Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl Scary Mutations – Full Documentary


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  1. Redcorvin says:

    Mother nature trying to Fix the fucking fuck ups of humans.. hopefully she can survive the damnation of the radiation that human kind has poisoned the land with..

  2. Radiolarian2 says:

    This documentary is so boring

  3. Kim Jong Un says:

    Swear some of this was just gameplay from fallout 4

  4. it's funny how when you take humans of the equation nature thrives and does everything perfect were so weak and we just managed to fuck up everything look at how good everything is in that land is it for the radioactivnness the animals and nature are doing great

  5. James Bond says:

    19:45 damn that cry tho


  7. AaronGaming says:

    This is undebatable evidence that wolves were responsible for the Chernobyl meltdown.

  8. neo egger says:

    asol bastards i kill you

  9. No reason for the clickbait title! Found interesting.

  10. Nessuno si occupa di curare ancora oggi gli animali di quel posto maledetto?

  11. Tyler Wells says:

    im pretty surr his howl is 0 percent close to theres

  12. The tags in this video include illuminati and aliens…?

  13. It was all Obama's fault.

  14. ddlanz says:

    it's like biker mice from mars, except it's real

  15. wayne f says:

    just shows its humans that animals are top of every chain.

  16. A very interesting documentary watch this !

  17. de ce says:

    every where in the world is fucked up, they don't care about nature which is the reason we are here, so fuck them because they caused it themselves and the same for the rest of the world if they cause it by their own greed and lack of respectits Coming soon

  18. lisacmeier says:

    I just learned 2 things, wolves speak with the accents of their culture and there really aren't any "scary" mutations on here. If anything, the landscape improved for wildlife… not so much for humans

  19. From Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl Scary Mutations to a bullshit discovery documentary lolz.

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