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  1. Ron would you make a Video about the ozone layer ? I think the atomicbomb tests and the rockets are hurting the ozone layer is this right?

  2. i personally think that the sprayed Aluminium is heating up the atmosphere, reflecting the sun light to the ground and makes it hoter as normal.

  3. Lie. Volcanos make all the pollution. More global warming fear tatics to keep us poor and regulated while these snotty scientist just keep getting richer. Not fooled you liberal democrats!

  4. Global warming worship? Stop your ignorant democrat dogs.

  5. This is critical ———> Romans 8:38-39

    " For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

  6. Siscokidd says:

    If we can't live in these cities then E.T.'s can't eather !

  7. Only one question. These graphs show a direct straight line pointing out the supposed equator right. What happened with the supposed earths tilt? These graphs are fraud, if the earth was tilted like they say then why are they showing that equator as a straight line. If these graphs are real, then this proves to me that this is a flat earth graph, just saying it the way I see it.

  8. Ill say it again, look at the data from the greenland ice cord samples that go back 20-30, 000 years and there have been Dips and Spikes in the planets temp for thousands and thousands of years and this is public knowledge but people are always no matter wut use the publics insecurities esp at times of major change, to scare us. Notice how any video concerning these issues always gotta have a sound track thats sets a mood. Real information about the truth wouldnt need to set a certain mood in order to inform you, Look thru Randall Carlsons youtube videos. If i can find the correct vid i will post the link here.

  9. The Power says:

    humans are lethargic because you eat too much unnatural garbage food and don't exercise

  10. D3am3r says:

    These days, InfoWars is affected by the NWO

  11. D3am3r says:

    What are your thoughts of the Planet X System?

  12. D3am3r says:

    Planet X System, brown dwarf star + Terraforming

  13. Yes…iam from the UK and we are going to enslave the whole world on Tuesday.

  14. Dave D says:

    Defo not photoshopped Richard (Am guessing anyone who believes this is named as such)

  15. Buster Hyman says:

    ugh I'm bored. you're boring me

  16. 9minutes and 56seconds into this News a UFO flew behind the lady. did y'all seen it? ?

  17. howsithngin says:

    I saw the title here and said to myself.."MYself, now there's one that I believe…"
    Now I'll watch and see if I'm an idiot…for believing…I'll let you know.

  18. headrushindi says:

    2026 ? what incredible bullshit

  19. Eve Brownlee says:

    if they keep telling the same thing over and over again even if it's lies people will start believing it..A type of brainwashing keep everyone in the dark and it keeps us form finding out the truth

  20. 14 deg. C = 57.2 deg. F

  21. Thanks Ron for the info very worth the hour. Something is coming

  22. on point video the global saturation has obviously been happening with a tactical agenda

  23. Tim Mungovan says:

    Ron: Good Report. However:I don't buy any published establishment scientific data on CC The PTB are manipulating the weather with a combination of HAARP CT's and Cern.

    The Globalists are running several strategic multi objective Weather Warfare Op's by deploying what has been identified by high level insider sources as the Google / D-Wave Sentient AI HW / SW global integration over Interned 2 ,which is the Elite corporate owned private fiber / satellite network with its Head End deep located deep underground beneath the Cern Facility in Switzerland.

    The AI know as Sophia (Gaia) is synchronizing all the various Technologies indicated above It is Sophia who coordinates and implements all the daily command and control programming and activity to accomplish every Globalist Depopulation.Agenda.
    This Op has multiple objectives which are clearly indicated by the ever increasing chaotic and horrendous Weather / Earth Changes.

    Short list of objectives: Electromagnetic Social Mind Control and Manufactured Consent,
     In the Womb Genetic Engineering, Death by Weather, De-pop, Bio-chemical Warfare i.e selective regional disease propagation, Mini Ice Age Manifestation,
    Man Made Crop Failure / World Wide Induced Famine and Drought. etc

    People: We are running out of time..! Get off your lazy f**king asses and do the research; this critical information is every where on the net:
    If your not that adroit at searching the net, just use the key subject search words incorporated in this Rant.
    I have been researching the Global Agenda for 28 years and this is NO BULLSHIT
    This Rabbit Hole is literally the Bottom Less Pit of Evil Doers and Doings

    Just Do IT. The Truth Movement is about Awareness subsequently followed by Personal and Citizen Action. Its up to you to bring your family and social circle up to speed..!
    Your Kids Lives are at stake here and if you really care about their futures
    IT IS UP TO YOU to do something If not Remember God is watching and not from a distance. Question: Are you a Stand Up person OR NOT..?

    Thanks Ron for your tireless effort and this forum…
    We the People" * "In God We Trust""
    God Bless Yea Brother

  24. this has been a clear video for me. thank you. just subscribed. look forward to more.

  25. Mark S says:

    The chemtrails are killing the planet.

  26. jean judge says:

    from what i hear this is true but its coming from space. all the planets are heating up

  27. rbass bass says:

    You know, I don't know how old you are , but you need to think this through alittle. 'Cause mental derangement is coming to a "theatre near you" a lot sooner than you might think or want.! WOW! Good Luck with these beliefs, cause your gonna need it. Ya might want check your family history for signs of instability. Ya know…. now… I'm just sayin' ……

  28. rbass bass says:

    Omg! With these beliefs, do you people ever sleep? What with peering out from behind Locked doors, and pulled curtains? HOLY SHIT!

  29. outof ajam says:

    This video is SUPPORTING the Elite Global Climate Change Fraud. The Mail on Sunday article may have had a technical error, but its essential substance is CORRECT – namely FRAUD on the part of the Elite-ruled Western governments about man-made Climate Change, their true horrific agenda being to bring poverty to the world and thus gain great power for themselves, and to make a fortune via the carbon-tax which will be levied on almost everything.
    The subsequent RT report about humans becoming extinct by 2026 due to Man-Made Climate Change is pure Elite propaganda and Climate Fraud of epic proportions.
    This video claims at the start "your jaws are going to hit the floor" – yes that's true matey – at your complete and utter fraudulence and criminality.
    Leave this video on YouTube to let the world see how the cheats operate. This one seems to fancy himself as a Miami Vice actor.

  30. problem is people need to see it or feel it to believe it if they can wake up and do their same thing routine then everything's fine to turn on the news and they're telling them about what's happening around their local area and everything's great politics arguing and blah blah blah life is the same so you can't really reach out to those people that are programmed. I resign in SoCal and I am desperately trying to get to the Ozarks not saying that's going to save me but I think I have always Fighting Chance of a peaceful end. mainly to be self-sufficient lots of family out there that's already self efficient. it's crazy that we've had the answer for decades but yet we still go down the dirty path. ??

  31. nothing but wild speculation ffs. u went from talking about scientific data to a wild assumption that aliens are terraforming our planet lol. if aliens wanted our planet I'm pretty sure they're way more advanced than us and could get rid of us all in minutes so why the fuck would they do it the hard way by bribing and taking over our governments, corrupting and using our buisnesses for their own agenda over decades to centuries or perhaps millennia (if u go by how long aliens have supposedly been visiting us, which I believe they have just not same reasons as u lol). pretty sure theyre advanced enough they could wipe us all out withouthrming other life on earth or without damaging the planet itself

  32. Sound has been censored toward the end. London gets a dosing every day. Black rods and orbs work in tandem with the dump planes, Not much variety of wildlife in the garden anymore, hedgehogs, bees, butterflies, frogs are few and far between. plenty of fat brain dead burger munching happy shoppers roaming the streets, if you like that sort of thing.

  33. Rob Crusta says:

    okay. it just shipped some. I shall share .

  34. Rob Crusta says:

    this video won't show my comment.

  35. Rob Crusta says:

    this video won't let me comment.

  36. Rob Crusta says:

    in new Orleans it is sweltetlring and cooking us from the inside. the cjemtrailing is constant. fuck us.

  37. Rob Crusta says:

    I'm from new Orleans. I've been saying for 20 years that we are cooking from the inside like microwaves when in the sun unlike when I was a kid and we used to get hot from the outside. I am 53 and thought something was fucked up about this.

  38. Avner A says:

    from Israel, this winter feels like half summer, not only this, yesterday i felt a breeze of warm air in February! i didn't know what to think of it, it made no sense !

    regarding the spaying along the path of the sun, yes its true, but don't forget they spay also at night, there is no reason to spray at night, something is going on here and i sadly believe we all stuck in the middle of it.

    plus, some of the materials they are spraying has nothing to do with blocking or returning the rays of the sun, its seems to me that the chem-trails are accumulating in the arctics and this might be the cause of it, or they are heavily spraying there, who ever responsible for this, they want to cull the human population.

  39. Du Fon Cheng says:

    did you know in January the Earth is 3 million miles closer to the SUN than in JUNE? Earth's orbit around the BARYCENTER of the SUN thanks to JUPITER.. See for yourself.. Mars as a 26 million mile orbit perihelion/aphelion difference over its year. I think Mars is in a ICE AGE due to this swing.. from my amateur observation.. I think the Earth's orbit deviates over tuime sometimes closer and farther over million yr cycles

  40. Freiflug says:

    what have all that with UFO and take over the World–wow-this is the stupids Video over a UFO or Aliens–the UK be Take from Aliens–NOT HELP THEM,HAHA

  41. losdog Ohio says:

    I don't think it's good to get chemtrailed everyday, all day. Why would anyone believe that they wanna save the planet all of a sudden? Don't rationalize this crap.

  42. omen619 says:

    Great points. Now, I have a believe that you cant have freedom without economic freedom. Nevertheless, your argument about a alien force it reminds me of Cortez and the aztect and we all know how that ended up.

  43. outof ajam says:

    I have watched this to about half way through – it is very confusing – exactly what point is actually being made here ? Can you summarize it please – in a few sentences ? All these charts and tables are NOT a good way to present this information to a general audience – and the music adds nothing apart from distraction. This topic is so important you need to get TO the point immediately. A news clip blurting out the propaganda of the Climate Change Fraudsters of the UN is not what I expected from this video. This is one of the most disappointing videos I have seen on YouTube.

  44. WTF is that rocket about ? There aren't any rocket launch sites in the UK ! At least not any more.

  45. King EVOII says:

    they are neighbors, but not from 'space'

  46. Good stuff. In my opinion (observation), the "black beams" are caused by very low angled sunlight (early morning or early evening) being blocked by the thick chemtrails, therefore casting a shadow (black beam) onto overlying clouds or pollutants in the sky. In the Atlas rocket clip the sunlight is, clearly, coming from the right. Is it a coincidence that the shadow (black beam) goes off to the left? Is the black beam a shadow of the rocket itself, cast onto the polluted sky as the rocket stages? I don't know what the rocket is doing because I'm not a rocket scientist. Are you? Try to find images with the black beams that include the sun for a clearer understanding of what may be happening. Peace :]

  47. ron johnson says:

    boobtube seems to be blocking this video for some, you can find it here as well:

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