Putin is Illuminati


In advance of seeing this I recommend that you get out what you have set-in, for the reason that this is about to get spooky!

Look at these out:
• Vessel: https://www.vessel.com/channels/peladophobian
• 2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/person/Peladophobian
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Peladophobian
• Twitch: http://www.twitch.television set/peladophobian
• Facebook: https://www.fb.com/Peladophobian
• Instagram: Peladophobian
• Vine: Peladophobian
• Snapchat: Peladophobian

Opening Stargate – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR5aBek6F4I


50 Responses

  1. Peladophobian=Luminati Comfirmed

  2. Putin play judo well,but my bro,Nikola,plays badly

  3. пошел нахер америкоз

  4. and the illuminati is green the dollar bill is green!!!!!!!!! OMG ILUMINATI COMFIRMED :0 HELP ME IM SCARED

  5. guys don't believe this its not real……if u are scared take a deep breath and watch a funny video. And also the 1 dollar bill was made by partter….. partter has 6 letters and a elephant has 6 legs and divide by 6 = 1…wait……the illuminati has 1 eye…….Dollar bills have illuminati on it……weird…DOLLAR BILL IS ILLUMINATI COMFIRMED   =…..SCARY ISNT IT IM SCARED

  6. No, no, no, +Peladophobian. Judo rhymes with Gerudo. The Gerudo are pirates. Pi. 3.14. There are 13 letters in Peladophobian. 13/3.14=4.14. 4.14 is a numerical palindrome. Palindrome rhymes with Military Drone. Putin owns a lot of military drones. Does that mean that all of these things are caused by Putin? Yes. Is the Illluminati involved in the scheme? Possibly. I'm doing more research.

  7. sando m says:

    putin be haven some sexy packs

  8. He is not the illuminati

  9. GenbIch says:

    fack you!! Putin nober one!!

  10. GenbIch says:

    пошли блять нахуй!!! Путин номер один!!!

  11. Okay, that rhyme at the start is the most insane rhyme from this guy ever.

  12. Almir:3 says:

    Блять что ?:D Это ваше тупое правительство США все Илюминаты и Масоны которые хотят господство в мире

  13. Mike Smith says:

    People who believe in the illuminati are fucking retards

  14. Loomy Has 1 Eye Wladimir Putin Has 2 Eyes 1+2=3 3+3=6 Six Is athe First Number In The (#&@&@@8%9%+5-3(2(#*&&#(#(#&$+(#(@@&28#((#&37$- -Illuminati Blocked This

  15. can you create a video about csgo ? :)))


  17. Arcd DSGN says:

    Putin your name guys

  18. me says:

    is putin been hiding as elephant this hole time got me down laughing

  19. Putin is not illuminati

  20. ▉▉▉▉▉▉◤┳◥▉▉▉▉▉▉

  21. putin is no illuminati

  22. Obe Arar says:

    not to interesting

  23. putin OH YOu mean puding???

  24. You said "cats purr" while one of my cats was sitting on me purring. 🙂

  25. Do aphmau is illuminati and sabastian todd is illuminati

  26. Illuminati KKK into ISIS working together with Donald Trump

  27. AGENT 042 says:

    what's the name of the background music?

  28. Janx Gaming says:

    nothing makes sense but i still laugh 😀

  29. BobLynxis says:

    Cats don't always purr when they are happy.

  30. omg, I'm from Russia, and need to go cry in a shower of vodka riding my bear

  31. Putin is not Illuminati, he dickhead.

  32. I have Great video ideas!

    Nickelodeon is illuminati
    Spongebob is illuminati
    Your mother is in the illuminati
    your brother is in the illuminati
    BurgerKing is illuminati
    Samsung is illuminati
    Iphone is illuminati
    Logitech is illuminati
    Your TV is illuminati
    ps. IM NOT IN THE /◇
    / _

  33. tus vídeos son increíblemente buenos!

  34. Logenery says:

    putin has 21 finger 10 on the hands 10 on the legs and 1 between his legs

  35. Ты чё на Путина сука?

  36. NexoAxeHD says:

    or you just say for all pepole thet they are illuminati , so that means you are illuminati member or leader !

  37. NexoAxeHD says:

    thats lie putin isnt illuminati he helps syrian pepole to not die , obama too like putin , that means putin isnt illuminati or barack obama !

  38. Riiny Sann says:

    Dude why you waste your time on making videos about allhthese famous people when all famous people in the world ate Illuminati

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