Prophecy Radio: Syria Russia Attack world war 3, CERN, Demon portals, isaiah 17 Rapture!!!


Tune in tonight live @ 12 : 00:00 EDT on 12/10/2015 Prophecy Radio ( Google Hangouts ) ITS Open Line Night ! CALL 407-801-4005 on Syria, Russia , Iran , …


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  1. Thanks for all your calls folks! Great show tonight! God bless!

  2. Sir Charles says:

    If you think you'll be gone during the tribulation you are in for wasabi to the brain awakening! ohhh guess what we're in the tribs and you are still here lol ohhh yeah and there is no pre rapture.

  3. Pariscope real time up dates

  4. I'd rather go home to the Father then stick around taking iodine. in this evil sick ugly world

  5. donnie rook says:

    I love your show, Rick. I applaud you for sounding the alarm. My thoughts are that things are surely lining up for the 7 year tribulation to begin but like you said, we don't know exactly when. It's going to be horrible for those left behind. Many will get saved but most will not. Looking forward to meeting you in the air with Jesus soon.

  6. steve rice says:

    ok usa is not to be messed with….. your full of shit gloom n doom bitch

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