Radiation going up slowly and quickly across the US


A quick review shows some very disturbing trends.

An obvious uptrend in radiation is spreading across the country, with some areas seeing scary high levels.   Something happened around Sept 17th.

Rule of thumb is that exposure to 100 CPM clicks per minute for a year results in a real risk of cancer, 500 CPM for 90 days is a real risk.

Many places are now up over 100,

25 is “normal” we just don’t get that much lower.   And back in the day, before Fuku, 50% to 66% of us got cancer, what will the new normal be.

Basic protective measures, air filters, anti-oxidants.     Do them now if you are not on track.

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  1. carl says:

    I just saw the levels for the US on line south N.J. was65 the higest in the country then south Cal. @ 51 the map is their on line look it up .they explain how and why they are what they are ,and the vary from day to day.No 100 readings anywhere if there was an alert would be called.Lets not go off the deep end just yet.Thanks Carl..

  2. Michael Cook says:

    Like all villainous groups, they all have a front of legitimacy to cover their real behind the scenes agenda.

    We have seen the financial global monster created by a few criminally ingenious banking families, who have engineered a monetary system by which you cannot buy or sell, unless you have ‘their’ permission to do so. This controlling force is a world wide currency of paper monies that ‘they’ control and print, so that from a roll of toilet paper to a nuclear reactor you cannot purchase anything without dependency upon ‘their’ currency. They have made themselves look indispensable to our being able to live without them. That is the key to understanding ‘their’ real goals, and that is, controlling and having a firm grip on all that we are, and all that we own. There is hardly an individual, or family, and certainly not a nation that is not dependant upon these financial institutions. From individuals, to communities, to nations, to a world, it was inevitable that they would attain such power, for money is the financial reactor that puts the lights on all around the world. Just as they have intruded big time in all our lives by having ‘their’ fingers in all our financial transactions, so they have done the same with a world.

    For who controls and owns the oil, the food, the medicines, the media, the politicians, and virtually all the worlds major assets that make it work? They make claims of being essential to the functioning of this world, and they are, and they try to give the appearance of benevolence, as they are behind many charitable organisations, organisations that would not be necessarry if it were not for ‘their’ greed.

    Being the financial controlling factor behind the global ruling powers, they appoint and depose rulers at will, as they pursue their global agenda. And what is that agenda, TO RULE OR RUIN.

    How can we conclude that?…. Look at what they are doing, not what they say.

    What conclusion does any concerned discerning individual come to who looks around this world and sees what is happening on a global scale to the planet itself. Tell me what sea. never mind rivers, that is not polluted big time, and becoming even more polluted? We now have the ability to do serious damage on a global scale as is evidenced by Fukushima, the Gulf oil spill, the tens of thousands of oil rigs that leave serious pollution wherever they are. The widespread use of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and an array of chemicals that makes one wonder how we are still here.

    Then there is air pollution that is a concern to many peoples, radiation levels in the air are going up everywhere, and that is now worldwide. Over six hundred lethal nuclear reactors pumping out radioactive waste every day, one of which could wipe out all mankind. The daily sparaying of the sky’s with a cocktail of chemicals under the guise of warding off ‘global warming’ but which is causing huge problems for peoples health, and which eventually settles on the land polluting it further. Apart from the general pollution that we all make through living in this man made created pollutant system, and this is only a small part of what is polluting our world, add on all else and it is a disturbing picture for those who are genuinely concerned for the future.

    Financial greed has given those money monsters ‘their’ power, add to that ‘their’ mangement of that power, and we see their greed dominates and it has led to ‘their’ consistency of corruption, for ‘their’ mangement of the world has shown they are even more avaricious in ‘their’ blind pursuit of more wealth and power at the expense of a planet.

    So they have shown they are incapable of ruling, but very good at ruining.

    Even ‘their’ moral crusades of ‘freedom and democracy’ and lets not forget ‘humanitarianism’ have created a divided, hostile, war-plagued

    world of woe. They have created global organisations for ‘peace,’ like the UN and NATO. They cannot even keep the peace between people’s of their own kind as the moral decline of families, and society reach rock bottom. They have destroyed the very foundation of any society and its morality, by destroying the family unit. ‘Their’ anything goes policy has proven to be a recipe for global meltdown. ‘Their’ military machine is the greatest proof of all, and of ‘their’ failure to rule. For it is the biggest business on the planet, arms sales are at the top of most nations agendas, demonstrating how unstable the world is, if we cannot get on with our neighbours, then how will we deal with a world full of them, with all their differences of race, language, culture and religion? We can’t, a world so divided is proof of that.

    Summing up the ‘Powers That Be’ we must conclude that they cannot rule, so ruin is the inevitable conclusion, and all the evidence shows that ruination is forging ahead at an alarming pace, for the financial world is collapsing, the industrial world is dying, leaving its polluting footprint for all to see, and the military, armed with weapons of mass destruction, can destroy the world many times over and in so many diffent ways, and that is looking ever more probable, in an ever increasing unstable violent world. This is a global cancer, incurable, and spreading like a forest fire, even the Powers That Be can now see that, as they make preparations with huge underground bunkers to try and survive ‘their’ incompetence of rule and the motivation of greed that empowered them.

    What can we do? Put our head between our legs and kiss our butt goodbye.

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