Reptilians, The Illuminati And The Council Of 13


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  1. bluejazmin1 says:

    And you shall be brought to justice ALL and EVERYONE of you, and all your acts accountable for , you will live the rest of the time you have giving back what you took, it will take several lifetimes but you will.You have no other place to go, time is up

  2. in5d says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Cosmic Vibes says:

    Very informative and ultra revealing! Can you translate all of these videos to Spanish-language. Mexico is ready filled with positive energy to wake up the others and shift into the next-generation dimensions.

  4. The Event is not coming fast enough.

  5. put these lizards in a cage.

  6. it will take about. twenty lifetimes to give back what you lizards have stolen be ready to pay the price lizards. just a matter of time.

  7. Zaps Zapper says:

    Reptiles, no wrong, globalism might be alive and well, bs just plays into their hands, stick to the truth. I am descended from some of these families you mentioned and I am sure as hell no reptile.

  8. that picture of the Queen is fuckin me up…

  9. Ray Story says:

    A lot of history but on an added note. The main reason for the expulsion of the Cherokee from their native lands had more to do with the discovery of so much gold a mint had to be built to process it, than any other reason. Money is always the reason as most know already . Jackson wanted that gold and when Chief Supreme Court Justice John Marshall ruled the Cherokee could stay, Jackson's famous reply to this decision was "let us see him enforce it". Cherokee people will probably go back to using $20 bills again now that the hated Mr Jackson's face has been replaced.

  10. America actually means "Am – Ruler of All"
    "Erica" is Scandinavian and one of many meanings. Erica means "Ruler of All". So America means "I Am Ruler of All".

  11. No god damned robot voices!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well if the illuminati is real then why haven't they destroyed your channel

  13. there is no reptilian they deceive man they are demons ok you need to wake up and repent the lord is coming and after all the Christian 's are gone all hell will break loose and there IS NOT GOING TO BE A NEW WORLD ORDER BECAUSE GOD IS NOT GOING TO ALLOW IT?OK

  14. dee woods says:


  15. so it was revised to 2003 was it ? let me guess revised again was it ?

  16. Esta Sage says:

    Jesus christ the son of God is coming to destroy for good these demons, fallen angels illuminati fremansons luciferians shape shifters weaked reptilians. God is greater than all these entities. The lake of fire will consume these demons.

  17. danielle d says:

    I'm a member of the second ruling family but can't shape shift. i can only control kill demons depending on mood.

  18. Arcabuz S says:

    nice video, what the hell can we do against them?

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