Researchers: Alien Skulls Prove Earth Was Invaded


You may not have to look up at the stars to discover aliens, evidence of them might be just below your feet…or so say some.

Bizarre skulls: Evidence of extraterrestrials that invaded Earth long ago?

Giant skulls, incredibly tiny skulls, skulls that have horns, and prehistoric skulls pierced by bullet holesare they real, fake, or easily explained away?

The ET skulls

Impossible skulls dug up by astonished archeologists and anthropologists for hundreds of years are piling up. In many cases a skull can be identified as a mutant animal, damaged ape skull, or the skull of a deformed human from a culture that believed changing the shape of the head was a mark of sublime beauty.

Yet some skulls defy such easy explanations. Those are the embarrassing skulls hidden away in locked cabinets deep inside the deserted basements of musty museums.

This partial skull found in Romania is neither animal nor human

Those are the skulls that mock the experts and antiquities curatorsthe skulls that desperately cry out from fading eons of the past for recognition.

If they could speakif their owner’s tongues had not disintegrated into a fine, powdery dust long agothe skulls might tell tantalizing tales of the early cosmos , speak of wonders that forever change the mosaic of science, reveal secrets that give humans a new perspective on natureor perhaps even alter the destiny of the human race.

But the bizarre skulls are mute, their bone is brittle and lifeless. Their stories can only be deduced by extrapolating upon their original appearance and peering at them through microscopes.

The ‘Starchild’ skull

Researcher Lloyd Pye holds mysterious ‘Starchild’ skull

Late in the Twentieth Century Lloyd Pye came across an astounding skull unlike any ever seen. The unique skull seemed to have both human and extraterrestrial qualities.

Dubbing the oddity the Starchild Skull, Pye launched an intensive investigation into the history, origins, biological make-up and meaning of the skull in relation to its impact on human history and what it may say about humanity’s future.

About 2,200 years old, the skull is part of the remains of a child that died at age five. It was discovered in a tunnel that is part of an old mine located nearly 100 miles south southwest of the Mexican state of Chichuahau.

Intense forensic study has ascertained that—unlike a human child’s skull—the channels for the optic nerves lie near the bottom part of the eye sockets and the cranial capacity held a significantly larger brain.

Other oddities are evident including a tapestry of fine fibers that seems to be part of the bone casing and a strange residue no medical expert had ever seen.

‘Starchild’ and human skull: note eye sockets, shape of cranium

Since 1999, specialized teams of scientists and medical doctors have collaborated across three countries in an international effort to determine if the skull has ET origins. Under the banner of The Starchild Project, Pye acts as the Project Director.

As can be imagined, the research has had its ups and downs, advances and setbacks. The project is controversial and has attracted legions of debunkers and naysayers.

Despite the detractors and mockers, the team has stubbornly forged ahead employing objective scientific research in an effort to prove or disprove the alien-origin hypothesis.

Twelve years after serious research began—despite a chronic lack of funding—2011 genetic tests of the skull’s DNA supports Pye’s contention that the skull is indeed a mix of human-alien genes.

Now the team has turned their focus to a complete mapping of the genome. This final stage will either completely confirm the existance of alien biology co-mingled with human DNA, or close the book on the possibility.

Lloyd Pye bio

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The amazing Connolly skulls

The incredible Connelly ‘alien’ skull [Photo: Robert Connolly. Source]

“This skull is in all respects similar to modern skulls, with only several factors out of proportion. The size of eye sockets are about 15 percent larger than normal. The cranial cavity is almost double that of a normal human–the estimated cranial capacity ranges between minimum of 2600 cm3 to 3200 cm3.

“What is noticeable about the remnants of the facial portion is that the characteristics are entirely within the range of a normal human skull.

Connelly skull superimposed over human skull [Source]

“The cranial cavity, on the other hand, is extremely largewith the cavity exceeding 3000cm. Also, the two protruding ‘lobes’ are highly anomalous.” [See “Alien Skulls” by Robert Connolly]

Another bizarre skull found by Connolly [Photo: Robert Connolly. Source]

The ‘vampire’ alien skull

The Andover skull – experts say it’s real [Aquiziam]

The story behind this skull is fascinating. Where the skull originally came from is anybody’s guess.

According to the website Aquiziam “…sometime during the 1950’s a newly married couple…moved to Andover, Massachusetts.

“…A year or so after moving in Mrs. Morris…found a heavy wooden box which had been nailed shut. That evening her husband opened the box with a claw-hammer and together they discovered a large and disturbing skull. It had unusually big eye sockets and several pieces of the bone cranium were broken. There were strange carvings on the front left of the skull but the most interesting part of the discovery were its canine teeth which were strangely elongated. Overall the skull was larger than an average human’s and had a distinctive domed forehead.

“Mr. Morris glued the skull fragments together and apparently kept it in his study where he would show it to curious friends and visitors. After some months Mrs. Morris became distressed by its presence and insisted that it be reburied as she had convinced herself that it was demonic or at least the skull of a powerful Indian medicine man. Instead, he allegedly took the skull to a nearby Museum of Archaeology which specialized in Native American history.”

If the skull is authentic, it’s doubtful that it is proof of a vampire race as some claim. It’s more likely either a bizarre genetic mutation or…one more piece of evidence that aliens once invaded Earth.

The ‘demonic alien’ skulls

Fake skull from carnival sideshow? No, say some experts [Source]

Throughout history people have been digging up horned “demon skulls.” Some theological historians have even advanced the theory that the belief in horned devils and demons is, in part, due to skull like this being found.

The true horned skulls are mostly very ancient and are defintely non-human, yet neither do they match any animal known on Earth.

It is therefore possible that the authentic demon skulls are not demonic at all, but simply another of the menagerie of extraterrestrials that once roamed the planet…giants amongst primitive Man.

Auroch with bullet hole [Courtesy Museum of Paleontology, Moscow]

Who shot the auroch?

Lastly, this little embarrassment is quietly tucked away in a Moscow museum: an 8,000 year old auroch skull with an inconvenient, large caliber bullet hole piercing its forehead.

Who shot it with a bullet eight millennia ago?

Perhaps it wasn’t a bullet? But forensic experts claim whatever shot the auruch was a high speed projectile and the hole could not have been made by a stone, a spear, or even a speeding arrow. Of course, bows and arrows hadn’t been invented 8,000 years ago anyway.

Aurochs are the ancestors of modern day bison. They lived during the Neolithic Era from about 10,700 BC to 4,500 BC.

The Moscow specimen is roughly 6,000 BC making it 8,000 years old.

It’s impossible, yet the 8,000-year old auroch skull sits in that exhibit. Something with technology that wouldn’t appear for almost 8,000 more years put a hole in its skull and killed it.

When the creature died, humans only possessed crude stone axes. But the research into the wound revealed the damage to the skull was the same cranial damage the animal would have suffered if a high-powered, larger caliber rifle bullet had hit it. A slower speed would have resulted in more extensive damage to the bone mass. Even if the animal received a terrific blow from a sharply chiseled stone ax parts of the skull would have shattered.

The consensus of forensic experts: the ancient beast was felled by a bullet. A bullet fired from the weapon of an alien invader?


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