Quran-burning: a Zionist Conspiracy?


By Roytov

And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage” Apostle Paul – First Century

At first I thought to begin this article by theologically refuting Terry Jones. That would be easy; you don’t need to be a pastor to know he is talking nonsense. The Good Shepherd (John 10) sacrifices himself, He doesn’t send others’ sons into hell for the sake of CNN coverage, as Terry “CIA” Jones does.

At least two of my readers have demanded from me to publish something on American Zionist Christians. I was reluctant; most of the theological refutation of their ideology was presented in The True People of Israel, and I don’t like repeating myself. Moreover, much of the additional material on the issue is being kept for the sequel of The Cross of Bethlehem; descriptions of my encounters with them would make part of that book. Yet, keeping quiet to the ongoing attack against Christianity and Islam was not possible.

Wait a minute. Did I just say “attack against Christianity?” Yes. Definitely. A “Pastor” Terry Jones from a non-denominational church in Florida announced that his Dove World Outreach Center announced he would carry an “International Burn a Quran Day” on the anniversary of 9/11. To make things worse, this year the 9/11 anniversary coincides with the end of Ramadan. Even that he apparently would stop at the last moment, this is not a Christian act. He is defaming Christianity and Jesus, and probably also attempting to bring a war.

Trend Alert: Deadliest False Flag Terror Attack Soon! Updated

Many of the missionaries around the world are American or affiliated to American organizations. Many double as CIA agents. They work in Dagestan – with the blessing of the Russian Federation – and in Iran, where they buy their way around with money. I have met more than one of them. They work in Morocco – running popular websites – and in organizations like Pointman. The last claims Jesus taught that “nationalism” is a Christian value. I heard them – and spoke personally with them – when they visited La Paz. Otherwise, I would find very hard believing they have said that. All these are false flag organizations, fake fronts for CIA operations. Terry Jones seems to be cut of the same material; he even was a “missionary” in Germany (the insolence of this!).

If we agree that this act has political origins and not religious ones, then who could be behind it? There are two major candidates. Readers may choose any one of them – or as I do – claim we are witnessing a cooperation between Zionists and the CIA.

Paranoia! Conspiracy! Anti-Semitism! Avoy! Gevald! AyAyAy! My Jewish and Israeli reads are shouting by now. Is that so? Let’s begin with the CIA. I have recently commenting on the decreasing status of the US in two articles: Illusion: On the US Government Biased Statistics and DARPA and Obama’s Hopeless Speech. Immediately after the publication of the last the World Economic Forum downgraded the competitiveness of the US as being behind Sweden and Singapore (though apparently independently from my publications). Overall, the future looks bad for America, unless something is done and fast. Since most of the American industrial machine is oriented toward the production of mass destruction weapons (and I thought it was Iraq! Silly me!), the fastest thing that may awake its economy is a war. The CIA may be involved here in creating an international provocation. No books would be burned, but the CNN would talk incessantly about that (they are doing just that) and most of the world would believe the event happened. An attack would come from the other side, and America would claim innocence.

Now to the other culprit. Jews and Israel has a long term commitment to destroy the church. Martin Luther gave an exhaustive description of how Jews approached him immediately after the Reformation began with exactly that intention. Things have not changed. Nowadays, Jews invest massive amounts of moneys in turning American churches into Zionist churches, which support the illegitimate State of Israel and not the Godly Kingdom of Israel. In Israel, Jews suppress Christianity with brutality, as described in The Cross of Bethlehem. “Divide and Rule” by forcing a confrontation between Christianity and Islam is the wet dream of the Elders of Zion, a new version of the Kristallnacht.

Are the Jews and the CIA behind the planned New Crusades? Would Christianity and Islam destroy each other for the joy and benefit of Rabbi Mammon Rothschild? Stay tuned…

10 Responses

  1. nina says:

    This is what change America and the world, this is when we lost our Freedoms. This is the way it was all PLANNED!!! Well it’s TIME for America to UNITE and DEMAND a FULL INVESTIGATION into 9/11 and Take Our Country Back out of the TYRANT’S/TERRORIST’S Hands!!!!!!!!!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! WAKE EVERYONE UP! KEEP TRYING, we CAN’T let them win this BATTLE!!!

  2. Eva Nielsen says:

    The burning of the Koran was a mediastunt to coup the headlines in the days before 11. september. By doing this, the mediagangsters hoped to overshadow the questions from the american people – WHO DID 11. SEPTEMBER,,W HAT REALLY HAPPENDED AND OPEN A NEW INVESTIGATION . It obvious.

  3. sana says:

    He is COWARD person. Christian is outdated reglion, Churches gettinr empty. The SATAN is affard. Soon he will be eliminated by GOD.

  4. Mihail says:

    All the terrorist acts in the world were done by jewish devil from SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN(REVELATION 2:9,,3:9)ASKENAZI,EDOMITES,KHAZAR CRIMINALS,IMPOSTORS,THE CHILDREN OF SATAN.

  5. marianne says:

    The pastor views the mosque at ground zero in new York as an Islamic declaration of victory over America. Many people agree with him on this point.

    It is also true that Muslims in New York have been burning the American flag, showing their hostility toward America, which means they should leave, not stay and build a mosque.

    To put the mosque there, is an insult to Americans as it is sacred ground, where many good people lost their lives. People consider the mosque an act of war against America, where the local laws are twisted to gain a victory, by causing emotional harm to the grieving families.

    So between the mosque and the flag burning, there is insult. In muslim lands, Christians are persecuted, and beheaded, or killed in other ways. This pastor is returning the insult.

    Since the weak brain politicians cannot handle a simple problem like a building permit, this pastor has his own ways. I would not have done it, but at least he got more progress about the mosque than the politicians.


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  7. refuse2lose says:

    If you would stop blaming the Jews long enough to see what Jones was really doing,you would see that he had no intention of burning any “holy books”,which aren’t holy by the way. They were written by a guy who confined himself to a cave and got “divine revelation”. These books are nothing but “how to”guides for killing and dominating the world.


    • percy says:

      If you would stop denying what is proven right in front of your face, maybe we could save this country, if its not too late. You have no idea what those books are about or you would not have said that.

      You are a “goyim” that the zionists laugh at and call “stupid” because they can manipulate you through their owned press and THEY SAY you are so stupid you will believe everything you hear in the press that they control and they laugh. You have not read the Quaran or you would not have made that statement. How about this, did you know that muslims be least believe in Jesus Christ and treat him as a prophet and follow his teachings?

      Did you know that the Jewish Talmud does not believe in Jesus Christ and says that even if he did exist he should be “BOILED IN A VAT OF HIS OWN EXCREMENT” and that is supporting the contention that the zionists hate the Christians as much as they hate the muslims, if not more so. Now that is something you can check out for yourself, but if you are a zionist sabbatean, well, then you already know that don’t you?

      • Wayne says:

        Right on,Percy.You tell them brother.Most folks beleive what the zionist media tells them to beleive without having so much as looked at the Holy Qur’an.The jews precious talmud also states that Jesus was an illegitimate bastard concieved during menstruation to a prostitute(kallah,1b,18b and sehedrin 67a)The jewish talmud is the most evil book ever written.
        The Holy Qur’an speaks of striving for excellance in Gods cause.Qital(war) for Muslims is forbidden except in self defense as described in 2:190—Fight in the cause of Allah(God) those who fight you but do not trangress limits;for Allah(God) loveth not trangressors.Anyone willing to do a little research will find that Islam is a very peaceful religion and way of life.
        The jews don’t love peace and they don’t love God and that’s why they hate Muslims and Islam.

  8. Abaddon says:

    This mans monologue is as about as confusing as the subject he is trying to explain. Religion is the epitome of the Tower of Babel, a world has suffered from religions evil agenda. If thousands of years of utter bloodshed and the deaths of billions of people are not enough to see that ALL religion needs to be obliterated off the face of the earth, then the human diseased condition that is religion will take us all to hell. We have a WORLD COUNCIL of CHURCHES, they ALL come from the same stable.

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