Revised: The Arrivals pt.37 (The Sun God)



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  1. JDubyaPDX says:

    I don't understand.. is your claim that because there are images of ahul bayt with the halo, or "sun" behind them, that it is shirk? Those images don't appear in the Arrivals. Can you explain to me what your specific disagreement with the film is?

  2. @JDubyaPDX The images dont appear in the Arrivals for a reason… they dont want you to see them…. watch this and you will get the message: /watch?v=z9rBbpAcZdE

  3. Adonis0611 says:

    as i said, you are just a hater. this time you have done right to show, how stupid those people are by hitting themselves or eachother! not one from following 9 imams did that kind of sacrifice after the happenings of the kerbbela and they also told nobody to live islam like that!!!! so it is the action of those brainless (sorry) people to blame not the teaching of the ahlul beyt.

  4. bullshit video. your intention is coined on shias.

  5. Aws920i says:

    @sniperkills90 are you serious!!!! loool OMG!! loool common YO!! you being a child grow up! and find your self a mature subject to discuss with these brilliant brains here!! am a Christian and what i know that Arabs in Andalusia who first invented music and string musical instrument 😉

  6. Hypak1d says:

    Check out the subliminal!!!! 1:40 to 1:43…. The actual subliminal is in 1:42th second, i have manged to capture it a print screen it, i could easily send it to you just supply me with your email address. If anyone can figure it out… suprises me how a program which is supposed to expose subliminals contains them….

  7. @Hypak1d lol thats really funny… its just an editing error. a split second part from the orignal arrivals shows up. nothing out of the blue… if you watch the orignal arrivals you will see the full interview with Roger Morneau.. that was a good laugh 🙂 thanks

  8. Ahmad Kareem says:

    @ytcaptiveminds yeah can u share with me what u told him about music? coz i wish i can reduce my replies about that music issue.

  9. This is probably why sunday is the "monday" or the first day of the week in the islamic calendar system. The days name is Ahhad, which just means the first day, or number one.

  10. Mike Six says:

    @Hypak1d i saw it too its a man in a grey suit who is he?

  11. @CoonDaddy420 Roger Morneau… see my reply below…..

  12. Facts are wrong ,Isis was called Isis-Meri in the Book of the dead and there are hieroglyphs throughout Egypt referring to her as such ,if you ever go to Egypt this can be easily verified for yourself

  13. how long is this movie-documentery`? 10 hours… jesus..

  14. @sniperkills90 what makes islam better then christianity or Judaism,hinduism,buddhism or others…

  15. Hasan Faeq says:

    you know what you are son of bitch here you're trying to make a hole between muslims…this not what the arrival trying to do we miss up the whole picture and becuz world has some ppl like you every thing around us is ruined….fuck this shit you're trying to do……..PPL LOOK at THE ORIGINAL ARRIVAL THIS ONE IS FAKE

  16. Abbas Mirza says:

    you chat so much crap loool, your taking this from pictures drawn by man HAHAHA, is this guy act being serious! like arrivals man said the people drawing the pictures have tried to infiltrate, does this mean every shia should be blamed for a few individuals actions? really you crack em up tho

  17. The alleged confusion between the words 'sun' and 'son' only works in English. The early Christians spoke Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Doh!

  18. I will concede that the image of the halo originates in paganism (I think it came from depictions of the Greek sun god Helios), but so what? I'm a Christian, so maybe a lot of Muslims won't like me commenting on a Muslim video (the wars and divisions between Christians and Muslims sadden me, actually, and I have good will towards Muslims. Peace.)

  19. Ataturkistan says:

    theres no sunni or shia in the Kuran, but only muslim. we must not fight eachother!

  20. oakdawg04 says:

    I don't see your point, and bashing another Muslim will not help me to see your point. Look at your actions and learn from them if you are truly Muslim. We don't attack our own.

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