Racist, Anti-Pakistan Picture Circulating On US-based Websites



Pakistan’s political and military officials can dodge reality all they want, but no other country in the world has demonized Pakistan and Pakistanis in the last eight years like the United States government and its foreign policy and militay-intelligence communities have done, from spreading false global panic over Pakistan’s strategic weapons to sponsoring political and academic events in Washington hosting speakers from little known separatist groups that advocate the break up of Pakistan along linguistic lines.

Now we have pictures such as the one above that are circulating on US websites, targeting Pakistanis despite the fact that it was a US citizen who allegedly freely traveled to meet terrorists right under the eyes and noses of CIA and FBI and their DynCorp and Xe/Blackwater agents who scour Pakistani border regions disguised as ethnic Pakistani Pashtuns. Faisal Shahzad, whose lousy terror attempt raises serious question marks about the conduct of US intelligence community, managed to allegedly travel to the Afghan border region several times and escape racial profiling and dodge every precautionary US anti-terror measure to pull off the Mickey-Mouse-clock-and-firecracker ‘car bomb’ stint, and yet the responsibility for his action lies on Pakistan, as per Mrs. Clinton, the White House, and now the New York City government.

While demonizing Pakistan, Washington is also guilty of empowering India during those eight years and turning Afghan soil into a launchpad for the export of terrorism into Pakistan.

The American people and the Pakistani people have no strategic conflict of interest. But with the constant demonization of Pakistan at the hands of US government and its psy-ops managers, every attempt is being made to put the Americans and Pakistanis on a war path, and the ad above is one big step in that direction.

Not all Americans approve of what their government and intelligence are doing. Some of our American friends, including those in Washington, have informed PakNationalists.com that the Web site of Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, appears to have pulled down the ad in the last couple of hours, but it’s still available at other locations.

It’s funny how this Mickey-Mouse-clock-and-firecracker ‘car bomb’ attempt is executed and then a week later a young Pakistani hotel clerk in Chile is arrested with traces of bomb powder on his clothes as he visits the US embassy armed only with visa application documents.

Of course, Pakistan’s foreign policy, military, and intelligence communities are not stupid. They know what is going on. But they have orders to ignore this. They are also ignoring the activities of US Embassy in Islamabad as it expands its list of local Pakistani mouthpieces who have been assigned US State Department’s new mission of confronting ‘anti-Americanism’ in Pakistan.  The ranks of these US apologists is swelling. They came into action during the last week to desperately try to scuttle any discussion on the fishy circumstances surrounding the terror attempt and focus instead on inducing guilt among Pakistanis and indirectly justify the US pressure to launch new internal wars in Pakistan.

Pakistani government and military is probably ignoring all this, including the provocative language used by Mrs. Clinton in threatening war against Pakistan, in order to avoid a direct confrontation with US or maybe more realistically to ensure the flow of US aid dollars that feed corruption at various levels of Pakistan’s power structure.


This picture invited a lot of feedback in the shortest span of time. It is also doctored. Here it is, above, as it appears on a US-based satirical website with the link. It also appears at several other places, all of them US-based websites. I am emphasizing this to answer some readers who accused our team of doctoring the original MTA ad to spread hatred. Interestingly, US apologists in Pakistan, who are closely linked to the US embassy in Islamabad and US consulates in other cities, conveniently ignore how this kind of insulting anti-Pakistan material is common in the US, actively encouraged by people close to the US government.

The point is the mindset behind this picture. Although the word ‘Pakistani’ is added by private US citizens, the racial profiling is quite clear on the part of MTA in the choice of the gentleman who appears in the picture. The fact that this doctored image with the word ‘Pakistani’ is circulating on US websites is a matter of concern and is in bad taste to say the least and does not reflect well on our American friends, most of whom are great people, just as Pakistanis are. Despite all the legitimate criticism in Pakistan on US government policies, never do US critics in Pakistan create and circulate such insulting material to humiliate US citizens as is the case here with this image insulting Pakistanis.

The story above accompanying the image explains how the US government and its pys-ops experts have been busy demonizing Pakistan for political reasons, and how Pakistan’s decision makers continue to avoid addressing this manifest anti-Pakistanism on the part of some US government officials and US media. I stand by this argument.


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  1. tariqnawaz says:

    The only way for a country to be truly independent is to be financially sound and secure.We must stand on our own legs no matter what.Every time you borrow or beg from another country you actually sell a part of your sovereignty.There is no free lunch.This is a tall order in a corruption ridden society like Pakistan but believe me there lies your survival.

  2. hammad says:

    nothing to say abt it ,, why people vist america?///

  3. sam says:

    It is time for Pakistan army to draw a line between Americans and our unprofessional politicians. I wish our policitcians had the courage to say “No” to American Aid and terminate all diplomatic relations. The whole nation knows Americans did 9/11 themselve only to rob Iraqi oil, occupy Afghanistan and consolidate Israeli gains.

    I don’t understand when will Pakistanis understand that west can never be their friend as long as Pakistanis are Muslims. America is a Israeli occupied territory and America will never absorb Pakistanis to it’s society.
    It is time for overseas Pakistanis to return to their country with all their wealth and jointly form a political party and rule Pakistan. Destroy corruption and corrupt system which has brought our country to it’s knees.

  4. Karmen Nava says:

    Thank God people are waking up to the fact that there are very well paid “mouthpieces” who are enangering the human species by underminding and criminalizing entire cultures whom they deem inferior and are targeted for a possible invasion.

  5. TheAZCowBoy says:

    Much as American’s hate to admit it you have only to see US soldiers outside the US borders murdering, maiming, raping, sodomizing and torturing one of them ‘Hajji’s – Ragheads – Camel Jockey’s or sand niggers’ to understand the sickness that prevails in America and especially with so many of them southern ‘honkies’ (these’s loads on them in the military – many recruited in ‘moral waivers’ from their criminal backgrounds) that only life goa in life is to have that ‘big iron’ on their hip and a brand new (lights flashing) sherriff’s cruiser working as a fat/obese county sherriff back in one of their ‘villages’ where, in their earlier life, they leanrd about sex from their mothers or sisters (brothers in rare occasions).

    Pakistani’s and Afghan’s have ‘every’ right to want to kick America’s teeth in after the genocide AmeriKKKa has visited on their countriesfor almost a decade for something a handful of Saudi’s visited on NYC on 9-11.

    Tombstone, AZ.

  6. Percy says:

    You have to understand, this is “psychops” done by CIA and Mossad. Cia does nothing now without their bosses, the Mossad, telling them what to do. The Mossad has done this kind of thing in their own country, and now we, under their direction, are also doing it in Afghanistan, and Iraq and Pakistan, now they are TRYING to do it here in the states why???

    BECAUSE THEY CAN’T TAKE CONTROL OF THIS NATION OF 300 MILLION PEOPLE UNLESS THEY CAN GET US HATING EACH OTHER. America is a multinational, multicultural nation and thus DIVIDE AND CONQUOR is their goal. If we stay united, we win. If we do finally become divided we lose. So Don’t let them divide us, WE HAVE ONLY ONE ENEMY AND THAT IS THE INTERNATIONAL NEOCON BANKERS.

    Keep your eye always on the ball.

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