Rapper Game Smashed Kim/ Khloe/ Kourtney Kardashian!?? Illuminati Exposed


Rapper Game Smashed Kim Khloe Kourtney Kardashian!?? Illuminati Exposed /// Report | The Game Smashed 3 Kardashians? E-Mail: …


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  1. Young Metro says:

    Well The Game is lucky

  2. Why would anyone even have sex with those whores?. They get passed around like soccer ball.

  3. Richard Wynn says:

    I love to hear dis guy talk shit he tells it like it is …..

  4. Johnny James says:

    They clones anyway!! Hey bro good video but check on this guy named Donald Marshall he got in sights on this stuff..Shalom

  5. how is he fucking those three bitches illuminati?????????????

  6. Bangin' 'kardashians' Not An Accomplishment Worth Bragin'bout; Espclly When UR Jus 1 of many in Train line. http://www.tmz.com/2016/08/15/the-game-sex-kardashians-sauce-song-rap/ … FU @TMZ

  7. Israel Monga says:

    Make a vid about bugzy Malone

  8. Lady Virgo says:

    So I wonder if he's dissing the Kardashians that's why he exposed them or he's just bragging???

  9. I hate those dick sucking hoes!

  10. Israel Monga says:

    Or make a vid about uk grime

  11. kelly cool says:

    they are not hoes! they work very hard to be independent. Damn so much hate

  12. Its that Lilith she is back making these men fucking pay for there bullshit.. These females are not playing they been disrespected for ages now its a wrap… Let's go black moon Lilith much respect look it up on Google for you sleepy motherfuckers 

  13. And please stop talking about clones everybody on this planet is clones from star systems you would never imagine they give you a clue with the 13 constellations there is actually 88 constellations but you have to take baby steps so get your natal chart first tropical graduate to sidereal then graduate to 13 signs astrology… In that order….One

  14. A good site to go to is darkstar astrology they deal with degrees and the actual star that was fixed on the earth day or birth day 

  15. this guy needs to expand his vocabulary seems to be very limited every other word was b** f****

  16. Kardashians=Babylonian Whores. Sad that my women follow them on their endeavors.?

  17. Let them tell it he 1 for 3 which is tru… know he ain't smash kim, or kortney

  18. you sound retarted so stupid so hateful so ignorant how many times are you going to say feel me. learn English

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