Queen Named In Parliament Paedophile Ring. “Leon Brittan ‘Raped’ Me” Says Child Abuse Survivor

The Metropolitan Peace

“We have an international paedophile ring operating in every democratic government on our planet!”

These words, and revelations about systematic paedophila within the UK government, from Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash Films (a survivor of child abuse himself), are enough to worry every parent on the planet, but more shocking is the revelation that HM Queen Elizabeth II has been named in connection to this Parliamentary paedophile ring should have every parent in the UK demanding that the police investigate fully, and publically, these allegations.  So where are The Police Service investigations on this matter up to?.  Isn’t it about time we heard from the Chief Constable on this matter?.  

Queen r

After all, nobody is ABOVE the LAW, or are they?.


With connections to every corner of the world, including the Middle East, children are being killed and tortured in snuff movies to satisfy a religious doctrine of satanic proportions.

The man who made the allegations to police, Andrew, has seen NO MOVEMENT FORWARD in the investigations even though 70 hours of statements were recorded. After the Ben Fellows allegations regarding Ken Clarke, due to which Ben has now seen fit to flee the country in fear of reprisals from the ‘establishment’,  I am starting to see a pattern emerge. 


Andrew, a victim of child-abuse under the protection of Bill Maloney, has testified to the Daily Express newspaper that he was forced to film a snuff movie under the direction of Sydney Cooke.

Throwing down the gauntlet over a year ago, Bill Maloney put forward the concession that if a whistleblower were to come forward, then they would be given immunity in any trial that results from their testimony.

As Bill Maloney said, “Our main witness has come to us because he doesn’t want to go to the Police and the Secret Services that are involved. He is in a very precarious position.”

The Police and Secret Services know what’s going on.

Having worked on this case for 6 months, Bill Maloney, a hardened campaigner against child-abuse who is familiar with horrific stories of abuse admits, “Its rocked me. It has rocked me to my foundations and I cannot believe the names that are coming out.”

Andrew blows the rumours and speculation away with, “I was attacked and raped by Leon Brittan.”

While Bill Maloney warns, “Leon Brittan is one they don’t want to go for at the moment.”

As Bill Maloney explains to Louise Collins of the UK Column during their regular broadcast in which Bill phones in he tells her that the alleged victim (Andrew) has identified Leon Brittan by a tattoo, that he has on his groin, and that (Andrew  drew the tattoo for police etc etc.”  “Its Horrific.” he went on…

“We are talking about disabled children being ferried between all the Channel Islands, especially the Isle of Sark, the Isle of Wight, Jersey and Guernsey.

Satanic Religion. “You can put it down as a religion, as a Satanic Religion.”

Having filmed the ‘Sun Sea and Satan’ documentary on child-abuse and murder on the Queen’s Island of Jersey, Bill Maloney understands more than anyone, the nuclear bomb he holds in his hands, “The victim and witness is a very vulnerable person and also a very brave man for coming forward. He has a disabled partner who is a carer for as well. He suffered immensely himself. A child was killed in a bed next to him by Sidney Cooke. Sidney Cooke then went onto continue to use this victim (Andrew) who didn’t die to perpetrate and turn him into one of them. Sidney Cooke made him film a snuff movie, and when it was done said, “Now you are one of us!”


Sidney Cooke would choke children in their beds (or where-ever the film is being shot) and as Andy said to me, “He’ll choke him Bill until he went blue and then he would blow into his mouth again.” Sidney Cooke used to strangle and choke the kids and then resuscitate them. So if you like, kill them, bring them back to life, kill them, bring them back to life. One went on for over three weeks.”

A stunned Lou Collins replied, “Are we going to start seeing arrests?”

Sidney Cooke

“Well I certainly hope so. I have a list and its not the full list, of 35 people, politicians, that the majority of the public will recognize. We are talking about women, and not dirty old men. We are talking about the trafficking of children.”


Mentioning Holly Gregg for the first time, Bill Maloney goes onto recount a story about a yacht, “It was not Ted Heath’s yacht, but the same was happening there. The yacht that Andrew was on had three or four normal kids, up to 10-13 years old, then there were six or seven Down Syndrome children, the normal kids were all given a trip and dropped of at Holland, but the Down Syndrome kids were kept on-board.

Remember they couldn’t control these children purely with fear, a lot of them treated these kids really well, they put these kids into a sort of fictitious adult world. They would let them smoke, they would let them swear, let them have a drink and this particular woman, (this particular member of parliament), putting it into the victim’s own words, “She grabbed hold of my head Bill and pulled me down to her c and said come and suck on this.” And he said, “The stench was repellant, disgusting.”

“My God Bill.”

Angry? We haven’t even started… Calling to mind Chris Spivey’s ‘Insanity: the Best of British,’ in which he contends that Terry May is really a man, makes you speculate that the ‘particular woman Andrew went down on, is none other than Terry May, our Home Secretary. And which answers the question we all ask; Why he is holding back 3-4 vital files in the Maddy McCann manslaughter case?

Let’s remind ourselves of what Spivey said, ’The ruling elite has to go. There is no alternative.’

The Ruling Elite must go, there is no alternative.
The Ruling Elite must go, there is no alternative.

“I can hear in your voice that you sound exhausted by it all?”

“I am Lou.” “We are making a film. The film is being made. We are in the production of the film. I have all footage of the interview with the Daily Express as far as this case is concerned. And within that interview there are other subjects talked about that have not been disclosed. But I must say and make clear to everyone, the alternative media is working with the national media and its not just Pie’n’Mash films. (Who at the moment have a very small, close and tight team working on this.)”



Bill Maloney continues, while Lou Collins listens in shocked horror, “There was another young child in a snuff video which Andrew was present at, the kid was 12 years of age, they removed his genitalia with a scalpel, they removed all of the kids genitalia with a scalpel and filmed him bleeding to death. It took three minutes for the kid to die.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“These videos were commissioned for people who would pay between £20,000 to £30,000 a film and then the film is supposed to be destroyed.”

“This is what is happening.”

“I just want to empathize this is not a sexual thing, the killing and the making of the snuff movies, the trafficking of children, the raping and torture of disabled children, it is, I don’t know what word to use, but it is a satanic religion.”

“What is happening in Parliament is disgusting.” The Stench of Perversion is unbearable!

Do the police and security services have knowledge of what’s going on?”

“100% absolutely, 110%, 1,000,000%, 2,000,000% they know what is going on and it is true that the media and alternative media, to a degree, is being controlled by paedophile blackmail.”

What needs to be done now to sort this out?

The ruling elite has to go. There is no alternative.”

“First let me say the police are corrupt to the hilt. I’ve been talking to Ian Puddick as well (a guest on UK Column News Live) I’m stumped!”

There is no such thing as an independent enquiry in this country.”

“Some people will allow these horrors to go on just because they, you know, had an affair with someone and they are told we’ll exclose this and we’ll expose that. We’ve got to allow for human weaknesses.”

We’ve got to allow for human weaknesses.”

“Also our victim – I was warned not to say this – but our victim (Andrew) has met the Queen. I’m sorry everyone but I’m afraid its true. Our victim (Andrew) has met the Queen, and our victim (Andrew) has meet the Queen Mother, and our victim (Andrew) has met Prince Andrew.

I’m getting Angry Now.”

Are you?

God bless all victims and survivors and that means the whole population of this planet actually!”
Bill Maloney

The Metropolitan Peace thought for the day.  The FACTS.
A couple of years ago, an ordinary member of the public, albeit a very outspoken activist for change, was accused, by a bitter ex, of very serious sexual offences. These accusations came six months after they had parted company.  Joe Public was arrested, interviewed and was able to produce, at the time, several social media communications between himself and his ex. These communications showed that for 3 whole months after the split the couple’s communications were light, upbeat and friendly. They also showed showed a ‘falling out’ betwen the two at the 4 month mark over something unrelated. Two months further on the ex alleged to City of London Police that Joe Public had raped her, not once but twice six months prior at Occupy London.

So Joe Public is interviewed, provides a mountain of evidence highlighting the real truth of the matter but yet, even with the weight of evidence to the contrary, he is CHARGED with the offences and sent for trial at The Old Bailey.

Whilst on trial he, due to nice newspaper circulation buzz words like Occupy London Stock Exchange, St Paul’s Cathedral and Anonymous, Joe finds himself on the front pages of every daily paper in the UK, complete with sensationalist headlines and unflattering pictures.

Nevertheless, Joe stood trial at The Old Bailey. He presented the same evidence to the jury of nine women and three men that he had handed police and Joe Public was found Not Guilty of both charges and discharged,  There was absolutely no evidence of a crime, and a mountain of evidence to the contrary, so why was the prosecution brought?.

The official response was “Case’s like these must be taken to trial to be seen as ‘sympathetic to the victim’ and to hand it to a jury to decide on the FACTS of the case”. So why are we not hearing this mantra RIGHT NOW regarding these latest political child abuse allegations?  Why is there not an outpouring of sympathy for Anderw?. Why is this not all over the Main Stream Media, or should I say  State Controlled Propaganda Outlets?

Joe Public gets hauled into the highest court in the land, splashed all over the tabloids, and demonised on just the word of a bitter ex and with absolutely no evidence to support the allegations BUT when a serious allegation of sexual assault levelled at an MP, it is the complete reverse.  The police investigations are hindered or half hearted, suppressed and eventually buried by the Government spooks and the ‘secret society handshake brigade’. The media are given D notices to stop them publishing and the Establishment Propaganda Machine rolls out to limit damage and silence dissenters. No headlines for MP’s, no arrest, no questioning, no investigation and no prosecution.

Using a piece of 2005 legislation designed to protect MP’s from prosecution in the event that civilians die due to a decision taken as a matter of national security ie: politician orders military action in X country and civilians are killed during that action, criminal charges cannot be levelled. But the ambiguity and vagueness of the exact wordsing means that it is open to exploitation. And that is EXACTLY what is happening  This piece of legislation has rendered police’s investigations into ANY MP’s alleged crimes useless. It basically puts MP’s ABOVE THE :LAW and is being utilised and used perversly.

The bottom line is that Joe Public was processed through the ‘court system’ and, thankfully due to an intelligent jury who saw through the malicious allegtions, was cleared of any wrong doing. Thus showing that the system, although leaving a man’s life in shreds, supposedly works. The caveat being that the damage done to Joe’s good standing, for a while, was, massive. Something that the ‘powers behind the prosecution were well aware of. Because THAT is why the prosecution went ahead in the first place. Was there a single national paper front page headline proclaiming Joe’s proven innocence after the case?. Of course there wasn’t. It was left to Joe’s local paper to do that. Remember, this was a high profile ANTI ESTABLISHMENT activist after all.

There can be no different treatment of Leon Brittan in this case.  The exact same process must be followed to the letter. Period.

Leon Brittan MUST stand trial and face his accuser.  Joe Public stood trial ON EVEN LESS EVIDENCE.

If everyone is equal in the eyes of the Law then the EXACT SAME court process MUST be applied to Leon Brittan, and every other Member of Parliament who stands accused of serious criminal offences or is it a reality that everybody is not equal in the eyes of the Law and that a two tier policing system is in place and working in the UK?.

Joe Public KNOWS that the Government and the powers that hide behind the puppet government of this country who are pulling the REAL strings here, are doing their level best to suppress these political paedophile allegations. The Public, and Joe know that these investigations are buried or derailed at the very first opportunity.  The Public, and Joe want to know WHY and the Public and Joe want it stopped. NOW

Isn’t it about time that the Public voiced their concerns about how, as an ordinary Joe, Joe Public gets to experience the FULL force of the courts system over baseless allegations but yet MP’s, the Rich and the Elite, are not even questioned, let alone prosecuted when allegations of the SAME SERIOUS NATURE are made against them. Neither Joe, or the Public are fooled by the scraps of celebrity paedophile fed to us currently, in the hope that we will forget about the same paedophilic scum in our Parliament.  Well, think again because The Public wont.

It is about time Joe Public started to ask.  Is there one Law for the politicians and another for the Public because the point of a TRIAL is to ‘Try All’ isn’t it? A place where the TRUTH OF THE MATTER comes out and who was involved. Joe Public was also told that HIS trail was “in the public’s interest”.
Joe Public replies now.  A TRIAL IN THIS INSTANCE IS ALSO IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. very MUCH in the publics interest.  So get on with it.. or is a shadowy two tier policing system in place to protect these alleged sadistic murderers and paedophiles that skulk around in OUR Parliament building..

I am asking now. How can an ordinary member of the public placed on trial at The Old Bailey, in front of the country and the media in a case with NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to be humiliated by the system, but yet by using the system politicians are not even arrested, questioned or prosecuted in regard to similar serious allegations, even with substantial evidence already in place?.

Is there one Law for the public and one for ‘the elite’?.

Teresa May, David Cameron.   Let’s hear from YOU on this matter and not just Joe and the Public.

because it’s starting to look like Joe Public here is living proof that there is a two tier policing system here in the UK, and that just will not do.

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  1. Enrico Gonzalez says:

    Much as I believe that child abuse has gone on deep within (and within plainview) and probably some at the highest levels of the establishment, I think your report still stinks like pure Republican Anti-Royalist propaganda.

    The reports of the Police now investigating the allegations are now even on the BBC in the main news.

    I still think that the way your report is written is simply with an agenda to denigrate (without other rationale) the royal family system with a view to replacement perhaps with the American Presidential Farce. Where Money & Corruption decide the outcome pre-emptively.
    Which is TEN TIMES WORSE

    If this is true, then the purpose of the report to expose child-sex corruption is used as a stepping-stone to the hidden agenda, which is wasting our time, pyschic-energy (mental work or thinking) and just about everything else invested in it all.

    Quit the double-talking. And learn to write a half-decent report without relying upon (with predictive warning) of presuming to cause emotional distress.

    I’m not distressed. This world is capable of a lot worse and you’d better get over yourselves. There may not be a million dollars and a mansion-house for you at the end of this road. How will you feel then?

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