Putin Warning of World War 3 US / NATO is irreversibly pushing the world towards nuclear war


Russian President Vladimir Putin is talking to the journalists from world news agencies, finishing the second day (17th June) of Russia’s St. Petersburg …


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  1. Of not for certain chans, I don't think I would have had a clue what was happening on Russia's border.

  2. Who should be stopping this? I would say UN. Where is Ban Ki Moon?

  3. we already had world war 3

  4. lady D says:

    I understand what Putin is saying, I have respect for his honesty on this matter. Putin is right, we the people of USA are sleeping and not being told the truth, from our president.

  5. Daffy Duck says:

    don't mess with the hornets nest unless you have plenty of RAID!

  6. bob jones says:

    This guy is worse than Beck ever was. Always going around saying the end of the world is here.

  7. Not once in History , but twice Russia prevail in world war. Is gonna take a lot more then NATO to beat the Russians . And they will fail to do so.
    Just to add as a fact nato is starting the war , but Russia will finish.

  8. lol UKIP still only got 1 mp in parliment the joke is over 6 million people voted for UKIP while 1.2 voted for SNP n they get 52 seats wtf!

  9. I had a dream about this 4 daya ago. It's more than just a nuclear War…it's going to be Greater than any World War. It's going to be a Sea of Blood and Chaos. Every Army is preparing for a massive slaughter. This Chaos was organized by One Person.

  10. no i think you are yhe one joking. i think you should get a history book and read it

  11. look you lot, usa never fights on it own land its european towns and citys which will suffer
    The media is run by the usa[globalist] look at every where they have been chaos look at there own country The us are liars I hope the uk doesnt follow this lying state keeps us out off it
    O,not a jihadist just someone how loves to live in peace .

  12. Just all be aware putin straight outspoken get the out peps UK

  13. Hazemate says:

    Putin got a beautiful voice
    LOVE the translate

  14. Musa Maqsood says:

    a country with trillion dollar of debt how they give billion of aid to the other country

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