!

  7. fayaz says:

    کراچی : مزید سات افراد کو کراچی میں قتل تشدد کے تازہ لہر میں 82 سے مرنے والوں کی تعداد لے کر ، جمعہ کے دن کی اطلاع نہیں ملی.

  8. yEs, I agree with the topic. There will be a huge destruction in the year 2012. I’ve many reasons. The end of the Earth is near but it will not destroy completely as Jesus [Hazrat Easa (A.S.)] has to come, but he will fight a war with Dajjal without having technology or car or missiles, then where all this will gone? This will be destroy by the natural disasters or by the 3rd world war.

    Prepare yourself to handle the situation.

  9. sayyed al mahdi says:

    look! i have doubt in this sort of theory that world is going to see something like DOOMSDAY here in 2012, cause it is masons who want us to believe in this stuff, no matter what the evidence you bring for it, i wont believe it because 2012 is blatantly promoted by the hollywood, and i also believe that MAHDI will come to save us from ZIONISTS, and will rule the world for 7 years, so 7 years are still to come,, alright? ; )

  10. Hassan Aleem says:

    2012 myth or whatever you want to call it basically comes from ancient Sumerian cuneiform Akkadian.. which nowadays many Scientology believers are quoting, the year when nibiru will be in reach of tiamat aka earth… google the rest 🙂

    • Ali Adams says:

      Hoe 2012 is a myth when Allah swt warns us in the Quran from 31 events in the Hijri year 1433 which happens to be 2021?

      Here is what I said ealier ……….

      Please take God warnings in The Merciful chapter of 31 events between 7 Jan 2012 and 7 Nov 2012 seriously and warn people around you.

      I have made a software to show the 31 danger latitudes and which cities are safe and which are dangerous with as small cities as 10000 inhabitants.

      Please download from


      Ali Adams
      God > infinity

  11. We must all live with brotherhood. Nuclear wars are not solution to anything.

  12. Asad says:

    Where are we people going. Noone thinking about huminity.

    • Ali Adams says:

      Please take God warnings in The Merciful chapter of 31 events between 7 Jan 2012 and 7 Nov 2012 seriously and warn people around you.

      I have made a software to show the 31 danger latitudes and which cities are safe and which are dangerous with as small cities as 10000 inhabitants.

      Please download from



  13. Qureshi says:

    I think the nuclear war will only take place if the nuclear weapon is in the hands of few nations because they can use it against those countries who do not have this, but if all the countries have this weapon then no one will dare to use against other countries.

  14. percy says:

    Well, I guess you have been busy with counting all those Israeli’s who DID NOT DIE IN THE TWIN TOWERS. I know, I live here. I personally saw the email that they received warning them to leave the building before ANY PLANES WERE HIJACKED. You also don’t research or you would not have talked the way you just did.

    So until you do, its best you don’t make a fool of yourself when those of us who do the research read and laugh at you. War is coming, and depopulation from 6.5 billion down to half a billion by nuke wars is the goal and I have all the evidence and links and research and proof we need. Fortunately unlike you, the rest of the world is waking up.

    Israel is acting on behalf of Rothschilds and the world knows it and they will be the first to go. Watch and see becuase everyone knows. Rothschilds better hide too, since they are the ones coordinating all this garbage. So, get educated or give up your job as a mossad troll. One or the other. Tell your handlers, Americans are getting seriously raging mad and they are FULLY ARMED, SO THIS WILL NOT BE ANY PICNIC IN OUR COUNTRY. WE WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN AS WE WOULD RATHER DIE FIGHTING PIGS LIKE YOU THAN TO SERVE AS SLAVES. HERE READ THIS…….. THIS IS WHAT ISRAELI’S (KHAZARS, NOT REAL ISRAELI’S) THINK OF ALL OF US BOTH MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN.

    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister to New Statesman magazine on June 25, 1982

  15. Syed Shah says:

    Please for God’s sake stop this conspiracy theory business. It helps no one least of all us. It drives you away from the real facts. It leads you into incorrect directions till you get lost and come to false conclusions.

    Conspiracy theories are like crutches. You use them when you are lame, when you can’t walk. Similarly when your information fails you, reasoning fails you and analysis fails you, you resort to conspiracy theories.

    Some body in West plants a theory that appeals to you and you latch on to it. In fact he or she is fooling you. For example the theory that 4,400 Jews had prior information of 9/11 and had debunked. It was just a figment of imagination. I for one know how many Jews died there and how many Pakistanis and Muslims escaped.

    The idea was planted by some one in France. When it comes to something we want to hear we immediately accept and even quote the guy. They have a good laugh at us. None of us takes the pains to do real research and come up with facts. I can give you at least two examples of my relatives, Muslims who survived and give you cases of many many Jews who died. This example alone is enough to convince you that we love conspiracy theories based on imagination.

    Similarly there are so many things. Like my driver in Pakistan came and told me that America had invaded and that black President if he gets elected will attack the same moment. With great difficulty I was able to explain that he said something else and the TV and Urdu press in media had completely misunderstood, misinterpreted and propagated. It only hurts us. No one else.

    So my appeal to please please refrain from unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. We only please ourselves. Authorities that matter are doing what they have to and we continue to be the loosers. There is something that can be done and we must focus on that.

    For a starter identify the problems so we can have solutions. Rest later Inshallah.

  16. People should remember that signs of such activities are present today. But people need to go into religious texts to really get the whole picture.

  17. KM says:



    Iran has agreed a deal with Turkey & Brazil to hand over its enriched Uranium to Turkey. This means the US & Israel now have no excuse/basis for placing sanctions/attacking Iran.

    Well played to all three. I bet the Americans & Jews have egg on their face now. They are totally fucked because now they have no leg to stand on. Unless they do what they in the lead-up to the Iraq war and come up with a dodgy dossier/claim.

    Next step should be to disarm Israel of its nuclear weapons

  18. tracy mcdaniel says:

    I think this blog is real good and I am glad I found it and for me all I can do is read. The fact is that in this world it takes money to do something big for what is right and for us poor people all we have is a voice that will not matter and hope, talking to God, cuz he will give note to my voice. Its easy to say anyone can stand out and do,, but trust me I am not one who can stand out there are just somethings in life that keeps some people from there dreams but you would just have to know me and be on my line and to be real about things. They say with God anything can happen, well only if it is his will! I will never turn away from God and I do not try to understand his and his sons words due to the fact they were not spoken to me but before me to others but I still need that deep love that I know God gives people. I may not be worthy of it but God know how bad I long for it and I know I am not a bad person and my heart is in the right place but still I do not know if that is what makes a person some what worthy of such a love.

  19. Percy says:

    Tracy, we can all do something, but your right, if we EACH try to do something alone, the odds of it working are nil, however, if we all try to do something together, in the billions globally, it can work. I have been diligently trying to put things together inbetween working and making a living and posting information to educate so its a long slow process but soon, I hope to have things up that will give us the ability to act together in concert.

    Here is the difficult part of all of it. The bad guys are few, BUT ORGANIZED, FOCUSED, COMMITTED TO THIS TYRANNY AND SLAVERY THEY ARE GOING AFTER and we are not. We don’t even realize what is really going on or who is doing it. Many don’t know because they refuse to read, others refuse to believe, and others yet again feel helpless so they give up. What will work, is each of us doing what we can in our own way and doing it together with the same “FOCUS, COMMITTMENT AND ORGANIZING” as the bad guys. Can you dig down and find that commitment for your son’s sake??? If not, then your right. But God is not going to take responsibility for you if you won’t take it for yourself. He as much as said so.

    You can believe in God and if you do, you also know he gave us free will and made us responsible for what we do or do not do in behalf of our selves, our world and our choices in all of it. I hope you will come to this blog and sign up so when I get the stuff done you can contribute to our efforts. (Look above the article and see links that say “people-to-people” and check out all three links above and it will give you an idea of where we are going.

    If we each commit to do what we can, and convince others to join the effort of NON COOPERATION WITH THE BANKERS CROOKS, AND NON COOPERATION IN THE WARS, ETC, we can bring these bankers down. THEY KNOW IT AND SPEND BILLIONS IN PROPOGANDA CONVINCING US WE CANNOT. Right now we are putting together strategy and tactics.

    You would go on a distribution list for daily updates on news and educational information. There is tons of stuff on there now you can begin with in educating yourself to who and what is the real problem. Only when we know that can we come up with the correct solutions.

    • harold says:

      This blog is so good and i`ll attend regular to learn and tell to every one included my colleague because of in as a result the discussion of this topic, it so difficult.


  20. Ali Adams says:

    Dear brother Usman, the belt is made of tiny stones (Hijarat min sijjiil in sha Allah) so yes it reflect red if you are referring to the redness of the sky just after sunset and it would indeed look like a sword and maybe with two heads as Dhul-Fuqqar in sha Allah.

    Dear Brother AbdAllah, I am a lay man like you and any knowledge I have I must volunteer to all in case I die any second.

    I also watched the documentary after the Moon landing 50th anniversary and sure the Moon landing was staged in a desert in the US.

    Also some say but I am not sure that Van Allen’s Belt is a belt not sphere enclosing us so if you travel sideways you would not need to pass through it. I doubt this theory but never checked it myself.

    In all cases, the only knowledge I am keeping private for now was found by another brother using my “QuranCode 2012” software (downloadable with 100% C# source code from regarding 2011/1432/1389 as he doesn’t want to go public yet. But we have few people around us who know in case some of us depart this Earth soon in sha Allah 🙂 I put a smile because this life is a test and sooner you finish it the better as long as you are above 50% in sha Allah.

    I like your email as it was very informative but rest assured that the Elites cannot stage Gibrael’s Cry (sayhaa) from the sky in all languages at once unless God wills.

    Here something related:

    Quran 50:41-42:
    أعوذ بالله من الشيطٰن الرجيم
    بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

    وَٱسْتَمِعْ يَوْمَ يُنَادِ ٱلْمُنَادِ مِن مَّكَانٍۢ قَرِيبٍۢ
    يَوْمَ يَسْمَعُونَ ٱلصَّيْحَةَ بِٱلْحَقِّ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ يَوْمُ ٱلْخُرُوجِ

    Wa As-salam.

    Ali Adams
    God > infinity

  21. Abdallah Jan says:

    Ali Adams….Assalamu-Elekum, thank you for your response.

    However, I am aware of the belt that is impossible to pass by human being unless he is wearing a suit made of heavy lead metal, that will make the space craft too heavy to lift, thus making the first man on the moon a myth.

    This belt also protect the earth from any harmful phenomenon to enter, thus, possible making the events of 2012, doubtful.

    Since the spacecraft speed sciences is still un-advanced, unless they can improve on Chandra propulsion, the likely hood of the verse 33 to come to pass is, after there are no Muslims left on this earth. This will happen after the events of Mahdi (as) and Isa (as). They will be able to pass this belt and when they reach certain Heaven they will be showered with what verse 35 describes.

    Yet the Hijra 1433 is prophesized as per your research and certain Hadiths, that points to some major sign or events. Elites are staging events to synchronize the Pagan and Biblical prophesies, so the masses may say, ‘oh that was expected’ that would increase their belief ever more on disbelief. May be here Allah (swt) will send HIS WORD back to earth and thus the surah 56 of Al-Imran will come to pass.

    I am, as a lay man very curious, to comprehend as to time factor when will they (occupiers of Muslim Lands) will not be able to get help, on this earth, when they own UNO, NATO and every technological edge over Muslims, and yet the verse says, they will not be able to get help on this world and hereafter. This leads me to think, for surely, they will loose all the electronics and intelligence and spy satellites, due to which they shall be blind and can’t fly any craft or missiles. Also as per Hadiths, since the Earth has stopped rotation, the oceans, opposite to where sun is shinning with enormous heat, will become ice and thus they wont be able to sail the ships to help their forces.

    If as per your research, of harmful rays entering the earth, will surely kill mostly Muslims, as they are the one living, mostly under the sun. If you have been to Haram, Mina, Arafat, you will see Sun over head. So going along this line of earth travel around Sun, its mostly all Muslims and Hindus in India.

    I have pondered over the Surah Ar-Rahman many a time. It has many clues of future events. But my feeble mind is not able to comprehend and I ask Allah to help me understand and I also ask those with knowledge that Allah has gifted, to help me understand. I think you been conservative in this querry, you know more than what you wrote about the protective belt, please share your thoughts. Jazak Allah.

    Ma Assalam

  22. usman says:

    Dear brother Ali Addams ,would it be Red ? (van allen belt). Regards usman

  23. Tracy says:

    I guess there is nothing we can do about any of this and people like me are nameless and have been born in the U.S.A as nothing, ment to be nothing to the USA. Why say anything at all when my words have no sound, it just sucks that I can not do a thing for my son who sees life each day inocent and hold a smile, I want him to have the chance to know life and love but all he has is the life and love that I and not many others can show and give him.

    The only hope for people like me is in God and the goverment is not shit. The government must not think much of God but for people like me, God is all we have and is all we need, what else is there to belive in?

    There has to be more to life and for my son and in my heart I need God and need to know that there is something beyond death for all the inocent people, thye people who do not matter to the world.

    It just sucks that I cant do shit about anything that is going on in the world. Why the hell am I leaveing a comment on this site? It is aimless, but for some reason I have the need to do so.

  24. Ali Adams says:

    Salam brother AbdAllah Jan (I like to write Allah always with CAP A 🙂

    I think 55:33-35

    أعوذ بالله من الشيطٰن الرجيم
    بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

    يَٰمَعْشَرَ ٱلْجِنِّ وَٱلْإِنسِ إِنِ ٱسْتَطَعْتُمْ أَن تَنفُذُوا۟ مِنْ أَقْطَارِ ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلْأَرْضِ فَٱنفُذُوا۟ ۚ
    لَا تَنفُذُونَ إِلَّا بِسُلْطَٰنٍۢ

    فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

    يُرْسَلُ عَلَيْكُمَا شُوَاظٌۭ مِّن نَّارٍۢ وَنُحَاسٌۭ فَلَا تَنتَصِرَانِ

    are talking about Van Allen Belt which a torus of energetic charged particles (plasma) around Earth, which is held in place by Earth’s magnetic field, and Allah knows best.


  25. Abdallah Jan says:

    Ali Adams thank you for sharing Surah Ar-Rahman insight.

    What is your research or in-depth thoughts on verse 33 and 35 of same Surah?

    Please enlighten me.


  26. Ali Adams says:

    Salam brother Usman,

    This is the first thought I had about latitudes being man made but once I realize that the width of each latitude natural not mad made then I felt happier. The width is 55km to either side of the central line which is the exact same distance the human eye can see to the horizon in the sea. This is why TV repeaters are located 50km apart before the signal leaves Earth.

    The Quran is alive and is changing all the times by Allah swt not human or jinn. I know this sounds unbelievable and that is why Allah swt says “Don’t you know that Allah is capable of doing anything.”

    Here I say in my book (Soul and Spirit)

    أعوذ بالله من الشيطٰن الرجيم
    بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

    ” مَا نَنسَخْ مِنْ ءَايَةٍ أَوْ نُنسِهَا نَأْتِ بِخَيْرٍۢ مِّنْهَآ أَوْ مِثْلِهَآ ۗ
    أَلَمْ تَعْلَمْ أَنَّ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىْءٍۢ قَدِيرٌ”
    “Any verse (sign or revelation) that We edit or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Don’t you know that Allah is capable of doing anything?”

    This verse is so unbelievable that Allah Almighty strongly emphasizes its possibility with “Don’t you know that Allah is capable of doing anything?” and not just the normal reminder “And Allah is capable of doing anything.”

    If indeed Allah does change the verses of the Quran at will both on paper (including read only media like CD-ROM) and deep inside our brains for a better or similar version that may exhibit miracles relevant to each generation, He would surely keep it preserved throughout time as promised and no human, jinn, or angel would be aware of any change as all copies are updated instantly as promised in Quran 15:9:

    أعوذ بالله من الشيطٰن الرجيم
    بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

    “إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا ٱلذِّكْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُۥ لَحَٰفِظُونَ”
    “It is We who have sent down the Reminder and it is We who guard it.

    Quran 16:101
    أعوذ بالله من الشيطٰن الرجيم
    بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

    وَإِذَا بَدَّلْنَآ ءَايَةً مَّكَانَ ءَايَةٍ ۙ وَٱللَّهُ أَعْلَمُ بِمَا يُنَزِّلُ قَالُوٓا۟ إِنَّمَآ أَنتَ مُفْتَرٍۭ ۚ بَلْ أَكْثَرُهُمْ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ
    “And when We put a revelation in place of (another) revelation, – and Allah knoweth best what He revealeth – they say: Lo! thou art but inventing. Most of them know not.”

    Ali Adams
    God > infinity

  27. usman says:

    Dear Brother Ali Adams appreciate your efforts but as per my beliefs Islam does not encourage things like numerology/ cryptology,please comment. Latitudes/longitudes are man made geographical devisions of earth introduced only in recent centuries,where as Quran came 1400 hundred years ago. Regards usman.

  28. Ali Adams says:

    ———————– 2012: Where is Safe? ———————–

    Quran and Prime Numbers
    Because of their mysterious distribution amongst the natural numbers, prime numbers are used in cryptology. Cryptology is the study of using secret writing. When you buy something on the Internet with a credit card, two large prime numbers are used to send your card details to the online store to keep your credit card number safe and prevent other people from stealing your money.

    Readable Encrypted Text
    God All-knowing also used prime numbers to hide secret text inside the outer text of the Quran which literally means the Readable despite being encrypted.

    The Key
    God All-knowing has built the first chapter of the Quran using prime numbers and named it Al-Fatiha which means The Opener or The Key and not The Opening of the book as many think.

    The Key chapter consists of 7 verses, 29 words, and 139 letters. All are prime numbers and their digit sums (7=7, 2+9=11 and 1+3+9=13) are also primes, and the sum of these sums (7+11+13=31) is yet another prime. Simply amazing!

    What’s more, joining these numbers together, left-to-right 729139 and right-to-left 139297 also produces prime numbers as if to say, I am The Key and prime numbers are my secret!

    The Message
    Although the number of chapters (114) and the total number of verses (6236) are not prime numbers, if the Quran was considered to be two parts, a Key part and a Message part then the number of chapters and verses also follow this amazing pattern of prime numbers as follows:

    The Quran = Key + Message
    114 chapters = 1 + 113
    6236 verses = 7 + 6229

    where 1, 113, 7, and 6229 are prime numbers with their digit sums (1=1, 1+1+3=5, 7=7, 6+2+2+9=19) are primes too.

    New Chapter Numbers
    This separation of The Key part from The Message part of the Quran gives a new chapter numbering system with chapter #57 The Iron now moved to its correct position of #56 to match its atomic mass number of 56 (56 times heavier than the lightest atom of Hydrogen).

    It also puts chapter #112 Oneness of God in a more aesthetic and visually pleasing chapter number of #111.

    But above all, this new numbering system reveals the maximum number of chemical elements in nature as 113 elements and shows their abundance ratios as Verses per Chapter, therefore the newly number chapter #1 The Cow which has the most verses (286) maps to the first element of Hydrogen which is the most abundant element in nature and so on for all 113 chapters as shown below.

    Quran and 2012
    Quran chapter #55 (The Merciful) has 31 repetitions of:

    “فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ”
    “What other bounties of your God do you (both) still deny?”

    In addition to 31 being a prime number, the sum of the verse numbers:

    13 + 16 + 18 + 21 + 23 + 25 + 28 + 30 + 32 + 34 + 36 + 38 + 40 + 42 + 45 + 47 + 49 + 51 + 53 + 55 + 57 + 59 + 61 + 63 + 65 + 67 + 69 + 71 + 73 + 75 + 77 = 1433 is also a prime number and its digit sum (1+4+3+3=11) is yet another prime!

    And once you know that this chapter consist of 355 words, the same as the number of days in an Islamic year (355 days for a leap year), then the above prime number of 1433 could well be a reference to the Islamic leap year 1433AH.

    If this is indeed true, then every word in chapter The Merciful maps to a day in the Islamic year 1433AH and as there are 31 repetitions of the above verse which consists of 4 words, then each repetition maps to 4 days in the year 1433AH.and Allah knows best.

    Chapter #55: The Merciful
    In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Benevolent
    [1] The Beneficent Allah,
    [2] Taught the Quran.
    [3] He created man,
    [4] Taught him the mode of expression.
    [5] The sun and the moon follow a reckoning.
    [6] And the herbs and the trees do prostrate (to Him).
    [7] And the heaven, He raised it high, and He made the balance
    [8] That you may not be inordinate in respect of the measure.
    [9] And keep up the balance with equity and do not make the measure deficient.
    [10] And the earth, He has set it for living creatures;
    [11] Therein is fruit and palms having sheathed clusters,
    [12] And the grain with (its) husk and fragrance.
    [13] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [14] He created man from dry clay like earthen vessels,
    [15] And He created the jinn of a flame of fire.
    [16] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [17] Lord of the East and Lord of the West.
    [18] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [19] He has made the two seas to flow freely (so that) they meet together:
    [20] Between them is a barrier which they cannot pass.
    [21] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [22] There come forth from them pearls, both large and small.
    [23] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [24] And His are the ships reared aloft in the sea like mountains.
    [25] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [26] Everyone on it must pass away.
    [27] And there will endure for ever the person of your Lord, the Lord of glory and honor.
    [28] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [29] All those who are in the heavens and the earth ask of Him; every moment He is in a state (of glory).
    [30] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [31] Soon will We apply Ourselves to you, O you two armies.
    [32] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [33] O assembly of the jinn and the men! If you are able to pass through the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass through; you cannot pass through but with authority
    [34] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [35] The flames of fire and smoke will be sent on you two, then you will not be able to defend yourselves.
    [36] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [37] And when the heaven is rent asunder, and then becomes red like red hide.
    [38] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [39] So on that day neither man nor jinni shall be asked about his sin.
    [40] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [41] The guilty shall be recognized by their marks, so they shall be seized by the forelocks and the feet.
    [42] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [43] This is the hell which the guilty called a lie.
    [44] Round about shall they go between it and hot, boiling water.
    [45] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [46] And for him who fears to stand before his Lord are two gardens.
    [47] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [48] Having in them various kinds.
    [49] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [50] In both of them are two fountains flowing.
    [51] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [52] In both of them are two pairs of every fruit.
    [53] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [54] Reclining on beds, the inner coverings of which are of silk brocade; and the fruits of the two gardens shall be within reach.
    [55] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [56] In them shall be those who restrained their eyes; before them neither man nor jinni shall have touched them.
    [57] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [58] As though they were rubies and pearls.
    [59] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [60] Is the reward of goodness aught but goodness?
    [61] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [62] And besides these two are two (other) gardens:
    [63] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [64] Both inclining to blackness.
    [65] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [66] In both of them are two springs gushing forth.
    [67] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [68] In both are fruits and palms and pomegranates.
    [69] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [70] In them are goodly things, beautiful ones.
    [71] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [72] Pure ones confined to the pavilions.
    [73] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [74] Man has not touched them before them nor jinni.
    [75] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [76] Reclining on green cushions and beautiful carpets.
    [77] Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you (both man and jinn) deny?
    [78] Blessed be the name of your Lord, the Lord of Glory and Honor!

    ———————– ———————–
    ———————– WARNING ———————–
    ———————– ———————–

    Therefore, it is possible that God All-knowing is warning us about 31 events to start on 7th Jan 2012 and end on 7th Nov 2012 each lasting 4 days.

    If these events are any kind of meteorite showers or similar kind of outer threat, then each event would sweep the Earth 4 times along a latitude circle as it completes 4 spins in 4 days.

    Therefore, there may be 31 danger latitudes that people should avoid and God, The All Merciful, is telling us exactly these latitudes as the numbers of the repeated verse in chapter #55 The Merciful, as follows:

    13˚ 16˚ 18˚ 21˚ 23˚ 25˚ 28˚ 30˚ 32˚ 34˚ 36˚ 38˚ 40˚ 42˚ 45˚ 47˚ 49˚ 51˚ 53˚ 55˚ 57˚ 59˚ 61˚ 63˚ 65˚ 67˚ 69˚ 71˚ 73˚ 75˚ 77˚

    Indeed, to confirm that we are dealing with latitudes, Allah Almighty has made these 31 repeated verse numbers (13 – 77) sit exactly in the middle of the range 0 – 90 (the gap from 0 to 13 is 13 and the gap from 77 to 90 is also 13) as if to say that we should be looking for some quantity with a range of 0 to 90. Latitudes do indeed have this range 0˚ – 90˚ north and south.

    Note that each latitude is 111 km wide (with 0.5 degree on either side) and runs around the whole Earth so some places will survive like religious places as was seen in the 2004 Tsunami.

    If the first event occurs at latitude 13˚ North, South or both as Allah is talking to two entities (man and jinn) in the repeated verse, then people must evacuate the next latitude of 16˚within 11 days as there are 11 words to the next verse repetition and so on for all other latitudes up to 77˚.

    The following table shows the dates for all 31 latitudes to within +/- 1 day but only Allah knows and controls everything at real time and can choose to change the course of history at anytime as we beg for mercy from Him, The All Merciful.

    2012 Events: Latitudes and Dates
    13˚ 2012-01-07 2012-01-08 2012-01-09 2012-01-10
    16˚ 2012-01-22 2012-01-23 2012-01-24 2012-01-25
    18˚ 2012-01-30 2012-01-31 2012-02-01 2012-02-02
    21˚ 2012-02-10 2012-02-11 2012-02-12 2012-02-13
    23˚ 2012-02-18 2012-02-19 2012-02-20 2012-02-21
    25˚ 2012-02-28 2012-02-29 2012-03-01 2012-03-02
    28˚ 2012-03-13 2012-03-14 2012-03-15 2012-03-16
    30˚ 2012-03-27 2012-03-28 2012-03-29 2012-03-30
    32˚ 2012-04-04 2012-04-05 2012-04-06 2012-04-07
    34˚ 2012-04-24 2012-04-25 2012-04-26 2012-04-27
    36˚ 2012-05-06 2012-05-07 2012-05-08 2012-05-09
    38˚ 2012-05-16 2012-05-17 2012-05-18 2012-05-19
    40˚ 2012-05-28 2012-05-29 2012-05-30 2012-05-31
    42˚ 2012-06-07 2012-06-08 2012-06-09 2012-06-10
    45˚ 2012-06-22 2012-06-23 2012-06-24 2012-06-25
    47˚ 2012-07-01 2012-07-02 2012-07-03 2012-07-04
    49˚ 2012-07-07 2012-07-08 2012-07-09 2012-07-10
    51˚ 2012-07-14 2012-07-15 2012-07-16 2012-07-17
    53˚ 2012-07-23 2012-07-24 2012-07-25 2012-07-26
    55˚ 2012-08-05 2012-08-06 2012-08-07 2012-08-08
    57˚ 2012-08-18 2012-08-19 2012-08-20 2012-08-21
    59˚ 2012-08-25 2012-08-26 2012-08-27 2012-08-28
    61˚ 2012-09-03 2012-09-04 2012-09-05 2012-09-06
    63˚ 2012-09-10 2012-09-11 2012-09-12 2012-09-13
    65˚ 2012-09-15 2012-09-16 2012-09-17 2012-09-18
    67˚ 2012-09-22 2012-09-23 2012-09-24 2012-09-25
    69˚ 2012-09-30 2012-10-01 2012-10-02 2012-10-03
    71˚ 2012-10-07 2012-10-08 2012-10-09 2012-10-10
    73˚ 2012-10-15 2012-10-16 2012-10-17 2012-10-18
    75˚ 2012-10-25 2012-10-26 2012-10-27 2012-10-28
    77˚ 2012-11-04 2012-11-05 2012-11-06 2012-11-07

    Ali Adams
    God > infinity

    Web :

  29. Yahshua says:

    The revelation of Yahweh in Yahshua is prophetic fulfillment, it is the risen host and the law sustaining cause. Only the fool proclaims mercy for the law at the expense of The Host while offering the claim of dominion. The shortness of time is the measure of the fool. My friends, the time is short for man and nations not reconciled and in agreement with the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ. Judgment is upon man, even the last generation, which is now. Those persons that are given strong delusion, they have given into temptation because, they do not love the Truth, they love their lives on this corrupted Earth and seek to prolong their stay on death row at the expense of the mercy and salvation, the revelation of “I am” in “Yahshua”.
    2012 is as a measure of wheat for a penny and the prophetic false peace sealed among the nations and Israel, it marks the sealing as in the Days of Noah, the door of the Ark as the gate of the stars which are fallen 7 days after, if the days were not cut short for the sake of the elect that are called up.
    The blood red moons are coming, they mark time with the Passover and end the 49th year of the prophetic cycle in line with Jerusalem and this generation. That is not ironic, nor are the signs upon this generation. Hear the call my friends, stand fast in the name of Yahweh in Yahshua and do no harm.

  30. Percy says:

    You know, I hope your right, it means the world is waking up and that may have stopped all this but they are making rattling sounds at Iran again which means a third world war. Russia has just done something in Venezuela which implies its right off our coast.

    Also, The bankers know that we know THIRD WORLD WARS OR ALL WORLD WARS ARE BANKER WARS. The leaders of all the nations are in on the scam, its the people who don’t have a clue. Notice that recissions and then wars, then destruction, population reduction, then rebuilding, then more profits, wealth extraction , and then depression again and so the circle goes round and round.

    The only thing that will stop this is taking out every single Rothschild in Europe and elsewhere that they use their power and wealth for more power and wealth.

  31. I don’t think we are going to have a nuclear war for 2012. I do think we are about to see something with the planet alignments and polar shifts. Which is change the way we view and see the world. Being in the right place at the right time is how you will survive 2012. If anything happens at all!!!

  32. Percy says:

    Dave, Haiti and chile and Iceland were HAARP events and not about solar flares. They cycle every 11 years and the ones we are having are no diffent than 11 years ago.

    You can read about a lot of what is going on that most other publications don’t bother publishing over at They have a “people-to-people” program that they are completing putting together for people globally to work together to end all this through non cooperation. Go check it out. Join up if you like what you see. Everything should be out this week end and ready for everyone to either approve or add or detract from the recommendations, so give it a gander.

    Haarp is located in Alaska, PUERTO RICO (Haiti) and Norway, (Iceland, and the swirling hole in the sky in Norway). This entire thing is man made and 2012 was the cover date for their plans. They are using the mayan calendar to pretend its something its not. They need and want to kill off 6 billion people because the elite cannot control that many slaves who want to be free. Its just not possible. 550 million will do it who are then controllable. How do you kill off that many people without all of them coming after you? Pretend the end times are here using a weapon you can control and see to it you are not affected in your underground facilities until the big events are over.

  33. Jeddy says:

    There are two opinions about what is called the Holocaust, first one is that it happened the second one is that it did not. The Holocaust did happen but it was not done by the Germans, it was done by the Allies after Poland was freed from German control after World War I. Death Camps were set up to exterminate all the military officers and nobility of Austro-Hungarian empire. It started right after World War I. Germans who resisted Allied control were also sent to these death camps. A thousand people were killed every single day. The Jews primarily the Zionist organisation helped in murder of fellow Jews. The Allies to kill Jews, the treaty of Versailles clearly said that something has to be done about the Jews, because the financed the most disastrous war Europe had ever seen, the imperialists were bankrupt.. The Zionist wanted to steal the property and money of fellow Jews. By a simple calculation the number of people killed is slightly more than 6 million people. Churchill had gassed Baghdad once Iraq fell in British hands after the Turkish Empire fell. It stands to reason that the Allies were responsible for the ‘Holocaust’ previously known as the ‘Final Solution’. This mass murder campaign started in 1918 and ended in 1936, when Hitler put a stop to the deportation of Germans. The 1933 census showed that there were only 3 million Jews in Europe. Where did the additional 3 million Jews show up? The people who were killed not only Jews, they were people mentioned above. Allies wanted to ensure that will not have to fight another war at the scale of World War I, they were mistaken. World War II started and killed more people than World War I.
    The Allies said they won the war, that was big fat lie. The former USSR occupied most of Europe and a greater part of Germany. The Allies lost their empires because the Jews bankrupted them. They are going to do the same to the USA, it is fighting one war after another, most of the US citizens are heavily in debt, they have become homeless, there are no jobs. The US is bankrupt yet does not want to salvage its own economy, because that would be a socialist move and Jews hate socialism and communism. They do not support the social welfare system they only support one thing turning people into debt slaves. The wars that are going to happen will happen because they Jews would rather wipe out the planet than save a single person’s life out of generosity.

  34. usman says:

    Correction Para 1 . Last line For `gone`Read `given`.
    Regards usman

  35. usman says:

    Correction :Para 1 last line. Fore` gone`Read `given`
    regards usman

  36. usman says:

    Nearing Of Judgment Day /Qiamat

    It is very obvious that most of us are made to believe wrong religious concepts. Many Muslims away from Quran and many Christians not knowing what is written in the bible, but following false religious ideas, which have been enforced over them/us for years. In addition to copy text from the last chapter of bible, have gone some personal views and comments. Some or all may be disagreed.

    Bible . The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

    Chapter 1-Para 1. The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servant things which must shortly take place. And he sent and signified it with his servant John,
    Chapter 1-Para 3. Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophesy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.
    Chapter1-Para 19. ` Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are and the things which will take place after this.

    `Here Allah/God/Lord wants Jesus Christ/Hazrat Essa PBUH to write the events which were revealed to him, similar to the famous revelation of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH `Maarage` (Events/revelations were different).

    Chapter 16-Para 16.And they gathered them together to place called in Hebrew Armageddon.
    Chapter 17-Para 1.Come I will show you the judgment of great harlot who sits on many waters. Para 15. Then he said to me, `the waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are people, multitudes, nations and tongues.
    Para 2. With whom the kings of earth committed fornication, and inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with wine of her fornication.

    `It is the Queen of England. Harlotry/fornication/adultery, gay and lesbian marriages all legalized. Prostitution of all kinds/levels practiced and legalized .It is not the mafias but govts doing it.
    `Law of fornication; In Europe a father can not stop his teenage daughter to have sex openly/freely law/govt would deny it, and the girl can not marry before 18, later more diversed choices.

    Para 3.And I saw a women sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

    `Scarlet beast is UNO and NATO forces, color scarlet/red suits them best as they have killed so many innocents.

    Para 5.And on her forehead a name was written: Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots and abominations of the earth.

    `Babylon was the name of country/kingdom which destroyed Torah, Mystery Babylon is the country which would destroy Bible .Mostly Muslims believe present versions of Bible are changed/modified specially the newer versions i.e. translations from Aramaic language to Roman .However careful reading reveals that a larger portion/essence of Bible and Quran are same and significantly matches.

    It would be inside job and a nuclear weapon.
    Chapter 17-Para 16. And the ten horns you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
    Chapter 18-Para 19.They threw dust on their heads and cried out weeping and wailing, and saying Alas alas that great city, in which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth! For in one hour she is made desolate.

    `Big city/mystery Babylon can only be desolated in less than an hour by a nuclear weapon it would be some NATO country, later they will blame Alqaida /Taliban/ Muslims. Please see the Mel Gibson new movie Edge of darkness.

    Bible and Islam

    Chapter 19-Para 11. Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True , and in his righteousness He judges and makes war.

    `Truth was the most profound quality of prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH even before preaching Islam/coming of Wahi. In honor in city Mecca, He was known as Sadiq and Ameen (Truthful and Safekeeper) by people of all religions i.e. Jews, Christians, idol worshipers etc.

    `Famous revelation/traveling to heavens of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was on a white horse called `Burak`.

    `Prophet Muhammad PBUH made righteous wars/Ghazwats/battles, non Muslims to please read details i.e. reasons/execution and conduct of all such battles.

    Chapter 19-Para 13.He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called the word of God.
    ` In the early days of Islam beside other resistances and cruel methods used by nonbelievers to stop Prophet Muhammad from preaching , once in the valley of Taaif he was stoned so much, that later his sandals would not come of ,as blood had dried in them.

    Chapter 19-Para 16. And He has on his robe and on His thigh a name written : KING OF THE KING LORD OF THE LORDS.

    Chapter 19-Para 4 .And the twenty-four elders and four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who sat on the throne, saying `Amen !Alleluia !`
    !Alleluia !` Praise the Lord , usually sung in the churches of black Americans and they converting/reverting more to Islam may be they find it easier to correlate to the Arabic name ALLAH.

    Any short coming would be on my lesser knowledge. Allah knows best, just wanted to share my recent readings with Muslim and Christian brothers.

    Regards usman

  37. Dave says:

    I heard a person on the radio from Belgium? who says there’s going to be some kind of solar storm in 2012 that will upset the Earth’s axis and this will cause earth quakes and tidal waves that will kill most humans on the planet.He said about every 11,ooo yrs. there is a major extinction of life [the dinosaurs] and we are due for one soon.He predicts it’s going to happen in 2012.Maybe Chile and Haiti are just the beginning ? Could be another end of the world event that never happens? Remember Y2K? I’m Looking forward to 2012 !!!

  38. Salman Khan says:

    Best Regards for Percy for sympathizing with Muslims/Pakistanis. And regards for brother John for reading Quran.

  39. Percy says:

    Ahmed Ali, you maybe be right but there is something going on and we must stop it before it reaches the point of wiping millions if not billions of us off this planet. Here is more evidence of concerted action between all leaders of the major players on both sides conspiring to pretend war.

    They simply want war PEOPLE TO PEOPLE and thus that is the only way to stop it is “PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE” internationally, I finally have the blog up and running with very good stuff on it.

    On the right hand side, please see the “People to People” initiative and right under it is a VIDEO YOU MUST WATCH BEFORE READING THE MISSION STATEMENT OF OUR GROUP. The gentleman making the speech is an American Vet of Iraq war and he says it like it is and is the basis of our initiative. The vets are working to reach the soldiers in the field to get them to resist our aggression. Help us help him do that. Scroll down and see our mission statement after watching that video and then scroll down further and click on the email link and sign up with us.

    WE protect your identity. We want to meet together by email/chat to plan and coordinate, so sign up this week for a tentative call/meeting on chat on the blog, so we can see that we are all the same and have the same interest and to commit to each other to do what we can to stop all this.

    So far I am getting responses from all over the world to stop this international banking Rothschild initiative to take over all LAND, NATURAL RESOURCES, AND SLAVE LABOR TO BE IMPLIMENTED IN ALL COUNTRIES FOR THEIR WEALTH AND LIFE STYLE AND CONTROL OF THE PLANET.

    We in America are not empire building, WE ARE THE CASH COW AND THE BODIES AND BLOOD OF OUR CHILDREN THAT ROTHSCHILD IS USING WITH HTE AID OF TRAITORS IN OUR GOVERNMENT TO BUILD A PRIVATE BANKERS GLOBAL EMPIRE FOR THEMSELVES ONLY; so we are the only ones who can stop this while we are still 6.5 billion strong.

    Genocide of all arabs, muslims and christians is hte objective of these people. That is a clarion call for us to fight back. Join our initiative. I need people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russian, the Ukraine, poland and the middle east including Iran. HELP ME DO THIS SINCE WE ARE GETTING RESPONSES FROM TAIWAN, AUSTRALIA, AMERICA, CANADA AND OTHERS but we need all of us to build up to a mass refusal to cooperate and fight their dirty evil wars.

  40. Ahmed Ali says:

    Nice article. I dont agree with the whole article though.

  41. Percy says:

    usman, I share your concern over abortion. However, I can only fight one battle at a time right now and the most pressing one upon us is the global attempt through wars, supression of human liberties and rights, and world war, nuke wars etc to reduce our population world wide by 6 billion and only nukes can do that and we saw their experimentation on what that does to the earth in bosnia, Iraq and now in afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Abortion is part of that same depopulation program by the international bankers as they are totally unable to manage control over 6.5 billion people. That is why they are afraid of us while we are this big in numbers.

    If we do not take back control before they succeed in this attempted massacre, we will never have another chance again.

    That is why I am fully focused on the “People-to-People” initiative. So bear with me, lets win this battle and we can take on the others once this is done.

    Go back and resign up on “follow me” on the site as it is fixed now and also email your info on the “people-to-people” initiative. WE are getting ready to have our first global meeing of those who have signed up and I would love to have you involved for that part of the world. Let me know when you have signed up, OK?

    I have just had the person from Taiwan sign up and three others in the US, so its beginning. Lets rock and roll and change the world, WE CAN DO IT, WE ARE 6.5 BILLION STRONG AND THEY ARE ONLY 4,000 and must use manipulation to win. WE JUST NEED TO SAY “NO” TO WIN. No wars, no more harming others, no more cheating, stealing pond scum international bankers or their operations arm in Zionist Israel.

  42. prophet666 says:

    December 21 2012 is definately not the end according to Nostradamus
    When twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed,
    For seven thousand years another will hold the rule,
    When the Sun takes up the rule for the final cycle,
    Then my prophecy and sightings will be accomplished..
    This quatrain of Nostradamus describes a period of twenty years in the moons cycle which will be a period of great destruction, wars and calamities for the world. After this period Nostradamus sees a change in the human consciousness as the cycle of the sun begins which he sees lasting for seven thousand years,Nostradamus say through this quatrain that his prediction cover a period of seven thousand years he does not say that the world will end after seven thousand years

  43. Watching says:

    Your website is very interesting. I thought you might want to add some information about the greatest crime against humanity that is currently being committed – abortion. Please see this video and spread the news to people about what actually happens during an abortion and who benefits from this crime.

    silent scream

  44. usman says:

    Dear Percy,I am grateful for your consideration/ invitation.Have joined your blog.Although in a process of relocating from Pakistan,would like to remain in contact.
    In my humble capacity on PakAlert blog ,would like to share some verses from Quran and references from Bible.If you like, please share them with your Christian/European friends.Regards usman.

  45. usman says:

    Then the lord said to Cain `Where is Abel your brother ?“ He said, `I do not know. Am I my brothers keeper?“.
    And He said, “What have you done?The voice of your brothers blood cries out to me from the ground. Genesis, Chapter four.

    Percy i wish there are more people like you,who realize what their govts are doing, I wish you succeed in your noble cause.
    Regards usman

  46. Percy says:

    Well, we have sent out a call to all over the world and we are getting good responses. We need someone to work the new project for the “people-to-people” project. Right now we have set up a blog just to get a place for people to educate themselves and when we are finished to then serve as a central communications and information center back and forth.

    We must, as a globe of billions of people TAKE BACK OUR POWER FROM THE INTERNATIONAL ROTHSCHILD BANKING CABAL. We can do it because we are huge in number. Many within each country believe they are helpless. WE are not. Our numbers alone scare the bankers since their BIGGEST FEAR is we will realize our own potential and come after them and their minions like ambassadors and etc…. but we have decided, OUR COOPERATION AND HATE AND FEAR THEY FEED US IS NECESSARY FOR THEIR SUCCESS AND WE MUST NOT COOPERATE.

    Its working, I have already gotten responses from Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and of course the US. Many have agreed to help in various areas. The cabal is getting ready to attack the US with major attack and then blame the Muslims to try and get Americans to respond violently. WE ARE WARNING EVERYONE ITS A FALSE FLAG AND NOT MUSLIMS RATHER THE MOSSAD IF IT HAPPENS. Sometimes our warnings stop these attacks. I will provide a blog site link to where someone from pakistan, India, Afganistan can sign up to work with this global group we are forming of SUCH CITIZENS and not the governing parties who have sold out to the international bankers.

    Sign up as a friend, comment on the articles that we are sending out to educate everyone and give us your country and let us know if you want to work with us to implement this people to people initiative. This is something that can work if we all do it. Let me know. Thanks

  47. Qaisar Khattak says:

    The US and the International banker is trying to prepare the peoples mind through media about something big they are planning to do in 2012. We all know that Qayamat or End of World has its own signs. All these are just media hypes. Media is paving the way for them. Remeber if there is a nucleur war in 2012, or war between US and Iran/ Pakistan etc, what would be your reaction? We are all brained washed.

  48. Guess God thinks you’re Abel

  49. Percy says:

    usman, we are what we believe. If we believe we are lost, then we are. I do not believe any of us are lost if we come together to make it so. I am working on this right now as we speak and when I get it done, I will share with all on here, the plan we have for a “people-to-people” initiative that eliminates anyone dealing with bankers or our governments, rather dealing with each other.

    I truly believe we can prevail if we believe. ALL OF US. WE must not allow this to go on and only we the people can stop it. We are multibillions strong and that is nothing to sneeze at, is it?

  50. usman says:

    Nearing of Judgement Day/Qiamat.

  51. usman says:

    Do not want to spread despair, but have right to express my religious beliefs.
    Another prophesy told by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) for Judgment Day/Qiamat.Earth would sink at three places .At least I can predict, It is near, the way oil has been taken out of earth and continued efforts to exploite more, money/lives/countries at stake. Very recent/ongoing wars on same issue/Oil.
    Imperialists /govts/economic industries and centers would kill more and continue, sufferings would increase.

  52. eslem says:

    like the site:))) but why it appears to be a wrong site when I attempt to add it as friend via facebook?

  53. That’s a like big mystery…yet to be unveiled…but, whatever has to happen shall happen…so be optimistic and lead a joyful life ahead…leaving behind all worries!!

  54. Percy says:

    AMERICA WAKE UP NOW: I just signed up. You better be good. lol its a great idea and a central place to meet, but to reach more people we need to get a “meetup” going like Ron Paul did and go from there.





  56. mike donovin says:

    good stuff on this blog, wish i knew the language…lol

  57. Percy says:

    Listen, there is ONLY ONE WAY TO STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. Go after the international bankers in your country like we are doing right now in ours. WE are up to 16 of them now and they are panicked. This is bad in a way, since panic means they are probably going to move quicker than they wanted.

    But the good news is they will make bigger mistakes and that is to our advantage. You have to understand that is the only way to go. Identify those with the IMF, World Bank, and Heads of the international banks since they are in on it or they wouldn’t be heads of those banks.

    Then you have to get together with others and plan and FOCUS ON THE REAL ENEMY. If you get DISTRACTED THEY WIN. But if you focus on nothing else but them, with whatever means you have at your disposal then you and we all doing it have a great chance to stop all this.

    Remember, this is important, the operational arm of those banks is Zionists and they have no compunction to use genocide and wipe out a whole population to achieve their goal. Thus, regular tactics will not work. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THOSE THEY USE TO ACHIEVE THEIR ENDS SO YOU CAN ASSASSINATE MILITARY ETC. ALL DAY LONG AND THEY WILL SIMPLY REPLACE THEM, BECAUSE THEY ARE EXPENDABLE, BUT they are vulnerable to their own demise AND THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE TO ATTACK THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT.

    Many of us here are working toward a commitment, if foreign troops attack us, we will lay down our arms and not fight regular people from any country, only MERCENARIES, BANKERS, ZIONISTS, AND NO ONE ELSE. After you get rid of these, your leaders will be free to then choose and from that they show whether they are to be next.


    Don’t be just mad, BE SMART AND TARGET SPECIFIC AND NARROW. And we can stop this if we do.

  58. Ld Elon says:

    Albert was right. The days of a stone age cometh, the Roc that falls.

  59. farisvio says:

    oke….. im ready.. hehe 🙂

  60. Percy says:

    Well, if what you say is true, and I have not heard that yet, then we are getting closer and closer to the time of the last resort. You know what that means, right?

    I think we are getting there anyway. What you describe is simply a back door draft to the military and a way to do it without going through the process and they courts have already ruled you cannot force INDENTURED SERVITUDE. Thus the reason why all draftees are asked to take a step forward, as this constitutes “volunteering” and why the “national service” corp of students was called “voluntary” when in fact it was “mandatory” and they get military training.

    So, I doubt any of those forced will comply. I believe they are educated and know their rights and will refuse to volunteer and take that step forward. EVERYONE KNOWS ALL THIS IS A MONEY MAKING SCAM TO EXTRACT THE CONTROL OF RESOURCES OF THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES AND NOT AN ACT TO PROTECT AMERICA AGAINST ENEMIES TRYING TO HARM US.

    Thus its a futile exercise… we are on the verge of resistance and we are united and no matter how much they try and every trick they use, doesn’t work…. we WILL NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER OVER THIS AT ALL… WE WILL STAY TOGETHER, BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT AND THEY CAN KISS OUR BOOTY.

  61. curtis says:

    I understand the people wanting to get MAD. However, I have to wonder how this view is not somewhat humanistic in nature to some degree.

    Can we expect our efforts to overturn written scripture?

    What do I mean? It is obvious to all who study/research that the world is literally ran, and always has been (babylonian magic), by a high level occult Illumanti guys. Lucifer, according to scripture in Revelations 20/Ezekiel 38/39, WILL get another chance at the end of this age (Gog/Magog or WW3).

    Putin just last year took over Georgia to provide this path into Israel. If our dollar crashes, look for Russia/China to take over quickly. Acocrding to Illumanti defectors, Russia is set to be the military power hub when this “switch” occurs.

    The good news? If you read those scriptures you would see it! =)

    God will supernaturally save his people and the entire world will witness this event and BELIEVE! Yes – Lucifer and his Illumanti think their coming Utopia age as them controlling us is approaching during the Aquirius Age…..however they got it all backwards! It will be a New Age in which humankind KNOWS that God is real and comes together after seeing this event.

    Imagine that Good News for a few seconds….It will be rough just before it however since Satan is released for a “short season” only.

  62. Jenscott74 says:

    Percy, what is your take on the presidential amendments that allow for the government to pick up those Americans with higher educations for the propagation of what ever they deem fit at the time-I have yet to do any real research into this, but am curious to see what your thoughts on this subject are.

  63. Steve says:

    Webbot is a hoax.

  64. Percy says:

    Jenscott, I agree the exploding star is whooey, its amazing the garbage they feed us and we buy it. Now, as for your commentary, yes, we and all our families should prepare and some of us did that a few years back, but now is the time to get mad, not hopeless. And all 6.5 billion of us get mad at the 3000 of those doing this BEFORE THOSE PREPARATIONS BECOME NECESSARY.

    Let me assure you, if we do not target those in control and with power, then we and our children will never see a world of real living. NONE of them, These cretins are capable of creating a world in which they don’t just starve you or work you like an animal and then kill you off or use you for experiments.


    Someone has already begun killing them off world wide, and its now up to 14 of them gone. Its time every nation identified their international/Rothschild bankers and began the purging within their own country. WE currently have about 9 of ours gone and other countries have the other 5. IT CAN BE DONE AND MUST BE DONE SOON.

    Unlike you I would rather die fighting these pigs then live as a slave on my knees… sorry.

  65. Jenscott74 says:

    In response to Percy: You are very right about the basis of your statement. The banks do run everything. The unequivocal power that the banks and big business have been given is disgusting at best. Unfortunately, Holy Wars have been going on for thousands of years, and war is money, and money is business at any stage of the game. We, as a people of every race, color, and creed, can only do one thing-prepare our families for famine, biological terrorism, and physical battle in order to survive….stop trying to guess when and where it will happen, and just prepare!

  66. Jenscott74 says:

    Here it is for all of you who think you know what is going on…..The truth is that no one really knows how, or why it will end, just that it will end. As far as the end coming from an exploding star 3000 light years away-I can tell you that the notion of that is pure WHOOY!! A light year is exactly that, a year, so the light shining from that star is 3000 years old already. Stars go supernova all the time, most just leaving a nice puff of space particles for the next star to be made up from, the bigger the star, the more chance that the star leaves a big chunk of iron, or a black hole-learn your physics people!!We, as a galaxy have more of a chance of running into Andromeda then we do being blown to bits by a star that far away. I believe the end is coming too, but it will be at our own hands, not some star THAT far away.

  67. usman says:

    All the Regards for Percy for sympathizing with Muslims/Pakistanis. And regards for brother John for reading Quran.

  68. Percy says:

    If you want to stop the killing then stop the blaming. I have links that prove the muslims ARE NOT KILLING EACH OTHER. The CIA and Mossad are paying Taliban and BLACKWATER to kill muslims. DO NOT LET THEM GET YOU INTO A CIVIL WAR, STAY UNITED OR THEY WIN. They lose if you are united. DIVIDE YOU WILL FALL AND BE TORN APART.

    WE, in American are in the same position right now. I have links showing NATO will be invading the US Citizens to enforce a global world order and take our guns or TRY TO TAKE OUR GUNS. WE ALSO AND THE WORLD MUST STAY UNITED AND TARGET THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND ROYALTY OF EUROPE WHO ARE DOING THIS.

    I just discovered the British and european royalty are in on the scam.

    That is obscene. And it was her puppet master, Rothschild, that got it for her since they were close to broke not that many decades ago.

    Why do you think hte British have spy cameras on every street corner??? ROTHSCHILDS SECURITY PROVIDED COURTESY OF THE BRITISH TAX PAYER and he is only a banker, but already ruling the rulers of this planet.


  69. Roz Rayner says: (copy and paste to your browser please)

    In many countries the Koran was and still is taught in Arabic. Unfortunately Arabic may not be the language of the indigenous people to that country so how they translate the Quran can differ somewhat. When written down it creates a different version. Perhaps more learned people come along and try to put right what has been written creating yet again a different version. So unless everyone learns Islamic Arabic (there are different versions of Arabic) Then the ‘word’ has been changed to adapt to the people.

    Same as the Bible really. Translations to other languages can completely change the meaning of sentences…

  70. walli says:

    so many books so many versions of bibble u have ?
    have u ever found a single other version of The Quraan kareem ?

  71. john says:

    Percy, yes love God and love your neighbor neighbor. i was not around 150 ad, i am here now and what i wrote is a reflection of now. i can not put my faith in man to tell me the truth of what happened 1500 years ago, from a historical point of view. But what i can do is look at the world in which i live today and say,”i do not see places in the world today 2009-10 that christians are killing each other, like muslims are killing muslims and jews are killing jew.” FACT. i live now and i hear and live the words that Jesus said, love God and love each other. When people start saying things like what you say about 150 ad, it 150 ad has nothing to do with my ability to love God or my neighbor today. let us embrace each other in friendship and be a living example to the readers of Pak Alert to the kind of love Jesus commanded us to have. i, john am sorry for saying anything that offended you, like fool, forgive me. but i am sick of the killing that people do from being misled by religion or by govrnments that are decieving the people of God. i see Paul as a lawyer that fights for the christian, but i am not asked to follow Paul i am asked to follow Jesus. Thank you for you words of encouragement. your friend john.

  72. Percy says:

    Your in denial. I am Christian, but I am not in denial. Christians have been killing Christians since the beginning of time starting in 150 AD when the paulines began killing the christians of the original Church and purging all the writings of the Apostles and of Christ himself. So, please spare me your lies. Christians massacred thousands in the name of Christ through the various inquisitions in Europe, then here, when they killed many mormons who are Christians because they were a threat to the ruling dogma pope controlled church and their offspring of various protestant religions filled with dogma and guys like you who lack truly spirituality that Christ exhibited in his life.

    What did he say ‘BE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN’ and yet reading your JUDGEMENTAL DIATRIBE, you are the least like little children. He railed against judgement against others, what does he say??? “Judge not least ye be judged”, or “REMOVE THE LOG FROM YOUR OWN EYE BEFORE CRITICISING THE MOTE IN YOUR BROTHERS EYE”, your arrogance is palable and christ was not arrogant, he was humble.

    He said “the meek shall inherit the earth” and you are not meek. Then he also said “Let he who is without sin caste the first stone” and guess what? YOU ARE NOT PERFECTED IN HIM YET AND YOU PROVE IT BY YOUR WRITINGS AND RANTINGS. How do you know that muslims kill each other more so than anyone else?

    Who said they did??? You??? who are you??? God??? I am afraid not. You are representative of the very reason this nation will go down. You pervert the Christian religion into something it never was and Christ never taught us to be like that. Never. You have ignore his gift of the GREATEST COMMANDMENTS THAT HE GAVE.

    Love God with your whole heart and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself…. he also said “you cannot have fear/hate in your heart and love of God at the same time”. That sounds like a different God than the one you are portraying doesn’t it????

  73. john says:

    Percy, This is the facts. muslims kill muslims regardless of your belief or mine. yes you may say keep your beliefs to yourself but Jesus is the King of Kings regardless of your belief. Yes foreign interests are ruling Pakistan but as far as a world war well, what did Jesus say? there will be wars and rumors of war. percy, it is not about ‘practicing religion’, i practice golf, i live the words of Jesus (Pbuh), and if you lived the words of Jesus(Pbuh) then you would not be ‘practicing religion’. Dogs return to their own vomit. Show me where in this wide world we live in that christians are killing one another. Only in england and ireland where the mother of whores is killing her protestant children and her protestant children are fighting back against the whore. Where else are christians killing christians like muslim are killing muslims or jews are killing jews? NO WHERE!, are the christians killing christians, pigs will devour their own children. i speak with authority, and it is not my authority. You speak as a fool percy, and the reason i say that is because the christian country you say that is killing Pakistanis and Muslims is not ruled by christians. The christians of MY COUNTRY,THAT IS AMERICA, are not RULING and MAKING FOREIN POLICY. That privilege is given to the lawless, and their corruption of LAW to rule over CHRISTIANS. Why do you think Slobadan Milosovitch had papers stating that the CIA was hiring MUJAHADEEN fighters to start squirmishes with christians? Because the MAJORITY of AMERICANS are CHRISTIAN. IF you say that CHRISTIANS are being KILLED in other countries then we will support troops to go over and PROTECT them(christians) IT IS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Why, in Thailand where Muslims and Christians have lived side by side for over 500 years together in PEACE, are they warring against one another?, because of a pipeline that is being built, and that comes from a BUDDHIST MONK! Karzai in Afghanistan, Karsai was a consultant for unocal who was negotiating a PIPELINE with the TALIBAN, and now he is PRESIDENT. So what do you think KARSAI is about? A PIPELINE, FOOL. the killers of innocent people, are the rulers of our country that will say anything to get your vote. So don’t splash me with THEIR (RULERS OF AMERICA) BLOOD. percy, i know of a business that is less than 50 miles away from me (where i live) that will give MUSLIMS NO INTEREST LOANS to start a business. shut you mouth with hypocrisy.

  74. Roz Rayner says:

    Think out of the box…

    Look at the so called predictions as a plan written thousands of years ago (3000). Look at the groups like the Illuminati who have money and technology to follow these plans and make us believe they are prophecies coming true…

    We must stop believing in this because we are succumbing to their will in doing so…

    Establish new plans for ourselves and follow them. tell everyone you know, stop living in fear. Live in hope, things will change but we must not let these superstitions and manipulators control us.

    Live free and be happy and safe.

  75. usman says:

    Would like to share some writings/thoughts of Molana jalal ud Din Rome (1207-1273 AD).errors in translation if any would be on my part as Masnavi/book was originally written in Persian/context.
    Once there was a cruel king in Jews. Enemy of Jesus Christ/Hazrat Essa(PBUH) and destroyer of christens. It was a time of Hazrat Essa(PBUH) .Hazrat Essa and Mosses/Hazrat Musa(PBUT) had the same soul. Stupid king separated the beloved friends of Allah/God. A teacher asks a squint student to go inside the house and bring a bottle, squint student hurriedly goes inside the house and saw one bottle as two, squint student asks which bottle to bring, teacher says it is not two bottles. Leave your squintness, Try to be the one who can see right. Not the one who sees more. He says teacher don’t accuse me ,teacher says break one bottle, when he breaks one ,both vanished .Man/being become emotionally squint in love or hate. Hate and Shawat makes the human being squint and divert the spirit/soul from the right path. When need comes, qualities of spirit/soul vanish, countless folds of heart come before the eyes/sight. When a judge decides a bribe in his heart, he cannot distinguish between the cruel and the innocent. King was filled/ occupied with envy of Judaism and became squint, he killed millions of innocent, as he was protecting the religion of Hazrat Musa/Mosses(PBHM).
    King had one mischievous minister, He said christens would save their lives, they would secretly follow their religion. Do not kill them it is not beneficial, there is no smell of a religion so that we can find out all who are christens. It is also a possibility that apparently they are with you and inside they are against you .King asked give me a solution/method that not even a single christen remain in this world either apparent or hidden. He said king amputate my hands and ears, cut/slash my lips and nose so that someone asks for my life when you are apparently take me to crusification ,do this thing on some common pedestrian crossing, then expel me to some far away city so that I mislead them in their religion .When they will start accepting the religion from me I will put them in such a conflict and armed struggle that even satan/shatan would be surprised to my art/qualities. When they will consider me as their secret sharer and safe keeper of belongings, I will spread my net/plan .Right now I cannot tell you any thing. I will deceive them in such a way that they will shed the blood of their own people with their own hands.
    Then I will say, I am secretly christen. Oh god you are aware of my secret, King is aware of my religion, in enmity he has decided to take my life. I have struggled a lot to hide myself but he is persistent to kill me. If the spirit of Hazrat Essa/Jesus Christ would not have been with me, he would surely had crucified me. I have no hesitation in giving life for Hazrat Essa/Jesus Christ but I am also enlightened by his religion. I feel sorrowful that this pure religion has been destroyed in the hands of illiterate priests. Now we are free of Judaism and Jews. ………………………………………
    Dear Brothers Muslims and Christens I believe such jews are still active in higher offices of Europe and effecting the global policies. The tale is unfinished if you like I can translate some more.Regards.

  76. lala says:

    ohh here is the ultimate prophecies:
    1. there is an animal cam from earth name Dabbatul Ardhi.
    2. there is a creature name Dajjal.
    3. big smoke.
    4. Jesus a.k.a Isa came down form heaven
    5. the Mahdi exist
    6. the sun will rise west
    7. there is a race name Yakjuj dan Makjuj.
    8. the ka’abah will fell down
    9. war
    10. 3 earth quake will happen. 1 in east. 2 in west. 3 is in middle east

    before the prophecies happen, this will happen 1st:
    1. israel taken over the baitulmaqdis
    2. all kids commit adultery
    3. the president of a country are from the bad people
    4. there is an earth quake, nature disaster-happen because there is a female singer and a lot of music
    5. a lot of people studying because of the money and title
    6. a lot of woman are dress but actualy they nude in public
    7. new moon look bigger
    8. the middle east will have plant and river
    9. a lot of homosexual people
    10. a man will have the respect not because of the kindness but because of the evilness
    11. a man will follow his wife order but disobey his mother.

  77. lala says:

    well what i believe is someday the israel will take over the baitulmaqdis (dont know when, but its true. it will happen) then a few years later Jesus a.k.a Isa will come down to earth from heaven and save muslims and take back the baitulmaqdis with mahdi help. then the ‘dajjal'(i dont know what, but i do know dajjal is a creature with 1 eye a.k.a cyclop) will come down to earth and screw all the mankind. than…no more world.its end. it happen on friday night. its all stated in koran.

  78. Curt T says:

    For those of you that have “tribulation fever” and think we are about to go through that phase that occured during 70 AD.

    I ask you this….

    If the Jews would have accepted Jesus as their savior when he was on Earth, could they have gone through a “persecution” after they received him? No. So then, why do we think we should as Gentiles?

    We will not. He will SAVE us (beliving nations)! Read it – Revelations 20/Ezek 38/39 is the beginning of WW3 and God steps in to save his people just as we would expect him to if the Jews would have accepted him! It is rather simple actually.

    Plus, if it was Revelations 1-18 you are expecting now to occur, we would need to have a Temple already built, which takes years to build. And, if it was that phase, does that mean you expect Jesus to rule and Satan get releases AGAIN after his reign in Revelation 20?

    Stop being so Dooms Day Christians and see the awesome future that is very close to us. Remember, we are promised by Daniel, John and other biblical writers that The Kingdom of God was taken by force at Jesus Resurrection and to NEVER be defeated again!

  79. Curt T says:

    2012 is actually great news guys! I am 90% convinced we are approaching Revelations 20/Ezekiel 38/39 Gog-Magg event or as we call it WW3.

    Yes, I am saying that the “tribulation” period in the beginning of Revelations has already occured around 70 AD under the 6 of 7 Caesars (neros name = 666 in hebrew).

    We are in the “fish” age (pisces) ever since then and it is about to come to an end (2012?). This will be the 2nd and FINAL release of Lucifer (notice that John says in Revelations that Satan will be thrown to the lake of fire were the false prophet and anti-christ ARE) that is mentioned in Revelations 20. I belive it is this event the Illumanti are getting ready for. The good news is that this event will change the world when it witnesses God’s supernatural fire from heaven and worldwide earthquakes, just as Israel and West are surrounded by troops. I find it interesting that Russia now owns Georgia since 2008 – a great route into Israel huh?

    Wow – imagine all world religions seeing this event occur? Imagine no more Lucifer? Imagine no more Federal Banks? Imagine no more IRS?
    Imagine no more Wars? It is closer than you think! Even Jesus knew how the Roman IRS and Bankers were being used for evil means back then…and it’s no different today folks. Curtis

  80. Percy says:

    John, this is not the forum for promoting your own belief system on anyone else. That is not what we are all about. We are about the freedom to practice whatever religion you chose without having someone come and tell you to practice otherwise.

    So please address the issues and take your religious missionary work else where that is appropriate. Right now we, a Christian nation, is invading, murdering, killing children, and undermining an muslim nation that has done nothing to us.

    That is the issue….. so rather than pontificate, deal with our actions against others that are far removed from Christs teachings, if you don’t mind. It makes us look like “DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO” and hypocrites and you know Jesus hated hypocrites as he continually railed against them in the new testament.

  81. Roz Rayner says:

    Not sure if I have posted this earlier as I have added it to other sites.

    The global elitists are following the prophecies from religions and history to make it appear that they are in fact coming true.

    I also believe there has been a PLAN for what is now happening in the world made at least 3,000 years ago. The elitist blood lines are just following that plan.

  82. Omer says:

    well thank u Andrea .. it does make a lot of sense.

  83. Andrea says:

    A german scientist discovered that the calculations of the maya calender have to be corrected. It will end im 2220 – not 2012!

    I have not found an english site for this theme but you may use a translation tool.

  84. Omer says:

    lol … well make sure wehter that peace is really from God or… ?

    i live for Allah … my all life and soul is for him… i live in peace as i have a faith and being a good Muslim will make me a good human also .. so don’t worry about me !

    yes peace to Pakistan and peace to ur Country also 😀


  85. john says:

    Omer, one more thing, I did not say you know christianity, I said you don’t know The MESSIAH, THE CHRIST , THE PROPHET JESUS (PBUH), The one the world is waiting for. Jesus(PbuH) is not christianity, christianity is a religion created by mans love for JESUS(PbuH). And through misinterpretation of the love of God(Jesus-PbuH is not God), 2000 years later you have some form of whatever you want to call it, islam, christianity, or judaism, there are good people in all religions (FACT) hateful cracker?, what words of love toward someone you have never met, based on your own misinterpretation of what i wrote. excuse me Pak Alert.
    Peace to Pakistan

  86. john says:

    Omer omer omer, the counting of the omer. Light comes from God and not a book. With your words of hate and judgment you fill the world with sadness. i am sorry your soul burns so much. i sleep peaceful every night. i live not in fear. i love God, i submit to God everyday. tell me of the light that you know, does it shine the truth on falseness. what i said is the truth. there was no hate in my words. the anger is toward men who misguide men with their lies of God and Jesus(PbuH) the Prophet of God. men have corrupted men with the teachings of God. beware of the leaven of the pharisees they will leaven the whole lot of you?comprende? when a boy or girl has explosives tied to their body to kill people, then what that shows me is there is no love or misinterpretation of God’s love for you. If you think that is love, oy!The words that i speak are true. I believe in God and Jesus(PbuH). Messiah of God and the teachings of Christ is life and good for the soul. speaking the truth is what i do. so please don’t confuse your hate with the truth, because we are all living together. the words i speak of Islam is no different then the words i speak of with christianity, or judaism. the truth of Jesus(PbuH) and God’s Laws are universal. If the Messiah tells us that we are to love each other, love our enemies, and more things did Jesus (PBuH) say to you. Yet when i say that the gospel of barnabus is a forgery then it is, because i have read it and it contradicts both Bible and Koran. FACT look for yourself, do the research. i live in the light of God. What i have said to you is the truth and i will stand by it. an opinion i won’t stand by, but my research and study have shown the truth, not the truth i search, but the truth God reveals to me. for my truth is not mine it is God’s that is why i live in no fear and God’s blessings are filling the temple. i stand on solid ground. i don’t curse someone and say goodbye, i am here until Jesus(PbuH) returns. That is why i came here, the reason of my birth.
    Peace to Pakistan.

  87. Omer says:

    i know who u are John!

    boy ur one little cracker filled with hate !! 😀 i never said that i know Christianity read my comment and then start ur lecture .. surely u have a lot o time ..

    chchch so sad u read the holy Quran yet didn’t get the guidance the right path … u know what!! ur confused chose either side..

    Yes Peace to Pakistan .. and peace to ur wandering burning soul too !


  88. john says:

    Peace to Pakistan,

    to omer,
    my name is john the one you say does not know islam, well you should’nt speak for others. i can say that you do not know Jesus(Pbuh). The gospel of barnabas is a forgery and the talmud is interpretations of God’s Laws. i know that Islam recognizes the gospel of barnabus as authoritative(even though it contradicts the Bible and Koran-FACT). Islam holds a false witness when it recognizes a forgery which not only contradicts the Koran but also the Bible. You say i know not Islam, yet i have read the Koran with no corrupt teacher(sunni or shi’a cleric) to instruct me. i have read the words of the Koran without prejudice. i read the words of the Koran and then i look at Islam and what Islam does to Islam in the name of submission to God. I SEE THE SAME WITH CHRISTIANS AND JEWS SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR HATE OF EACH OTHER. Hey boy i want you to submit to the will of God and strap this bomb to you and go kill the worshipers in the mosque. Hey boy, i want you to submit to the will of God and go kill Sunnis in the market place. Hey boy, i want you to submit to God and go kill a Shi’ite. You will be blessed in paradise with 70 virgins. What a lie!!! Hey boy if you join the army and go do our dirty work we will pay your college education(american boy). I say lie because this is what Jesus(PbuH) says MATT 22:29-30 Jesus(pbuH) answered and said unto them, “Ye do err, not knowing scripture, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry or are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” If we are to be as like angels where is the fleshly desire that would burn for 70 virgins? That is why 70 virgins is a lie. Jesus (pbuh) says that I(Jesus-PbuH) do not judge you, the words I (Jesus-PbuH) have spoken they will judge you. JOHN 12:48 ” He that rejecteth me(not Mohamed-pbuh), and receiveth not my(Jesus-PbuH) words, hath one that judgeth him: THE WORD I HAVE SPOKEN THE SAME WILL JUDGE HIM IN THE LAST DAY.”All i have to do is see what Jesus (PbuH) says compared to the lies of man(70 virgins) and Jesus(PbuH) will always tell me the truth. How does Islam promote peace the Messiah taught when He was here the first time 2000 years ago?(we need more minarets in switzerland?) What are the teachings of the Messiah? What does Islam teach about the Christ of God? What are the words of the Messiah. Why does Islam wait for Jesus(PbuH) when there is nothing written in the Koran of the Messiahs teachings. A true follower of Christ will only serve God as God has commanded. Not as what man(cleric,rabbi, or priest) has commanded. You say i know not Islam, yet i read the words of Christ which warns me to beware of false prophets, “AND MANY FALSE PROPHETS SHALL ARISE AND DECEIVE MANY.”-“FOR THERE SHALL ARISE FALSE CHRISTS, AND FALSE PROPHETS, AND SHALL SHOW GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS; INSOMUCH THAT, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE THEY SHALL DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT.” Jesus(PbuH) then says in JOHN 13:34 “A NEW COMMANDMENT I GIVE UNTO YOU, THAT YE LOVE ONE ANOTHER; AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, THAT YE ALSO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. 13:34 BY THIS SHALL ALL MEN KNOW THAT YE ARE MY DISCIPLES, IF YE LOVE ONE ANOTHER”.
    i will continue my prayer of peace for Pakistan, for i follow the Christ of God, God has not called me to follow Islam. God knows my heart,Islam is not God, just as Jesus is not God, just as judaism is not God, just as christianity is not God. When you see the love of God in action then you will recognize God. Jesus(Pbuh) whom Islam awaits for told us all to love our enemies, do good to those that spitefully use you and persecute you. But you (man) will do as you are told by man(cleric rabbi priest) in opposition of what the Messiah instructed. God called me to know Jesus(PbuH).

    The earth is going to change in 2 1/2 years and at that point none of this will matter. It is like the newsman saying that we need a story(war on terrorism-LIE), so go create one. We all know by now the lies and hurt our Gov’ts give to their people and other people throughout our beautiful world. The struggle is learning not to play their game, no matter how sweet they(rulers) make it look. We must come together as peoples of the Most High. God is God, and we all bleed the same color blood showing that we are all the same, only our beliefs are different which have been manipulated by the clerics, rabbis, priests, and monks. But the Laws of God are the same for all people.

    I will write this one more time so you understand who you serve.

    Jesus(PbuH) says that you either serve God or mammon(money-material goods). You cannot serve them both, as Jesus (PbuH) says, you will love one and hate the other. Jesus(PbuH) came to free us from the bondage of man’s law. What that means is that man was using/interpreting God’s Law so that it benefited man and not God. Man has created laws to protect mammon(money&goods) which gives rights to man to own what is not his. Also it(mans laws) allows man to take/steal resources that are not his. Water laws, Air laws(FCC), Land laws, War laws, Corporate laws , banking laws, etc. You live by laws that keeps you in bondage to corruption. Has there been any time in Pakistan’s history as a country that there was no corruption? No, because laws have created and protected corruption. God’s commandments are health to my bones but mans laws are a corruption to my soul. Man uses laws to temp man into breaking God’s Laws. Example- the legalization of pornography- what that law has created is an industry that produces(legally) corrupt morals as material goods, which happens to be run by jews(fact), it so happens that liquor also has jews as owners of industry. Is there a industry created to corrupt mans morals that isn’t run by jews? So what Jesus(Pbuh) said, call no man rabbi, was to alert you so that you recognize no man as a spiritual adviser to God. As we know and what has been written that there is only one mediator between God and man and that MAN is Jesus (Pbuh). Whether you believe in God or not, what has been revealed to you in God’s Laws in Jesus(Pbuh) is true. These words i speak on the law are not my words, they are the understanding of Jesus(PbuH) and the purpose of the Laws of God, and how man has used the law of God to rule/oppress all peoples. The talmud is a book of interpretations of Gods laws written by corrupt men who’s Father is not God, as Jesus(PbuH) told us. God’s Laws will not pass away. Man uses law to create sin in man. Law was created by God to establish health and well being in all people.
    Unfortunately mr. obama is a liar for he dwells not in the Law of God but the law of man. For if God was his Father then he would listen and do what God has commanded, Thou shall not kill! If obama was of God he would hear the cries of the suffering and the oppressed in Palestine and help. He would feel the pain the troops he sends to Pakistan to kill innocence. He (obama) is not of God at this point in time. The jews (lawyers) being selfish have said to obama what he can and can’t kill. Christ told us the jews were hypocrites, look how they treat each other (the talmudic jews vs Toric jews) the askenazi/shepardi. They(jews) put innocent people in a restricted area and then bomb them(children of God-Palestinians) They(jews) don’t serve God, it is shown in their treatment of people. The jews serve themselves with laws that benefit them(jews). The holocaust law is not of God but of man to have man serve the jew and to become imprisoned by the lies of jew. The jews just want to be served and to tell the rest of the world that they are chosen. Again Jesus(PbuH) said I came to serve and not to be served. If you want to see anti christ then read what Jesus (PbuH) said about caring for people and you will see that the jews do exactly the OPPOSITE of God’s commandments, hence the anti christ. The jews would rather have you serve mammon/ money and material goods than to serve God. That is what all of this is about. They(jews) create that service to mammon by law, just look at jack abramoff and the jew lobby. the talmudic synagogue of satan.

    NOTE: Jesus(PbuH) IS NOT GOD!
    Jesus(PbuH) came as the supreme Law Giver of God. The Prophet Jesus (Pbuh) from Nazareth the Messiah of God.
    Peace to you Brothers.

  89. Omer says:


    i am extremely glade to know that people like you exist in this world .. who not only know the truth but also dare to stand up and fight for it .. hats off for u buddy and ur companions!

    i know most of the Americans, they are honorable and dignified free people .. they are the people of Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin ! i am pretty sure that some day you (true Americans) will over through this Cancer (zionist-lobby) for the best interest of your country .. Amen

    as u have requested.. i can assure u that if i get a face to face contact with an American soldier ever … i will not shoot him first, instead i will try to communicate and tell him about his Oath and what u said (if its possible) as i now for the fact that his mother is praying as hard for his safety as my mother do and he has been mislead… but those Blackies will have no mercy .. they will die and die for sure as they are killing my people!

    i know when our people will see that people like you rule America who follow the Constitution, do not help illegal-state-of-israel and have no bad intentions towards us what so ever .. then they will also consider about their thoughts ..

    keep up the good work buddy .. the false will be perished as it is meant to be!

    take care,


  90. Percy says:

    Omer, thank you for your kind and generous response. It shows a generosity of spirit that is welcome to us who know we are guilty for allowing all of this to occur.

    I am convinced that this is the way this has to happen, people to people, since all our governments are coopted at the top either by bribery, blackmail or threats. Its now up to us and trust me, in the US on both left and right, we are aware now of who our and your enemies are who are doing this.

    Daily they try to work us up to hate muslims and to fear them and kill them. Their objective is to start and conduct a religious war of Christians against Muslims, We will not do it. As you must notice our banker owned press are constantly feeding that pig to us here and we ignore it. NO VIOLENCE AGAINST FELLOW AMERICANS regardless of their religion, country of origin, or politics.

    Lets keep communication open and if and when you get a chance, an opportunity, talk to an American soldier and tell him what we are saying and what you are answering and see if we can make a difference that way. maybe print this out showing him what we are saying and asking him to FOLLOW HIS OATH TO “FOLLOW ALL LAWFUL ORDERS”, in otherwords we are saying any action against you and your country is a violation of his oath since what we are doing is illegal under Nuremberg protocols AND REMIND HIM THAT IS A DEATH PENALTY OFFENSE..

    You are not alone, we know you are a democracy, that you did not threaten us in anyway, therefore our gov and its banker owners have committed international war crimes for which they will eventually pay.

    Things are getting pretty hot here and when Obama signs that copenhagen treaty, I believe you will see a new war front open up here.

    Good luck in throwing the international banking criminals and their paid mercenaries out of your country. God is good and is with you in this.

  91. Omer says:

    @ Percy

    I don’t agree with “John” about what he said about Islam .. cause he doesn’t know anything about Islam at all !!

    but what u said is something different from the AM-Brits (American and British operation-theater) and its like a fresh breeze .. as u guys are awake now and seeing the reality and no longer get laid by those Neocon-American-Zionist lobby… if u guys (real American) take charge of ur country and take the destiny in your hand, it will surely change the entire world and we all will live in peace..

    thanks for the solidarity with our People and Pakistan .. and don’t worry we know how to stand united and how to sacrifice our lives for our country and Islam .. we are committed to eliminate Zionist-terrorism from pakistan and all over the world.. we will not go down without a fight.. believe me!!

    soon we will start to send u guys the “blacky/Xe” dead bodies in envelopes.. u guys make sure that u bury them deep down in hell !!

    May the force be strong with u .. some day we will celebrate our triumph over these international terrorists together ! meet u there buddy ! 🙂

  92. video-nu says:

    Ну да так оно и есть, кто бы спорил

  93. stephen says:

    I’m truly astounded to see how events have and are unfolding according to plan. Either the world’s religions were scripts to be followed later, the prophecies of Jesus, Mohammed and many ancient indigenous cultures were accurate, or some combination of the two.

  94. Percy says:

    I agree with John,except the blowing up of Mosques, Blackwater is doing that under contract to the US gov. Purge US out of your country and do not let them do what they have TRIED to do to us here.

    They have tried the same fear and hate tactic here in the US against our people as they are doing to you. Black ops are killing your people and blowing up mosques as you must already know. Right now in our country they have been unable to turn us one against the other.

    DO NOT LET THEM DO THAT TO YOU IN YOUR COUNTRY, STAY UNITED. United you stand and divided you fall. I believe we here in the states are waking up rapidly to all of this and probably will act soon, NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER, BUT UNITED AGAINST THESE INTERNATIONALIST ELITE/BANKERS/FOREIGN OCCUPIERS for what they are doing in our name.

    Our soldiers are already rebelling…. and more is on the way. Do not give up and please take our apology for what the traitors of our nation have done to you. The people here will not fight anyone else in the world until we have our own filth under control. Be patient, we are working on it.

    WE know the truth now.

  95. john says:

    Peace to you Pakistan,
    But i guess it only goes to show that your mosques are not SACRED OR HOLY. Islam Killing worshipers of Islam you are a disgrace to God. “Oh, but we believe that this guy Mohamed (pbuh) son-in-law is the leader of the church of Islam. Shut your mouth and love your brother. Man saying man is leader or Caliph is all lies, and the proof is in the blood of your brother you shed trying to justify your lies. Seek the peace of JESUS before it is too late. JESUS(PBUH)IS NOT GOD! He (JESUS) was sent from God to instruct you in how to care for each other. i am not talking about christianity, i am talking about the wisdom and love that Jesus(Pbuh) teaches us. i have warned you of earthquakes before His arrival. Now with this latest transgression against God the earth will shake hard in Pakistan and Afghanistan to wake you from your slumber. remember these words, “God sent Jesus(Pbuh) into this world to bring men to righteousness”. Those who live by the sword will perish by the sword. killing begets more killing. When are you going to stop killing your brother?
    Peace to you Brothers.

  96. porsche says:

    Thanks, very good.

  97. wiseman says:

    every day you will see new thing remember 1127 days will show you 1127 event some will change your lives forever!

    ” i know many strange things going on around this world” from bigbang MACHINE to bombing of moon! but the outcome of these events are mystery! TO ME or future surprise package !”


  98. arowox says:

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  101. john says:

    Very nice site!


  103. RdxSumo says:

    Now this is funny. You discussed every possibility, but you didn’t discussed where would Rothschilds, Rockefellers or the Illuminati would go? or they’d be safe in their places and watch this so called “chaos” on their screens and enjoy?

  104. Amerikagulag says:

    Just a bit more about humanity’s past. This recent discovery pushes the clock back 200,000 years. Seems a civilization in s. Africa the site of which which was heretofore uninvestigated has called attention to the possibility that Zacharia Sitchin may have been right. Humans are perhaps a hybrid of ‘gods’ (aliens) and hominids. Very interesting reading.

    The prophet Edgar Cayce said, “There will be a shifting of the poles so that what was once the frigid land will become the more tropical.” “…….all of these must go into the ocean, even before New York.” Edgar Cayce also spoke of the Atlantean civilization. He does not, however, say that humanity will cease to exist in any of his readings.

    While a great many calamities may befall the human race in the not too distant future, I believe it is more wise to heed common sense than religious sensationalism. We should not expect that any great miraculous ‘savior’ or ‘messiah’ will come to save us or intervene on our behalf. Those are the stories that serve to fascinate and instill fear into children. As adults we must look around us and honestly admit to ourselves that what is happening in the world today is only the product of our own doing. ‘God’ does not cause (or stop) wars. If He did, Afghanistan and Iraq would not have suffered these last 10 years + and evidence of this is more than ample. Humans will be the cause of whatever happens and humans will also be the solution. Whether enough right-thinking humans can wrest control of the situation before the maniacs are allowed to destroy us remains to be seen. but the more of us that understand this, the more likely the possibility of averting a catastrophe.

    Meanwhile we must be prepared both spiritually and physically. Those of us who can farm must save seed. Those of us who can heal must harvest and prepare medicines. Those of us with building and construction abilities must begin to look to stone once again. The art of stonework cannot be lost. Also the are of basic woodwork. Weaving, Spinning, dyeing, farming, masonry, animal husbandry and medicine. These skills will carry humanity through while the technological skills will be less needed. We’ve been through this before.

    “The Future belongs to those of us still willing to get our hands dirty”.

  105. ahraza says:

    Let’s face it, we are at war. The ridiculous arguments about the terrorists only targeting government establishments, or it is the West’s war, it’s a Jihad against infidels, etc, were blown to smithereens last Wednesday afternoon in Peshawar’s Meena Bazaar. The powerful car bomb, which ripped through the thickly-congested market place — a favourite shopping area of lower and middle class families in particular — showed that it is a war with terrorists standing on one side of the blood line, and we the people on the other.

  106. Amerikagulag says:

    The end of a cycle is also the beginning of another cycle. That is precisely what the Mayan Calendar shows us. We will go out of the age of Pisces and into the age of Aquarius and another 26,000 year cycle will begin. Nuclear war is a possibility, yet all countries who possess these weapons do NOT wish to use them and most maintain them only for deterrence.

    We must also keep in mind that this will be only the latest in a series of rises and falls of the human species. If Nuclear war annihilates the human race, there will be some left to begin the new world, however difficult it may be. But just as with the ants and bees, humans will strive to survive. History is not linear, it is cyclical and evidence of that is found at numeroous places around the globe.

    Ancient nuclear war? :

    Ancient flying machines? :

    Ans the ancient Inca were stone masons better than most of the rest of the world

  107. Abdallah Jan says:

    @Munna…………………….Your concerns are valid, however you have digested the ‘Terrorist Countries’ Lies.

    Just like Palestinians, Lebanese, Kashmiris, Chechen s and Uighur s, the Afghans are struggling to repel the foreign occupation. If India is occupied by foreigners, I expect that you should do the same. Same goes with Pakistan.

    The so called P T T is an foreign countries ‘Asset’ programmed to do what you visioned, fear tactic, good for TV and print media, to manufacture consent and invade the subject Country on made up, manufacture, false charges. You and I, along with the whole world was a witness, to LIES spouted in the United Nations
    by Gen. Collin Powell about the W M D against Saddam, that resulted in 1.3 Million Muslims Massacred.

    Afghans are innocent of the crimes of 9/11. That was an inside job, as we find out today. Yet daily we see death and destruction of Afghanistan. Now they have directed their destruction towards Pakistan and Iran.

    If cornered, there may be possibility that instead of Israel, Pakistan may use ‘Samson Option’, but I highly doubt it. Its absolutely Haram (forbidden) to kill an innocent life. The non-Muslims do not have same view. They have used it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even they knew that Japan is at the verge of surrender.
    They just wanted to test the A-bomb on human beings.

    So the threat comes from Non-Muslim countries and not Muslim countries or the wretched and poor Afghans using W M D.

    The Afghans are struggling to repel occupiers and have no foreign ambition.
    The P T T are not Afghans or Pakistanis. They are the asset of same forces of Lairs that has engulfed world into chaos and death.

    I supplicate ALLAH that with HIS Power, HE may stop this Mayhem. Amen.


  108. Munna Dwivedi says:

    i don’t know whether it will happen or not but i can say that such a day is not far away. to-day all the countries around the world are mad for creating nuclear weapons as if it were any think like chicken biryan or murg mussalam. they have millions of hungry people to feed but they are interested only in enriching uranium and owning a weapon of mass destruction before their rivals are successful to create such non sense things. political leaders tell people of threat from a certain country to strike fear in their minds. then they inform them that their enemy is making a nuclear bomb or biological weapons of mass destruction. we people believe them blindly and allow them to carry on their projects.
    in this way that day is not far way when every country on this earth will have their own nuke bombs. can you just imagine what would happen when terrorist get this technology or bomb from any where? today they have AK47 and mortars and grenades. even NATO is not able to curb them ? what will happen tommorow

    today 9 or 10 countries have nukes and about 20 are secretally creating it………………..ALL THE NUCLEAR BOMBS AND OTHER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION SHOULD BE DESTROYED TO AVOID IT.

  109. FernaLina says:

    Так зачитался, что пропустил любимую передачу)

  110. Percy says:

    This world war III with nukes is fully planned and intentional by leaders of the countries involved ON BOTH SIDES. That makes this an act of treason against all the peoples of the world. If we do not want this to happen then we better, within our respective countries, as a people, take out those doing this.

    Its a crime that so few men can create such horror and destruction because the majority will do nothing to stop them. Its time to take this very seriously and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to bring these men down.

    That is NOW the only choices we have otherwise we will be dead in the millions both during and after this is over. This is an act of self defense that we better doggone well conduct against our proven enemies in all countries.

    Its us against India or Pakistan or even Pakistan against India, its the power and monied elite that all Indians, Paki’s and Americans, as well as all nationalities better be against and fight like you are under attack and your life is threatened, because YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK AND YOUR LIFE IS THREATENED ADN THAT OF YOUR FAMILIES.

    There are so few of them and billions of us, WE CAN DO IT.

  111. alan says:

    I have been collecting and processing information on this for a while now. I have been connecting the dots and created a web site with recommendations for survival. Take some time, look at the different sections and draw your own conclusions. Think of it as ‘thinning the herd’.

  112. Denny says:

    Actually, I believe that the anti-Christ will arise (I do not know, nor do scriptures teach if this man knows BEFORE he takes power whether or not he is the anti-Christ) and by miraculous wonders through the help of a false prophet, will be able to decieve those in the world who do not come to the Light to love the Truth of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), Who is God’s Son sent into the world so that it would NOT have to be condemned WITH the Devil and his angels, but instead receive God’s mercy and love to turn them from their sins and service of self, and instead serve God through His Holy Spirit.

    The anti-Christ will cause ALL to receive his mark so that NO ONE will be able to BUY OR SELL – except he who has the mark of the beast. Then the Word of God speaks of a persecution of Christians, since they will NEVER take the Mark of the Beast (anyone who does this will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, where they do NOT rest nor sleep, but are tormented for all eternity – which is why a GREAT DEAL of biblical prophecies are about these last days).

    The Holy Scriptures teach of the horsemen of war, famine and death/Hell.

    The bible also says the following about some sort of attack that occurs that may or may not be a nuclear attack:

    Revelation 18:17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, 18 And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! 19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. 20 Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.

    The anti-Christ will fight againt Yeshua HaMashiach, but John “saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. 12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. 13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. – Revelation 19

    As far as the year 2012 is concerned, the following link will help to explain what the author says he thinks will happen, which is quite remarkable, in my opinion:

    BTW, this is what Jesus Christ promised what would happen to ALL people:

    Revelation 21:6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. 7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Thanks for listening,

  113. shumayel says:

    this is far fetched that doomsday starts somewhere in 2012. especially, as muslims, it is our belief that qayamat cannot arrive until all the signs foretold by the last prophet muhammad (SAW), are complete – which include ghazwa e hind, coming of mahdi and the war against non muslims, coming of dajjal eventually and eesa (AS) and prevalence of islam globally. it includes many other signs too. though signs seem to have arrived but nothing in this world can be said with surety. what you deem correct, may not be and vice versa.

    a more logical interpretation is to consider these events as events of change, not something like doomsday and destruction of the world altogether. there are predictions about this year, but are they really predictions or someone is trying to do something in 2012 and fool us by making us believe it ? as i see it, if its true, this can only be a year of change like 2001 for the world. remember, nothing in this world out of the ordinary happens as in aliens coming etc. a nuclear war is likely but majorly this year can be seen as a year of change for the world. as i see it, this will be the year the masons cult will try to achieve their ultimate goals and result in unexplainable consequences.

  114. Dostum Khan says:

    I actually have a strong feeling that it will happen… Qayamat signs are not complete but guys signs for arrivals of Imam Mahdi are completed and look around the world do some analyst, Israel (Land where Dajjal will appear physically), is expanding and getting out of control day by day, Muslims around the world are getting crushed day by day, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, gay sexuality nausobillah, a lot of haram stuff are taking place now, the Riba system is now completed established in every country of the world, there is no Khilafah (which is Fardh by the way on Ummah), value of Islamic social system is going down and down day by day, people have forgotten about the how important Zakat or Sadhqa is, Dajjal is on his 3 rd stage which is arriving physically.

    so pls dont tell me that its not gonna happen or

  115. Mohammad Omer Siddiqui says:


    2012 if it occur will not destroy the planet but will change the planetary system and our current way of life and there are higher possibilities that majority of human race will be wiped out from the face of earth. perhaps that’s why Americans are busy digging huge underground tunnel system with food and other supplies.

    there are various scenarios about this incident:

    1- an eruption of nuclear war (which is most likely to be happen)

    2- a magnetic storm from Sun which will subsequently and collectively destroy the entire world’s transistor and it will take a decade to rebuild them and another decade to replace it to entire world .. mean while we will live in Stone ages.

    3- Planet X (Nibiru) which is the 10th planet in our solar system and takes about 3600 years (some say 25000 years-seems possible) to complete its circle around the sun. it will come closer to Earth and disturb the entire system.

    4- the polar shift to 25 degree left. which will also disturb the entire planetary system and will send us back to stone ages.

    but what Our religion islam says about 2012 is not clear or should i say .. nothing about it .. we still have a long way to go for qayamat and have been informed about a series of events before Qiyamat.

    so we shouldn’t worry about that and wait for the actual event which are Armageddon and Mulahmat-ul-kubra, Dajjal, Mehdi and the return of Isa E.S.

    2012 could be hoax as we have seen Y2K in the year 2000.

  116. Blemeloocky says:

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  118. For any war to become a reality, there must be a de-stabilisation of one or another, the way that every country throughout the world is trying to emulate that of the west, they put themselves into a power strugle for the remaining readily available power.

    When that power is almost depleated, the heads of every country will become a help yourself nation of nations, just like the west is right now, they are in an ever spiralling decline because of the way they do things, and more people will point the finger because the government can no longer give them their bread, then the government will blame the oil companies and so on until something gives.

    If the new world order is a fast becomming a reality these people will have to act quickly before they loose overall control of the fuel which fuels their war machine, planes cannot be flown without it, transportation will stop, supply will cease and the whole thing becomes very much harder.

    Fighting a war by nuclear means from affar will resolve absolutely nothing, areas of oil exposed to this evil will be unservicable due to fall out for many decades,

    The next war is already being fought in our homes through the television the internet and through film and radio, hensce an all concouring army always takes out all communications first, it is well known that a defending army never wins a war, the war is eventually won in the hearts and minds of the people, who should use those minds in order of not reacting the wrong way, the next time we are asked to go to war we should all refuse and get the powers at large to go fight it for themselves.

    Those who have the most to loose will normally react the soonest, and those with nothing to loose react the worst, if nobody reacted at all there would never be another war.

  119. I really dont believe there will be a ww3. Like Einstein said, if there were a WW3, then WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

  120. john says:

    Peace to you my friend. I am an american. An american that knows God. And Jesus is not God. I am christian in that I understand Jesus teachings of the Law, Gods Law. A greater than Moses has come, a greater Law giver. In the new testament it has the story of two rich young rulers who came to Jesus. They asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life? Jesus responded by saying what do the commandments say? One ruler said he had followed the Law since birth. Jesus said leave your possessions and follow me. The rich young ruler would not surrender his possessions for God. Not for Jesus but for Gods blessing. The other ruler asked the same question about eternal life. Jesus told him that the two most important commandments that man shall follow for the love of God and for the health and well being of the individual, are this…………….

    Love God with all your heart soul mind and strength, and Love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and Prophets. If I love you, my afghan/Pakistan neighbor, then I will not steal. If I love you then I will not kill you. If I love you then I will not coveT your goods. Loving my neighbor, and that means all people, will cover commandments that Moses instructed to follow. Thus blessing all and giving delight to the Father.

    I know Gods Law. I try to uphold the Law of God constantly. As far as what man sees as my relationship to the Law and there own relationship to the Law is what man will see. I know plenty of pastors that say that you have to go this way and if you don’t then they will judge you. Judging my personal relationship with my God and your God is for God only. I am able to breath deeply with assurance that God protects my family, and I pray to God, not Jesus that God protects you as well. But I would like to thank Jesus for teaching me the truth about God. I am to lay down my life for you. Put aside my wants and desires so that your needs are met. Not the needs you have because I have created the need for your needs, but your human life needs. Food, water, shelter. We are friends and will always be friends..

    Knowing what is written about Jesus in the Koran, I can see the mis interpretation of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. We are asked or commanded to serve each other in brotherly love. I understand the situation that is occurring in Pakistan right now. Before three years are up it will be Burma. Love your enemies, do good to them that spitefully use you and persecute you. Those are the sayings of Jesus.Time for all Pakistani people to come together in harmony to love each other and not resist to occupation but use occupation as a tool to strengthen relationship Shiites as well as Sunnis and the christians, understanding that true christianity is……….

    Love God with all your heart soul and strength, and to Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    Blessings by following those two simple Laws of God provide health and well being to all who live and shows respect to all that have died. Do you think if God sent Jesus to intruct us in Gods way we should listen to the word of God coming from a prophet of God? Jesus was a Law giver. Man has made Jesus God. By doing so he has divided God where as God is not divisible. He (Jesus never transgressed the Law. Jesus taught the Law. Jesus fulfills the Law, and teaches how you can fulfill the Law too. Man burdens man with their laws. A man made law says that we (america) have the right to go to Pakistan and kill people? God says thou shall not kill. Man legislates sin against God. Whether it be christian, muslim, or jew, it makes no difference. For man controls the laws that allow another man to kill an innocent or guilty man. Spread peace with your neighbor while you can, help each other and speak loving words please. Encourage each other with loving words. I’ll pray to God for peace and security in Pakistan. Unite people of Pakistan, pakistands for what? For peace and love of God? Or the love of material good that no longer last? Grow healthy children with healthy food and the wisdom of God. Grow together Pakistan, Grow together.


  121. AngelaKasner-GermanPM says:

    To understand what happens in the world, and why it is in such a mess, you need to know that

    Bush, Blair, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy, Harper, Howard, Rudd and most other leaders are (covert) Jews.

    See for yourself (PHOTOS):

    And while you are looking,… try this 2.2 MB mega-photo of Rabbis and politicians:

    Although not included in the photos,… Obama is also a Jew.

    Here is a picture of Obama’s Jew Momma:

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    And here is a photo of Obama himself wearing a skullcap.

    Even Germany and Austria have Jew presidents/Prime Ministers:

    It is hardly necessary to hide away ones Jew roots at all.

    For example, the Austrian President didn’t even bother to change his Jewish name, Heinz-Fischer:

    At least the German Prime Minister changed her Jewish name, Angela Kasner, to Angela Merkel (via a short marriage).

    Kasner, Kastner, Kasztner, Kostiner, Costner, are well-known Jew names.

    It is usual for Jews to own every horse in an electoral race, i.e., every candidate is a (covert) Jew.

    Examples, are the 2000, 2004, 2008 American elections.

  122. Ady Warner says:

    Glad I came back to this site some new very interesting items which I wanted to know more about. Great work on your site.

  123. Pat.R says:

    I am a conspiracy theorist at heart, and this scares me. I just wonder how much of it is true.

  124. black says:

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    I believe nuclear war will be become trus soon or later.

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  127. muffin9129 says:

    I am a skeptic about the 20102 dates significance, but I do believe in WW3, and that it will go nuclear. That is why we need to start making peace with our past, and our future.

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  132. idaho beef says:

    more important than this issue is that NASA intends to bomb the moon within a couple of weeks. now, that would be a lot worse than what pakistan might do with nuclear weapons, don’t you think?

  133. a guy says:

    Great website – I found you on After spending the last couple years researching the “New World Order,” religions and the occult, I’m truly astounded to see how events have and are unfolding according to plan. Either the world’s religions were scripts to be followed later, the prophecies of Jesus, Mohammed and many ancient indigenous cultures were accurate, or some combination of the two.
    – For anyone who’s interested, please check out David Wilcock at or his “2012 Enigma” on YouTube. I’m a bit skeptical because of his New Age slant (that he might be getting bad information and “channeling” demons), but he makes the most uplifting and coherent analysis of the 2012 event I’ve seen. If what he’s saying is true, our time will be better spent building bridges to our creator and with fellow people around the world than building bomb shelters. As Jesus said (paraphrased), “fear not he who can destroy the body, but he who can destroy both the body and soul.”

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  138. MOz Melbourne says:

    seems so real

    and infact prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also clearly indicates about end of the world and how every thing will be lost and then Cyclopes(Antichrist) will come and offer help which first will be welcomed and followed by seventy thousand Jews of Iran dressed in robes of green colored satin(green sheet).

    and currently we know that in Iran they dont have that much jew population, infact seventy thousand jew scholars is meant by that. anyhow…. yes nuclear war is near, if we see what is happening around and how US and Israel’s playing their games and occupying lands etc.

    but still hope for the best and pray that all humans become actually humans , not beasts which they have become.

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    Reality or fantasy? sure every culture has a doomsday as well science can tell us that the polar shifts are going to happen. Is there a common link? The Nation of Canada use to be the top of the world now its getting tropical weather. Climate change, is it man made or just that time for Mother Earth to shift and the scientists don’t have a clue. Remember, when a scientist can not explain something they refer to “An act of God”. Lately in combination with the business sector have been able to sell a “Green” economy.
    The world is shourded in misunderstanding yet we think we have the answers, bomb shelters fall out centres all hype. Just be morally responsible to each human as well respect the earth and all will be fine.

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