Real Reason Exposed – Why Turkey shot down Russian fighter SU24


Why Turkey shot down a Russian plane ? You can find out why , where . The revealed truth of why Turkey downed the Russian SU24 on Syria and why …


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  1. Video is very very deceiving. Russia tries to dominate Middle East by its own axis that consists of Iran, Irak's present government and the Syrian murderer Bessar Esed.
    Putin don't want to let Esed down and bombs Syrian opposition groups under the name "bombing Isis", so that no one can blame Russia supporting Esed. Fighter Jet was shooted because of crossing Turkish borders. There is no Isis case and Turkish people don't like Isis also. As a really believer of the God of Mohammad, I don't believe same God with Isis.
    Don't let Putin to deceive you.

  2. America supports ISIS

  3. If Russia has right to save Asad and bombed and kill anti-Asad then morally Turkey has also right to declare me as President of Syria and deal any business with me as representative of Syria. If world deal business with Sisi of Egypt then I have the right to deal business with Morsi(Muslim Brotherhood) of Egypt. Don't be a puppet or slave of any leaders of NWO countries like USA/Russia/Israel/Britain/France/China/India.

  4. Tarik Tekin says:

    Today Erdogan said that IF Russia proves that TUrkey buys ISIS oil from HE will resign. But if Putin can'T, he asks him to resign too.. So we are waiting for his response. And Russ Brown.. WHat about you? Will you stop your stupid Youtube Channel too???

  5. lightthefuse says:

    Belive this or that. Noone changes the truth and that will be revealed somehow in the future. I am hopelessly watching and hearing people how to accuse eachother, not trying to see how lovely and peacefully we can live on this planet. INSTEAD OF HATING EACH OTHER why not ry to love each other. Media pumping a hate-flow into the public. Awareness is the first remedy against this. NO BOMB KILLS THE EVIL FOR GOOD ONLY LOVE KILLS THE EVIL.

  6. bm3racer says:

    dude the propaganda you are espousing is disgusting and incidious. yes erdogan is a very bad guy, the the nonsense you're throwing around is real conspiracy theory BS crazy tin foiled hat crap, I'm sure you're english and as a westerner you're still pissed off that the ottoman empire had so much power and didn't let you imperialist cowards to gain power or it's prized possession and land ie: istanbul and the rest of turkey.

    get the freak over it you tin foiled hat nut case.

    oh yeah, you delete posts because you can't argue against it, you only support freedom of speech if it is speech you agree with.

  7. basket orban says:

    The real reason having known has expose the hidden dark secret of Turkey. Russ Brown

  8. Putin allows violence towards Muslims and LGBT people. #PutinCommitsHumanRightsViolations

  9. I am Turkey Turkey shot down Russia fighter Good job Turkish soldiers

  10. MasterDee85 says:

    I wonder why you only use one source (RT) for your exposure (bombing oil trucks)! Everyone knows that RT is a russian goverment channel. Would a russian goverment channel criticize their own president for his foreign policy? Turkey has a long borderline with Syria (approximately 800 km). According to my knowledge Russia do not have any borderline with Syria, or am I wrong? So why is the Russian Military in Syria?
    The only state who is left and is supported military and politically by Russia is Syria. After the russians lost their former soviet states like Egypt and Lybia there is no other state left in the Mediterranen Sea, except to Syria. If we look back to the Ukraine War, which is still running, one of the reasons why the russians had to annex the Crimea was the entry to the Black Sea and therefore the Agean Sea and the Mediterranen Sea. What I'm trying to say is, if Russia loses Syria they will lose there position of power in the Middle East and the access to the oil fields. There is no ISIS and other stuff like that. Could you tell me why the Chinese Army is in Syria right now? The ISIS is another terrorist group, like the Al Qaida, which was invented by the USA to pursue the continuance at the Middle East. So finally in my opinion, the russian president Wladimir Putin wants to rebuild the Great Russian Empire and sticks at nothing.

  11. Website guy says:

    Countries now days fund these crazy groups to get them started if they have an agenda that's useful to them. If the group can get other funding after they are started that's best. Big countries use pawns to fight for their interests everywhere then calls them terrorists.

  12. cemo74 says:

    1.Who has any proof that Turkey (actually the present government ) buy Oil of Isis? Please publish, so may Russia can benefit to kick off the 3 WW!
    2. Above the syrians are considered as extremist. If we consider the rebels, who are fighting against the regime and Isis, extremist (whether they are turkmen or arab or whatever ethnic group) So how we call then Assad, who was launching barrel chlorine bombs from helicopters and many targeted civilian areas, leaving 10 dead and at least 530 people inherited this year?
    3. For the plane that was shoot, visible and audio evidences the whole world already could see, there is nothing left to cover up. Turkey get rid of the russian, bombing the turkmens instate of Isis and they shoot at the first opportunity that russia delivered.
    4. Mr Russ Brown, You complain about death threats, bad language etc…; That can happen if someone post such messages, spreading allegations without evidence and any sense.

    The topic of mid east, where are leaving so many different ethnic groups, isn't so easy as many think

  13. Jon Lanier says:

    Would it be a bad thing to turn the middle east into a parking lot and when the dust settled split up the left overs between Russia, Europe and US?

  14. keep the russians in russia the turks in turkey and the syrians in syria

  15. It's always about the cash and when the world wakes the fuck up we all need to do something about it like go out and fill those gas tanks up….they're fighting over oil all over the world and next will be natural resources….if they have it the big boys want it

  16. Pork Chop says:

    The entire human race needs to be wiped out. Anyway, we wont be waiting long before this happens. Once nuclear weapons start flying its goodbye plant earth.

  17. Very simple: The Turks are dedicated Muslims, and believe that all Westerners are Devil worshippers, and seceretly hope ISIS wins. Turks are the ones making to most money in Refugee Trafficing, and smuggling, out of Syria. Turks hate what the Russians are doing in Northern Syria. They shot down the Russian Warplane out of hatred and revenge. WE CANNOT TRUST THE TURKS. They have no business in NATO.

  18. I am American and ashamed of my country. This government is a scam and blood sucking leaches. They are supporting turkey to retrieve cheap oil. I was deployed in Iraq on my first tour and then took on a second tour. Many reports portrayed by the media didn't even exist or take place. My platoon was reported on my second tour of having had a battle as we were attacked. When we were really doing security checks and helping civilians. Turkey is supporting isil. American ca supports turkey. Very ashamed

  19. Rinor Aliu says:

    didn't we put charles tayor in jail for supplying RUF in west africa ? hypocrites all of them.

  20. Hi, I'm Russian, I'm sorry for not knowing English. So there are people who speak Russian licks ass Syria, China and other allies. I want to remind one thing that history has forgotten the US in 1864 when England and Britain, wanted to destroy you (the United States), you will protect Russian. Poland 2 times Russia is established and recognized. Finland, too. During WW2 America lost 400,000 soldiers of the USSR 40-million. The outbreak of war, America was to Nazi Germany, but when the USSR was invented nuclear weapons the United States have become our allies. And what is happening in Ukraine ?? Our brotherly people went against us, they kill and kill is now a peaceful people, and the sponsor is the United States. At the expense of the Crimea, go read the story.

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