Qul Allahu Khalafta | Eng subtitles | Favorite Nasheed | قالوا له خالفت أقوال الشيوخ


Nasheed told him , “You disagreed with the words of Al – Shoyukh ” without قالوا له خالفت tool أقوال الشيوخ نشيد اسلامي هادئ ورائع —— —- ———…


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  1. Qalu Lahu Khalafta | Eng subtitles | My favorite Nasheed |قالوا له خالفت أقوال الشيوخ

  2. Im catholic, however I find this nasheed to be beautiful. It calms me down in a certain way and relaxes me

  3. Sid Ali says:

    رحمة الله على شيخ الاسلام ابن القيم الجوزية

  4. Isn't this regarding Daesh?

  5. La il aha il Allah , I pray Allah sub7ana wata3la takes all this hatred towards one another away, this is a beautiful nasheed mashallah , we are definatly living in times of trial , it's hard to trust anything anymore , and I pray that this is the worst of the fit nah , because at at times it seems unbearable , inshallah Allah bynsoorna , I feel hurt inside to see my brothers and sisters suffer in pain , I feel pain when I think about the powers that be and how weak they really are , choosing not to fight because the people I will fight are just like me they believe in what they are taught to believe , and I believe they still have time to wake up, also I think there are many good Muslims according to Allah SWT who believe the same thing , as for the hateful kuffar who happen to read this keep your delusional thoughts to your self, and for the Muslims attacking other Muslims wake up and realize what you are doing, and the consequences of your actions 3nd al Rahman .

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