Security Risk Alert: Ebola Outbreak, Global Financial Collapse and World War 3


By Danish Thanvi

Lets quickly round up some recent events from all over the globe that directly threatening the Public security and financial stability worldwide:

1. #Ebola virus now in #Europe and #US, the most deadliest outbreak in the human history, there is no cure and this virus kills 90% of its victims. There are more than 5000 people killed by Ebola in last couple of months and recently killed 125 people in single day in #SierraLois that is itself the highest number of such casualties in a day. This virus is already spreading very fast in Europe and US and possibly all parts of the world in coming months.



02. The ongoing #wars in #MiddleEast that now spread into #Syria in particular where #Russia and #China vetoed #SecurityCouncil resolutions and opposed any military action due to their strategic interests, but now in the context of manufactured #ISIS treat, air strikes by US, #France and #NATO countries including #Turkey being carried out hostilely and bombing civilian areas in Syria and Iraq on daily basis. There is large-scale destruction and casualties happened already and Russia and China are really pissed off! Please also note tensions between #Ukraine and Russia where US openly threatened full scale war on Russia if Russia progresses further into Ukraine. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words.


3.  #India is attacking unprovoked #Pakistani boarder areas (#Sialkot,#Punjab) since last 2 days and have seriously damaged many villages and have killed many civilians. Just tonight they have fired heavy artillery and killed number of civilians and destroyed many cattle farms.  Masses are being evacuated from affected areas. Note India and Pakistan are heavily armed nuclear #archenemies and there is always risk of nuclear conflict between them. See: India-Pakistan nuclear war could ‘end human civilisation’


2007-300x1994. The global financial system is taking last breaths. Any major #terrorism incident in #West can really hurt the already fragile, artificial and hollow markets and the entire worlds financial system could collapse abruptly – we saw the glimpse in 2007 crises when Dubai almost defaulted. You may have heard in mainstream media recently that ISIS threatened large scale terror attacks in US and Europe. #UK and other European countries still on highest level of #terror-alert since last 3 weeks, and preparing for something worst than #9/11.




There are many other happenings I can analyze here but I think this is good enough for the digestion. There will be more security updates coming so stay tuned.

Until next time…stay safe.

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With over 15 years of management experience, Danish Thanvi has been part of some of the top risk management and technology firms in Asia and have established and successfully running multiple businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan. He is currently based in Singapore and providing Risk management and Technology solutions throughout APAC region.  LinkedIn profile

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  1. kev says:

    Here in UK where we are BY law government by sodding european union still can’t close our borders not even to people who have gone through INFECTED COUNTRIES.
    Then UK government will have to have a meeting to work out how ebola got into UK & spread!

    Ban people from infected countries entering UK NOW!

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