Project Reality: World War II ► Allied Special Forces (Full Round)


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  1. Alphawolf299 says:

    IRL RPG's won't detonate into soft armor. It's to prevent soft metal meshes from totally defeating them. I saw someone once shoot 4 rpg's at a car and none of them detonated.

  2. These look like the great grand-pappys of the boys from Blood Gulch. I can just imagine what Sarge would say…

  3. MikeBeehan says:

    How does one download this mod?

  4. gsamalot says:

    i never get these world war 2 maps it just modern ones

  5. Jester-J says:

    The beginning reminds me of band of brothers how the end up at the tree line vulnerable

  6. Girbot119 says:

    So s this an easy game to pick up? Im downloading it now after watching this, and was just curious.

  7. Gaming Base says:

    Bluedrake42 When I want to run ProjectNormandy writes that the file was not found pr.exe.When you know what to do please answer.
    ———————————————————————–P.S. sorry for my english i am frrom Czech Republic and i am 12 years old

  8. The anger in your voice when someone defies your orders

  9. Alex MK says:

    Good team play but the community seems toxic, is this the case?

  10. sarapowa007 says:

    this game is in steam? or where i can get ?

  11. 0:48

    Could have placed a move marker on your half track and said " mount up guys " , but instead he just screams at his squad mates. It's almost as if bluedrake thinks being a bossy prick equals being a productive squad leader, lmaooooo

  12. ryanman603 says:

    is the ww2 for project reality already in it or do you have to download that seperatly ?

  13. m1rock says:

    looks like WWII Online Battlefield Europe

  14. Eli wilshaw says:

    we're you scared at the tank and he

  15. 29:38

    Dat panzefaust tho. Goddamn terrifying

  16. +Bluedrake42 lol ither way love watching ur vids always entertaining props

  17. Do a lot of people still play this game? If so I would love to come and play with you guys.

  18. jewsdid9/11 hahaha nice squad name!!!

  19. Michael Moen says:

    6:20 "You MISSED! How could you miss!? He was three feet in front of you!"

  20. Michael Moen says:

    Honestly the logistics and base building aspect of this is the most interesting to me. Transporting supplies up to the front so you can dig in at the village. <3

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