Real Demon Manifests In Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion : Illuminati Exposed Reaction


Real Demon Manifests In Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion : Illuminati Exposed Here is my reaction. FOLLOW ME ON: ▷️SNAPCHAT: skyviewray ▷️INSTAGRAM: …


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  1. I watched this alone at night I got scared

  2. @SKYVIEWRAY, yes these things can affect you. Subconsciousness is a part of our makeup. And even if you're listening but not exactly hearing it, it can, and will affect you.

  3. IHazABuckets says:

    "The illuminati is not a bad thing. The illuminat is cool." Me: Bruh

  4. Jay Linton says:

    ooou nice booty??

  5. Piggy Piggy says:

    Did he say illuminaty is cool WTF ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED BITCH !!!

  6. BySnipzz says:

    Shit its night

  7. Deppak Chopra is a New Ager.

  8. New Agers and Illuminati Freemasonry people believe humans can become gods.

  9. look at this image. tell me what you see if you do.

  10. are they making all this money yeah right they not

  11. Anyone watching at night like me?

  12. Can You try to watch Illuminatiwatcher1 and possibly react to one of his videos?

  13. Reb Bull says:

    you want to hear some creepy shit without background music? If you think this is scary than lets see what you think about this… (it has all the proof you need) Search this: Bohemian Grove/ Skull&Bones/ chemtrails/ flat earth/ magicans like Dynamo, David Blaine,

  14. The illuminati is no way close to cool. You step out and they will step in making you look mental or off you. Gaga is deep into Satanic rituals. She practices spirit cooking. Google that! Gross shit! She's fully entrenched and I fear not coming out. MK Ultra is some scary stuff. Read a couple of books of CIA survivors who were sex slaves. It can cause Borderline Personality Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder because their subconscious remembers that life even after they are debriefed in whatever way, use some sort of sedative that doesn't knock you out but makes you forget for a period of time. It's huge in Hollywood for some reason. I guess so an agent can retain services based on blackmail. Fame is not worth sleeping with people they pick out, drugs, and attending baby killing Satanic rituals with me having to participate in killing a baby possibly in one of those meetings. F*** That!

  15. "Don't watch this at night"

    It's 11:30

    So savage. ?

  16. couldn't finish this video, the constant interruption- terribly irritating.

  17. this guy ain't in no illuminati he ain't famous plus he's broke lol

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