Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia WAR ON NWO and Illuminati HAS BEGUN!


Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia WAR ON NWO and Illuminati HAS BEGUN!


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  1. sharon Wojno says:

    May God protect Putin.  May whatever karma he may have may God himself give it onto the saints, so that no one can touch him.  I pray that these saints help Putin completely.

  2. Kevin Ruesch says:

    America is a powerful nation wether it's still a righteous one very questionable hey atleast someone is standing up to them

  3. Bullshit! It's the Hegelian Dialect and it works both ways. This POS is just one more player in bringing about the "NWO" as people think of it now. He's not fighting against anything that you think he is. If you are upset about what is happening now you are going to have a heart attack when you see the end result of what you are supporting. Strongly suggest all of you give up this bullshit of thinking a "world leader" is trying to save you and start caring about your own communit and setting it up to be self supporting as much as possible. Starting first with food production!

  4. LEGALITY is the Wrathchilds NWO/OWO satanic religion that still controls all of the world's corporations including russia; living souls (human beings) had to be deceived in order to violate the commandment "thou shall not kill" this was accomplished by tricking people into I.D.olatry via the live birth registration form and birth certificates; people nowadays have been programmed to believe they are the characterization of themselves on LEGAL I.D. like drivers licences; once you have been spiritually trapped into being a dead thing like a corporation and I.D. then one can legally go to WAR and murder each other after all the dead can do harm this is what jesus/yashua meant when he told the pharisees/politicians/lawyers that there is no truth in them, that there father/baal was a liar and a murderer from the beginning… [ google legal name fraud for the complete expose' of Truth]…

  5. Mark Warwick says:

    is Russia printing their own interest free money?

  6. sheep black says:

    USA GO HOME !!!

  7. My father, who made it through WW 2, is "turning over in his grave"!

  8. Someone brave enough, needs to do a full investigation into all these secret societies

  9. Fuck these Antichrist Jews the synagogue of Satan

  10. Denny Hinkle says:

    Putin is the most patriotic leader ( to his country) in the world. Hopefully Trump will get to work and follow his leadership. There is no doubt that Trump is patriotic too.
    FIGHT NWO!!!!!

  11. hydro1957 says:

    Go Putin… save your country.

  12. jonny boyce says:

    Try trillions of dollars not billions

  13. Jim Brown says:

    Economic freedom brings sound mind, self worth and maturity, in turn
    love and empathy can grow and so too the nesting grounds of
    families….that is the only solution that actually creates a WIN WIN
    for the elite and the people…economic freedom will be the only way by
    which the elites will have access to the needed technology for their
    future survival, economic freedom will also bring sustainability to the
    planet both in terms of human population stabilization and resource
    extraction and consumption.The corporatism based monopolies are
    responsible for heavy resource depletion and over population through the
    existing artificial global economy. the elites win because they don't
    have to amputate their human spirit to rule by violence as they will
    facilitate the global economy from a distance only intervening out of
    necessity and this will free up time for them to develop relationships
    with their elite children who have thus far participated in a cyclical
    generational amputation of their human spirit/ability to love and
    empathize among themselves. Economic freedom is the only way for the
    elites and the people to develop genuine self worth and sound mind, it
    is the only mechanism that provides a real INCENTIVE to create and
    invent the needed technology fast enough to get our elites OFF this
    planet before the next extinction level event. We can do this, it can
    and will work as it benefits the elites more then the historical global
    management strategies that continues to force the elites to amputate
    their human spirits from the capacity of love and empathy for their
    people and the blood of their own blood, on this course we will ALL
    continue to participate in a historical recreation of a self fulfilling
    prophesy of doom, if we continue on this path there will never be any
    sanctuary, from the top of the pyramid to the very bottom.Please, the
    time is of the essence, help spread these words speak and be not afraid
    as it serves to enhance the central planners of our world more so then
    it serves us but better then the human condition we have today….

  14. shrooms 4u says:

    congrat's to putin for standing up to these globalist freaks

  15. Malkism M says:

    Zionists are following the Jewish Talmudic myth & paving way for Antichrist the Dajjal!!!!!

  16. As a born in America thank you Putin.. Again..

  17. maciek reda says:

    RuSSka kurwa

  18. Mad Hatter says:

    What happened with the announcement Putin was dead, then suddenly we hear, no no, he's not dead, we made a mistake…. as they slide a clone in to replace him

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