Realistic 2015 World War 3/WW3 Simulation Part 4 Russia/Europe Expansion(Eurasian Union)


Realistic 2015 WW3 / World War 3 Simulation Part 4. Born ” expansion ” in Russian Finland . All legal stuff in by appearances : -In User : Petr Dlouhý …


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  1. Finland is not in NATO so why did you call us a member?

  2. Mentiraaaaaaaaa si la tercera guerra mundial va a iniciar que va mentiras puras mentiras esepto que el presidente de cada pais diga que va a declarar la guerra ja y como van a meter a colombia hay si nisiquiera tenemos armas muy avansadas la tercera guerra mundial es mas metira que los ovnis

  3. gioDMP says:

    It's fun to imagine and simulate but Russia would never go to war with the U.S. and Europe, it wouldn't benefit them at all. There is lots of trade and benefits by staying in peace. These countries might get angry at each other but no one will actually declare war. If anything they will use another country just to spar a bit. Kind of like how they are using poor Ukraine right now.

  4. Why the fuck brazil is in the bloody red area?

  5. r u nuts….do u know any thing abt world politics other than NATO, Finland & Russia…!!!!

  6. Jack Bennett says:

    DAT Putin pun doe

  7. they must take sweden to launching missils on the res of europe

  8. Luke Gray says:

    How do you make these videos?

  9. Hey first Chinese is now not an enemy because the new Chinese government has started to make ties with India so they are not enemies. Our main enemy is Pakistan. So remember my comments. I just say the truth.

  10. Scenario one and then the European Parliament after almost half a year of debates to create a sole European army separate from the NATO forces. The European Union in its entirety declares war on the Brics forces and prepares to capture Ukraine. The UN is also dissolved because of the severe state of hostilities

  11. randomm246 says:

    that is not so simple… yeh im from finland but i don't belive that at russia can get finland, if finland goes to NATO. If russia attacks while finland is in NATO, there is coming a big nuclear war with russia and USA. USA bombs russia and the borders of finland and russia and then NATO comes and starts get finland back. Yeah, i know, russia would fight back to get finland, but NATO would put more soldiers to fight finland back. Russian don't even want to attack finland, because the compensations would become too big, and then russians finance would fall (if russia gets finland), but if russia doesn't get finland, the compesations would become big anyway.

  12. Marc Eric says:

    The World Map is not Correct.

  13. Finally an ww3 simulation that's have more like than dislike

  14. Finland have pretty good army and can fight against russia

  15. China should nuke Canada and South America quickly joins nato and then Russia no longer supports china

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