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  1. Lily Heijink says:

    Wow…the comments…remember this is six out of a billion Korean's in the world. Want they like or desire is personal and not based on what ALL Korean's want. Everyone has a different taste.

  2. Koreans like horse faces? Whoa, I've always heard it used as an insult :O

  3. Itssnoo says:

    i'm seriously surprised i thought korean like who look really white (pale skin + colored eyes + blonde hair ) but it seems they like more healthy looking skin color and dark hair and big brown eyes !!!
    thanks megan was interesting <3

  4. Vivien N says:

    Everyone talking about culture and appearances and I'm sitting here like THAT PHONE CASE IS SICK AF

  5. Jess Kim says:

    무조건 흰 피부를 좋아한다기 보다는 피부가 좋고, 맑고, 투명하고, 인상이 밝고, 혈색이 좋고, 환한걸 보고 좋다고 말하는건데 white skin이다 pale skin이다라고 번역되는 것 같아 안타깝네요. 어두운 피부도 혈색있고 건강하고 밝아보인다면 분명 다들 아름답다고 생각할거예요.

  6. Mmm when growl came on tho

  7. They should have showed Kylie's original face. LOL

  8. Ariana Bora says:

    I think the prettiest face there has Kylie and best body has Beyoncé♥
    And please make a second part! Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie were super cool!

  9. I see some being annoyed by the guy who kept on saying most of the women besides Anne Hathaway weren't his type, and some others actually trying their best to defend him or come up with statements like how it's fine to not be attracted to someone cause of their skin colour or how it's common in Asia for people to prefer pale skin.

    I myself am an Asian, and I'm from Bangladesh( yes that's in Asia), what some of you defenders here don't understand is that telling someone to prefer paler skin being completely okay is a very bad move.

    The idea of skin whitening is very popular in Asia, and when you say, 'If a guy likes pale skin, let him! ' you are ignoring the possibility of acknowledging that maybe the guy is liked by a tanned or dark skinned person. When the other person realises that they have no shot at getting the person they like, they will resort to trying to whiten their skin somehow.
    Actual skin whitening happens to be VERY harmful actually (look it up) and trust me, it comes nowhere to tanning. Tanning skin effects can be achieved much easily or even faked with fake tan, but whitening skin tones is a whole another level. There are a lot of Skin whitening products in the Asian market, but basically 95% doesn't do anything or is so harmful to the skin, you start having other skin problems or your skin starts aging faster. Chances of skin whitening products causing skin cancer is high as well.
    The idea of a naturally tanned or darker skin person trying out whitening products should be discouraged severely!

    Some of you think that it's only a few Asians who find pale or white skin tones attractive or only go for that types, but unfortunately it's not a few, it's a lot. Which is basically why skin whitening is such a big thing in Asia or why only paler Asian celebs are held up at high beauty standards.
    Knowing all this, I'd say it's time for people to start criticising the Asians who solely classify white or pale skin as a beauty standard. It's wrong and this standard has got to go.

  10. eninaj b says:

    These Korean guys are blind as hell. Did….the man just say Beyonce looks average? LMAO Beyonce is EVERYTHANG fam!! And Taylor Swift's "strong eyebrows" and "looks scary"? I don't know man. She may be really skinny but that girl is FAR from scary. Hahaha

  11. gameshoes says:

    Wow, these comments. So salty.

  12. Jolly Roger says:

    Did you use the worst pictures on purpose?

  13. Hunter L says:

    Have them react to Suicide Squad trailer

  14. Clifford Lee says:

    They really don't know black people come in different shades and facial features do they? (referring to dude saying "really?" When he found out she was black). I think they have a stereotypical view on how black people look or act.

  15. but i prefer kylie with no thick makeup though. she looked cute and sweet then. i used to like both kendall and kylie but now i'm more into kendall since even though she has lots makeup on, her natural features still shows very well

  16. Lola says:

    asian men scare me, like honestly i feel like they are very harsh lol not saying that all of them are but just most asian men i have observed seem very harsh.

  17. ToruKun1 says:

    These Koreans are getting swindled by Kylie Jenner, show them the before pics when she was pasty with no lips!! XD

  18. Hahahah why does Taylow Swift look scary? Omg I'm dying hahahahahhaha

  19. Darius Canty says:

    Can you please include some celebrities with darker complexions i.e. Lupita Nyong'o, Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union

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