Realistic 2015 World War 3/WW3 Simulation Part 2 Russia/Europe & Brazil Expansion


Realistic 2015 WW3 / World War 3 Simulation Part 2. Russia expansion in Finland . Brazil and Argentina invaded South America , bringing France . Part 3 : …


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  1. Ilomieli says:

    Interesting to look at Russian wet war dreams. 2.3 million soldiers against 5.5 million nation Finland would be a lot, but meanwhile Russia would be beaten in other frontiers. That would be too expensive for Russia. Hands off Finland! 

  2. Ilomieli says:

    United western Europe along with Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakstan and other Russia's souhern neighbours, with support of U S start picking pieces of Russian area to get a zone of free neutral countries. Chechnya declares independence.  China stays aside, because it wants to keep its vital trade relations with United states and Europe. Siberian rebels join Mongolia, with support of U S and Canadian Nato troops coming via Alaska.

    Putin declares himself emperor. Russian economy is chaotic after exhausting wars, and hungry citizens start to flee from the country. The fall of Russian empire is on its way.

  3. Lofangas you are a pathetic Troll and what type of drugs are you on?
     go take your Meds dude…

  4. bro maybe iran has nuclear but russia don't have 2.3 million troops!

  5. Pakistan would always join China's side and India would side with the allies.

    Not that great.

  6. Why does it say Canada and Australia have no military force 

  7. MuffHam says:

    Hope everyone doesn't forget that Brazil has the LARGEST military in South America and second largest in all of AMERICA's only second to USA. Brazil can easy conquer all of South America if it really wanted too.

  8. Germany will not be neutral. Easter Europe countires, like Romania who are already part of NATO will join the fight. Jappan, Israel, etc will also join the fight. If Iran joins Russia, you can be sure Saudi Arabia fallowed by the rest of arabic countries will join the fight on NATO side. Since you put Brazil, India and South Africa on Russia side, im thinking you were considering the BRICS (an economic block) but this dosent make them military alies, specialy when India/China relations arent that good. China is a dificult nut to crack, most likely they will stay neutral or ofc join Russia, but considering Russia and China relations were tense even in the cold war and China can win more from a war vs Russia.

  9. BRICS is an economic, not military alliance, especially since relations with China and India are very sour. Germany is part of NATO so does Denmark.

  10. i have a slight promblem pakistan and india should be switched around then it would make sence cuase india and us have been ruled by england and then they sighned so there allies i realy also want to say india and pakistan enemys duh but pakistan is being bad to india india is just mad at pakistan darn i know but india would take nato cuase there in nato or they just stay out of war this means this aint relistic at all

  11. and in fact this video is beig rude to my own country god damn you

  12. 10 things why Brazil will never be attack:
    1 -> All south america are Brazil ally.
    2 -> If you attack Brazil. China, North Korea and Russia, will attack the enemy, because are all of them political friends of Brazil.
    3 -> Brazil is the 2nd best military force in the continent of America.
    4 -> Even USA, can't survive in the jungle of Amazon.
    5 -> Brazil have uranium.
    6 -> We are fucking awesome.
    7 -> USA will never attack Brazil, because Brazil is an friend of sales, who sell inumerous recurses.
    8 -> Our lands are cared by other countries around, and our highly protected coastline for our military forces.
    9 -> The world and the U.N will be against your country.
    10 -> I forgot. ;(

  13. Paul Ebert says:

    Russia is no comparison to the USA's influence. They have the strongest military. The strongest economy. The strongest allies. Even if China, unlikely as hell, was thrown into the mix, there is no way they could win against the West. Way too much money involved. You think the Middle East would side with Russia, while there bankrolls are supported by Western money? Don't kid yourself. Western capitalism won this war a long time ago. Western capitalism is still on the rise throughout the world and where ever it is tried, the standard of living goes up and poverty goes down.

  14. wegoairsoft says:

    These countries do not have the ability to wage war like that, not even a month and the entirety of south america is then occupied. The most stunning fast paced military campaign in Iraq in 2003 by the US Military took 3 weeks, and thats to get to the center of the country. And the US is the only country has truly has to infrastructure to wage war expeditonarilly, not just in defense, you are seriously overestimating the power of military, and that would be a military at the level of the US, not a Brazilian one with no combat experience.

    "Realistic" my ass

  15. Argentina? relly? Chile is the second more stronger of South America…

  16. Finland have over 1million people in their army, russia wouldnt get it in 12 days because russia can not deploy all forces to one spot

  17. Brazil and Argentina are friend and Allies, but definitely hate wars…

  18. Lofangas says:

    +Chemistry Atomistic Hey! Well Argentina doesn't want Brazil a permanent seat at the the unsc but you might be right.

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