Real Footage Of The Varginha Incident UFO Crash Documentary


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  1. Dwarfs?? laugh my ass off! These ppl are full of it.

  2. Karen Ashley says:

    Perhaps our atmosphere is somewhat poisonous for them so that is why they seemed "woozy" when discovered walking around? I have seen reports that some of them are trying to alter our atmosphere so it is more comfortable for them despite how dangerous it is for us.

  3. Todd Mccabe says:

    If this is true, than why wouldn't the Aliens recover at least the crew? Even if
    the aliens are dead they are potentially dangerous because of their different biochemistry.

  4. cwjclark says:

    1:00:17 The ancient egyptians said what??? DNA is a recent discovery

  5. Anyone know wen this was aired on television?

  6. nick piazza says:

    bk cherry,I wanna go down on that hood of yours,seriously

  7. Wolfcatt :3 says:

    If these beings are toxic, we are pretty much doomed, I witnessed an alien being at a general hospital, I hope those men in black get a life, we know who they are' freaks

  8. Poison dart frog?????

  9. Legal que o soldado brasileiro fala português de portugal. Seems legit.

  10. varhgina … the city of many dwarfs, expectant and homeless lol

  11. Kim Cage says:

    What a dickhead that Nick Pope is! He is obviously trying to misinform, but the evidence against him is so strong and clear that he fails completely. He is insulting the intelligence of the whole world. Arsehole.

  12. Kim Cage says:

    A dwarf couple? Where are they? Give us the proof! Put them on camera!
    But they can't because that officer is lying.

  13. Tim Joshie says:

    You Mexican girls are out of you mind…You three are just looking for something strange and different to be with… However I am confident you have been there , done that and have the T- shirt.

  14. TheDonna1959 says:

    I used to be skeptical about the UFO sightings thinking it was all BS! That newspapers made up these UFO stories to make sales. After having a personal encounter as a kid, I know now that we are not alone! In the summer of 1970 in New York, it was vacation time from school. Kids were out playing tag and riding bicycles, and parents were sitting outside on their lawn chairs. The night was warm and it just turned dark. I would say between children and adults, there was 20-25 people total. I was chasing my brother in the street, since I was "it" during our game of tag.

    Suddenly, we heard this very faint humming sound coming from directly overhead.
    From my side view, I heard people screaming grabbing their children, lawn chairs were being knocked over, others running into their homes, and kids hopping off theirs bikes leaving them in the street during the hysteria! My brother pointed above us at the same time saying, "LOOK! LOOK!" I looked up and there was a UFO over our heads. Just hovering over us. It was pretty close to us at the height of the average street lamp (about 25 ft.). At first we were in shock, but being kids we were also fascinated. We waved wildly and smiled at our visitors. This was not a helicopter or stealth jet plane!

    The UFO hovered about 10-15 seconds above our heads. I guess they were just t my brother and I. Nothing happened. In milliseconds it disappeared from site. It was round on the bottom encircled with bright lights, We did not experience a face to face encounter with our extraterrestrial guests. At this time, I was 12 years old and my brother was 10. Once the UFO left, everyone was panicking. Several adults and children decided to go to our local police station to make a report. Phones at the police station were ringing like crazy! I volunteered along with my brother to draw what we had observed. We were placed in separate rooms. The police took the report and the pictures we had drawn. We were instructed to go home. We never heard anything after that. Just for those who think, well these kids were on drugs, alcohol. or have a mental condition. Wrong! We were healthy and curious kids just enjoying our summer vacation….

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