Putin Military attack on America frightened Obama for World War 3 year 2016!!!!


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  1. Ben Cola says:

    Wait a minute. We need a fact check here. Who formed Isis? Who funded Isis? Is it illegal to fund and support terrorism? Who killed the 250,000 people you are talking about in Syria? Who elected President Assad MD? Who should be jailed for war crimes? Who invaded Iraq on false intelligence? Who covertly subverted the country of Libya that lead to the murder of their president? Who is trying as hard as he can to subvert the Ukraine?

    Who is trying as hard as he can to stop ISIS and not going along with this BS? The answer is Putin. I think the time is coming when the American people will wake up and hand over the real terrorists to Russia for a fair trial that will be televised for the world to see. I'm probably wrong but I think it could happen. The American people should have a vote on that and we'll see how it goes.

  2. JosipRadnik1 says:

    Fox news are good on slamming the democrats for they are who they are. If it comes to drawing a picture of how the middle east actually looks like, they are wrong, have always been wrong and will always be wrong. You Americans should just stop believing your bullshit media outlets (from both sides of the spectrum), throw your political class in the dustbin alltogether and stop funding the wrong guys in the theater there. Once you'll have done this homework, things will drastically turn for the better all by itself.
    That btw is what freedom is supposed to be: self determination. Not being paternised by some "liberator". Stop interventionism regardles if its a republican or democrat government doing it.

    Ps: Anyone who really believes that IRAN is going to pose a serious threat to the USA within the next 100years should book a session with his local shrink. So what's that silly war mongering on Iran about, fox news? And btw: why should a "dictator" slaughter his own people? suppress them – yes, maybe – but slaughter? Do you really believe this hollywood style narration of "good" vs "evil"? seriously?? It's like in the western movies I guess, the villain always wears a black hat and he spends all day doing some evil for the sake of it.

  3. Drexxler 1 says:

    God bless America. In reality would this be any different if Russia was in charge or China or would it be a lot worse. I can't stand these globalist bastards and I hope they all rot in a small hole the rest of their miserable lives; however, getting rid of one plagues just invites another.

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