Republic Day Parade 2015 | Obama | Modi | Arrival


India celebrates the 66th Republic Day. We at Doordarshan extend our warm regards to all Indians in the country as well as abroad. It is the proud privilege of …


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  1. ravs paul says:

    Our president entry was dope dude I liked it more…

  2. ninad naik says:

    Americans will be Americans

  3. sukuvar says:

    Modi Rocks….

  4. hahaha modi saly ne india ko nepal bana dia ….. ?????

  5. Obama ki car dekho ,
    or apny president ki car dekho ????
    saly ye modi me waqai sharm ni h …saly ne india ko nepal bana dia ?????

    Raj Kumar Malodiya Bjp
    Sohna Haryana

  7. Tobblesmash says:

    That turban tho

  8. India is a rising country

  9. Evrastrim says:

    Yes, Modi, show him more russian vehicle on the parade. Especially liked T-90 tanks

  10. RAM KUMAR says:

    all in one country only india

  11. Coc Player says:

    is that old man your president? oh now we got trump we are equal now..

  12. American refused if the American president would not be allowed travel in the Beast because the president always comes with his guest . Here he comes alone .

  13. A.R Shankara says:

    Its a statement INDIA arrived at international Stage

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