Putin Checkmates Obama On New World Order WWIII


In this online video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the hottest propaganda and offers you a actual glance at what is actually taking place with in between Putin and Obama battle about Syria.


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41 Responses

  1. heh hum L vs L end the skulldugeri is all over 🙂

  2. Funding both sides of war, sounds like a Rothschild's move to me. Rothschild are related to British monarch. People in the U.S need to stop talking about foolishness and focus more on pro life movements . They are trying to divide and conquer

  3. If firefighters fight fire then what are freedomfighters fighting ?

  4. Shit one This is nice *work suck xD

  5. eugene bell says:

    So the United States, under the dictatorship of the Democrats is all about messing with people for the oil.   Trump has to make sure the commies don't ever take over the United STates again.  He has to fix this crap before they get us wiped out.  Also, he need to join them in wiping out ISIS, I know Obama hates the idea.

  6. its our politians who are crooks. they spend more money on understanding mass psycs than unstanding cancer which is charity based. we pay taxes for things they wont tell us about. but the system is gettin to big an out of control….. for those living in the northern hemisphere enjoy what time u have left cos these assholes will kill u all an sleep like a babys….ireally hope trump takes hard steps an fix his own house 1st.. then look to the future for a better world.

  7. America u need to stop ur act of terror ? stop fooling ur citizens by ur fake media coverage.. America should stop terror funding..

  8. BBB BB says:

    Everyone knows now Obama, Bush,Clinton, Cheney, ISIS, Rothchilds is part of the NWO and the mainstream media is their tool

  9. Touge T says:

    Bible be like, I told you so. Fer realz.

  10. we need more people like you bro 100

  11. Robbi D says:

    The difference between Putin and Obama is like a lion looking at a chicken. Obama is a weak kneed, self hating American, philosopher wanna be. Putin is an ex-KGB agent-a stone cold killer who has taken lives. The only thing Obama has killed is a piece of beef or a side order of fries. You can't face down someone who knows what it feels like and what it is to take a life and keep moving. This man has been trained to do this so he doesn't care. He is not like these liberal elites who have grown up pampered, spoiled and soft. He grew up very hard and in very poor and tough surroundings, which hardens a person. He is not someone these people in the Middle East want to piss off because he will drop a hydrogen bomb on their behinds and sleep peacefully afterward-no matter how many innocent people die.  If Russia had gotten involved sooner and taken care of this problem from the start on their own, these Islamic terrorists would have been wiped off the map a long time ago.

  12. Robbi D says:

    knowing it does not mean you can stop it, and never will. There are reasons higher than our own why these things must play out to the end no matter how brutal whether we like it or not. Innocent people dying is a part of war. Innocent people die in all wars. This is nothing new. It always has been and always will be as sad and unfortunate it is. It is just as sad to accept the fact that thousands of murders occur in the USA to innocent men, women and children and yet, society accepts that as a part of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But they don't care to execute killers in order to stop them from doing it again when they get in prison or get out after 15 or 5 years later. So if we have to accept death in our own back yard then it is completely insane and unrealistic to think innocent casualties won't be had when going to war. That's what makes war an event to avoid. But, when it is unavoidable, that is the price that comes along with being involved in it. Just like we had to bomb Japan in WWII. It had to be done to save even more lives, even though many innocent people got killed. That is the fault of their leaders. Had they stopped their killing of the innocent across the Pacific realm and surrendered they would have been no need to drop the Atomic Bomb. If on watchers want bombings of these places to stop then maybe they should call up all these terrorists' factions and tell them to lay down their guns and stop slicing the heads of little girls and boys off. Because the fact remains, these people are going to die anyway at the hands of the people who are doing this if they're allowed to stay in these places, whether Russia drops another bomb or not. If everyone thinks this is so wrong than maybe they should have said something to the one who made sure these Islamic terrorists' came to power in the first place- President Obama.

  13. John Connor says:


  14. chad brown says:

    just keep from getting trigger happy to stay away from the nuke's it will be bad for all even the elites

  15. chad brown says:

    get em Putin protect us from our own please

  16. where is Syria's voice, why do we only hear the opinion of USA and Russia?

  17. Did all you libs really think that this con man Obama wouldn't get us into a war with Russia..Thank you GOD that Trump is in.

  18. cso Lis says:

    in country training by ciapf isis. Army whistle blows gets G Is murdered.

  19. Cd Piff says:

    You had me at Moe Foe great video

  20. thanks luke i saw this somewhere else awhile back but you have the information as they did so i know this to be true thank you

  21. you didnt mention United kingdom they are also in their with the us and israel

  22. Go Trump Go Putin! I hope Trump can become friends with Putin. Arrest the Rothschild family and sick Hollywood minions. Protest against New World Order America

  23. Ya… confusing. This is the simple version – Putin shows up to chess club, and everyone is playing checkers. so he is like… ok ok, we can work with this, at least it's a start. Then he learns that none of them even understand checkers. lol.

  24. People there is so much more going on then you could possible imagine. Don't assume to know one way or the other, just listen and pray, God will not steer you wrong..

  25. and if war didn't exist we would be more over populated than China not have any food or resources in the world and not be able to do more than be cannibals to survive. if that

  26. Ulprus says:

    United Arab Errorments?

  27. Ohmz27 says:

    The US government is part of the biggest terrorist network in our era. They're the worst, they hide and survive while profiting on the demise of others, then are able to sell themselves as civil and enlightened people due to the ties that corruption has afforded them, and the level of brainwashing those ties have allowed.

  28. hrc wins WWIII

  29. TheMarsBus says:

    Wake up Americans. Do not vote for that war hungry piece of shit Hillary , vote for Trump he has same thinking as Putin , he will get along with Putin just fine. O and , Putin and Trump are 100 times more smarter than this stupid puppet Obama who doesnt have a clue what he is doing.

  30. Ahmed Ebrhim says:

    {سلم يارب سلم } {اللهم أنت السلام ومنك السلام تباركت ياذي الجلال والإكرام }

  31. Verislav Mi says:

    I love Russia❤ Putin is good man.? Hillary and Obama created a isis Hilary is antihrist Devil!!!?

  32. John Ormas says:

    I honestly think our country is the bad guys.

  33. Talia L says:

    My question is why is it ok for Russia to support Syria and Iran but America can't support their allies? Now Russia just gave Syria Missiles. Why? ISIS doesn't have an air force. They won't let America in to defeat ISIS. thats why ISIS has multiplied. Please mention how Russia bombed Ukraine. No one is perfect. and U.S.A. is not funding ISIS. ISIS even has weapons from Russia.

  34. Obama is tool,…or a puppet some may say but his purpose is to look foolish so that the next President (Donald Trump) will look like a Messiah by putting America back on the right path I'm saying I can see the future or anything it just makes sense when you see this Obama looks like He's just stalling until the election

  35. Micah Schuck says:

    Putin doesn't take any of America's crap. He knows Obama is a puppet and I the pictures doesn't even consider him a real man.

  36. You dumb Yank they're not pronounced eyeran or eyeraq it's Iran and Iraq go back to school dullard.

  37. Lee 303 says:

    I used to look up to America as a kid… but then cold war #1, NATO terrorism & cold war #2… I fully expect WW3 in my lifetime… Cheers Obama!
    When we are sure it's happening, we should all ensure our politicians remain on the surface, forced to survive in a holocaust. They should reap the fruits of their labour.

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