Q&A: When will World War 3 start? Are we slaves to the government?


Best way to mentally prepare for basic training? What is love? What do you think of Texas? What makes the grass grow? Rainbow flag? Post your questions …


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  1. have you ever been hunting? if so what did you hunt? (Q and A)

  2. +drip46 I joined the army in 2014, and got kicked out a week before graduating infantry OSUT because I'm a communist. they gave me a mental profile and a 2 year ban. what do you think of the communists in the military? should I try and sue, get reinstated, rejoin?

  3. What's the song name at the end?

  4. Faust Smith says:

    drip why the FUCK are you're armpits so damn hairy !

  5. Hey man I am enlisting into the army in August and I am red/green color blind, will I be able to be an mp?
    Thanks man for the quick responds.

  6. MrLegalAce says:

    How to prepare for BCT as far as physical fitness and mental preparedness?

  7. Will Wade says:

    Drip 46 will you go to my YouTube channel and check out my most recent video and leave a comment ?

  8. Trey Pierro says:

    Your laugh at 3:40 lmfao!

  9. Tony Montana says:

    Q&A which branch is better Army or Marines?


  10. Joe Dias says:

    Q&A do you respect all branches of the military or do you think some are "pussies"

  11. Q&A how often do you get a haircut at BCT?

  12. devlin snee says:

    Where is that quote from

  13. Q&A hey drip, are there any "rockstars" in the army relating to their MOS.

  14. Max Gagnier says:

    Where are you deployed

  15. How do you tell the difference between drill sergeants and senior drill sergeant

  16. I know someone asked already if you can use the restroom during bct but… How much time do you get to poop or pee during bct?

  17. Q&A: please answer this one what was your nickname at basic training?

  18. Asher Croy says:

    You have a gun with two bullets and You're in a room with 3 men. Hitler, Osama, and Joseph Stalin. Who do you shoot? Or who don't you shoot? And why?

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