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  1. Ezequiel is my name as well :)

  2. i think ill get an origin reading on you tube how long does it usually take to get on youtube?

  3. Mandy Aii says:

    Thanks for this message. Would eating meat be a good way to ground if you can't get out into nature often?

  4. Liz Johnson says:

    Thanks for this reading. Very encouraging. I recently moved from a very busy town where you had to drive about 15 miles to get to the beach or the forest. I now live in the mountains in southern New York. The people here are so much calmer and more peaceful than the folks where I used to live. We are surrounded by this peaceful Earth energy. So I can definitely see the benefit of being more connected to Mother Earth. :D

  5. Blades11c says:

    How do I let go of everything holding me back? I believe I can become something great, but at the same time I'm afraid to start the process. Perhaps I'm afraid of what I will become, and how people will view me. Any words of advice?

  6. GunfighterBo says:

    I like the way you take someone who is being sarcastic and totally blow them away by being so nice and helpful.
    Thank you for all you do

  7. Thank you for your BEINGNESS beloved?☺?

  8. Acro Kill says:

    This was really really really helpful! Thanks a lot!

  9. . says:

    Thank you this reading is still relevant today- the forest behind my house has been cut down and the earth dug up very recently I feel it so strongly. Even before hearing these messages I was thinking about having group ceremony but now I know to direct it towards removing negativity, before it was going to be for healing which it will still be. I feel the loss of the forest so very deeply I thank you for your post!!! bless

  10. I honestly feel like I have been moving along to this, or pushed to this naturally.

    I don't know when, but I started feeling very upset and angry with an intensive amount of energy behind it. which is funny because I'm naturally a fun and loving man. this anger was directed towards the majority of humanity and hardly sparing or excluding those who are helping Mother Gaea. I do have a deep connection with the Great Mother, and love her dearly. perhaps due to such an open empathic nature, I guess I'm simply transmitting done of what she is feeling, slightly mixed with my own thoughts. odd isn't it?

    feels like this threw me off quite a bit. I suppose like the water, I reflected her emotions. not to sound like some sort of "chosen one!" or anything like that.

    I guess I'm just worried about her. I may not have originated from here, but I would never disrespect a planet I am/was born on. Even though some things are inadvertently doing so.

    The part about grounding was like I was being gently nudged to simply stand on the bare earth and well.. ground 😛

    We must listen and love our Mother Gaea. ^^

  11. Q&A – Answering Everyone's Questions About My Readings:

  12. I love you Isis , Many thanks
    Namaste <3

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