RAID: WORLD WAR II – 10 Minutes of Gameplay! Developer Interview from E3 2016


Recorded from E3 Stream, first not screen recorded video about it. Quality is not super good, but best so far! This video is a dev interview, i will do my own …


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  1. Nils Man says:


  2. TeuFort says:


    Now that that's out of my system. Thank you posting this! Is it cool if I use this footage in an analysis video for my channel? I'll obviously credit you!

  3. While looks liek to be a reskins of Payday 2, only in World War II, I wouldn't say per se a total reskin. Throwing nades isn't as pulling the pin and wait for it to blow on the enemies, you can now cook it, like other games do. And you have a chat command of sorts, when typing is a bitch for you at times, that's cool.

    Though LGL did confirm RAID will have skins…which doesn't sounds good. But aslong it's the camo stuff you'd see in movies or similar fashion, that's acceptable. Wolfgang, according to subtitles too, assuming he is one of the germans that did not side with ze nazis, due to their cruelty and genocide commited during the war. so, that's cool aswell.

    Not really hyped for this one, but I also see there is no desync seen here. If LGL made sure desync was out of question for this game, that would be excellent news. Let's hope this game won't have much problems.

  4. senaya says:

    Can't say I'm impressed. More than anything, this made me want to get my old Medal of Honor cd and play that again.

  5. TheMrTeeMan says:

    reskinned payday 2

  6. JUSTFA1R says:

    нет спасибо. я люблю payday 2, и хорошо отношусь к ее разработчикам. но это выглядит ужасно
    Call of Duty 2 с кооперативом

  7. Why only 4 peoles in coop? Why not 6 or 8?
    Clases? What the reason? To fill checkbox "we have a classes"? Or classes will realy work and have real advantages?
    Animation when player get to machingun looks weird.
    Enemies looks stupid & slow. Classic MoHA bots can kill you twise while you think, loking or the most stupid thing – reload before them.
    Flametower…. it did't kill. You know, earlier games, FT kills or set in (deadly)fire player & all other targets in one touch.

  8. TheEngiGuy says:

    Well, as I already invested a lot of money for Payday 2, I wouldn't get this one (maybe until it's discounted). It's literally the same thing, with the same flaws, same slow AI, same "run-n-gun gameplay" and all. I hoped they would make a new engine for a new game.

    But if they start adding tons of DLCs, weapon skins, dodge builds and any of the silly and unrealistic equipment just for the sake of "fast-paced humour gameplay", I'd stay away from it completely…

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