Rand Paul Shoots Down Christie on No Fly Zones, World War 3, Hillary’s Foreign Policy #GOPDebate


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  1. A Liberty says:

    And THAT my friends is how you conduct foreign policy and take Christie to task! For someone to so boldly go into WWIII without even thinking has NO business being President of the United States!!!!

  2. Danish Dean says:

    This is why i like Rand

  3. visionary138 says:

    Hey Christie suit up you trash talking PUSSY and go do some fighting you psychopathic marshmallow creme puff. Yeah you're a real tough guy. I can't believe people are so stupid to show up to these fucking clown shows, I guess it would be entertaining to watch a bunch sissies talk tough if the consequences for YOU, ME, OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES weren't so DEADLY. Isn't it obvious to the MORON VOTERS that these psychopaths don't care who they murder Just look at these pathetic specimens, Fat Christie could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag, but he's so tough he'll send someone else to fight and die. I think Henry " the War Criminal" Kissinger was actually correct when he called "military men dumb, stupid animals" you have to be at least half retarded or psychotic to fight illegal wars of aggression for people the likes of Obama, Bush or maybe a Christie. There is NOTHING patriot about murdering innocent people for the criminal bankers WHO DON"T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU, ME OR AMERICA. Hey, Military and Police personnel want to be patriot and serve your country, *THEN POINT YOUR GUNS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION the enemy is DOMESTIC and right on your TV, in our congress and the White House. America has been overthrown from within, you swore an oath it's now time to UPHOLD IT.

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