Religion and the Media Part 2



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  1. mozy appa says:

    Hinduism is the oldest religion on eart
    I LOVE hindu religion.

  2. mozy appa says:

    Hinduism is the oldest religion on earth.

  3. Was very different from those times till today…Americans and europeans were to much overconfident over tehir religions and culture..

    The huge wars like nazis etc brought this change that europeans needed to change their attitude..

  4. Raju Sagi says:

    My heart felt thanks to Hinduism Today for recognizing the great importance of not letting CULTS define what Sanatana Dharma has to offer for the spiritual development of human beings with a conscience. For far too long, we let others define for us who we are and what we believe in. The CULTS have done incalculable damage in the sense that most of us are ashamed to talk about our religion, culture, and how we enriched the 'human family' through our untold contributions in all spheres of life.

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