PSG Homegrown | Part 12 | NEW ARRIVALS | Football Manager 2016


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  1. Tried this challenge with Fulham, then realised we had a transfer ban… was fun when best free transfer was Dale Jennings…

  2. GAH! why does everyone on youtube play with 2d classic mode?

  3. "Football Twitter is loving this episode" Squelching ??

  4. The Zee says:

    Welp. I just spent 200mil pounds on Pogba in my save.

  5. I'm currently doing this challenge with Southampton, I found it a real struggle to sell all my foreign players and bring in quality English replacements, but somehow I'm sat in the European spots half way through the season

  6. tom lynch says:

    You should join a french team after psg that would be very difficult

  7. An 'old firm' save (either side) and try to qualify from cl group stage

  8. Henry Twigg says:

    You are a hidden Jem in YouTube you're hilarious

  9. Rasmasnl says:

    Try playing 433 in the league

  10. Jack Almond says:

    I like how Ben gets 200 million for resigning with psg and I get 7 million for resigning with Newcastle screw you Mike Ashley

  11. LO17 says:

    Paris France Germain

  12. Veganism says:


  13. amo 28872 says:

    Do a home grown with Cardiff and Welsh players as it will be a challenge cause Welsh players are either expensive or not good enough

  14. Didn't see formation man. :(

  15. Jack Chase says:

    in my cariers i can beat real madrid and gain 0 points from swansea over 3 seasons

  16. Benson Lohne says:

    You should buy Andi Thanoj and stick him in the U-21's until he gets French citizenship.

  17. Escute says:

    How fitting for Ben to make a series around a country that bottled a major tournament..
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Decided that after watching 12 episodes of this series i'd have a go at a "homegrown" challenge on FM, and although I attempted to do one in Iceland a while ago, which failed miserably because after 3 seasons the pool of players was too small I thought i'd have another go, I felt inspired as such and have plumped with Torslanda in the 5th tier of Swedish football, the added challenge is in certain Swedish lower division 9! yes, 9! of your starting 11 and subs have to be Swedish homegrown anyway, it's actually going quite well as I have a 16 year old named Axel Njordstrom who was already at the club but is wanted by 50+ teams…only offering 5k+ small add ons though, so if you are doing a similar series/challenge and don't think you can raise homegrown talent using your youth system, it is actually possible, do not lose hope

  19. AndySav92 says:

    Currently doing a Napoli Homegrown Challenge due to this series, and i definitely agree it's harder than it looks! Most of the top Italian's are in Juventus or Roma and don't want to join. Reasonably happy with the squad in it's current state though, and enjoying the save

  20. Where is evera … (speling)

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