Revolution – World War 3 – Ordo Ab Chao NWO


Revolution….its probably not what you think it is…..let me take you through a few Connecticut memorials…lots of symbolism in this vid and it means something..


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  1. th86stone says:

    OES=order of the eastern star (free masons)

  2. halfasheep says:

    Masonic symbols everywhere.

  3. ijna says:

    where you going with this anywhere, im wondering.. is it just art to think about.. j

  4. FrekeOne says:

    Lord of teh rings is watching also.

  5. I smell the coming of the second American Revolution.

  6. U2Berror says:

    Happy to meet again

  7. jonah70757 says:

    @asymthought Thank You.

  8. stacemart says:

    The "dead" are burried there but i seriously doubt they are RIP.
    Thanks for all the info Lori & myself are going through it now..
    Have a good night & sunday as well.

  9. jonah70757 says:

    Symbolism at those cemeteries really do tell a story dont they? Past and present. Those who condem so called conspiracy theorists really ought to visit a few cemeteries.

  10. John Kimble says:

    Interesting. Freemason symbols everywhere. 

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