Richie On The New BBC Jimmy Savile Documentary, Louis Theroux & The Sex Abuse Inquiry.


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  1. Ann Other says:

    Maybe it's as innocent as Theroux just  wanting the airtime to relieve some guilt that he didn't oust savile earlier.

  2. Flip Fluiter says:

    Like Dutroux, no investigation into other well-protected abusers.

  3. Flip Fluiter says:

    "I can get anything and I can do anything".

  4. Yep he's a jew what els can you fucking expect from the jew scum?

  5. DJ Wade says:

    Several tv personalities have said every one at the BBC knew so why didn't they speak out. MONEY and TITLES.

  6. bottomboil63 says:

    Theroux didn't give a fyying fuck, I have no respect for him on any level and feel cheated that I watched his other stuff giving him credibility. Shame on him

  7. Dvd says:

    Louis, when I watched your original interview, Jimmy Saville said that the four days he spent with his dead mother's body was the best time of his life; I knew exactly what he meant, but I have been wondering ever since what did you think he meant?

  8. I found it hard to watch after the woman said, 'do you think he manipulated you' very very uncomfortable viewing. It was like the truth hit the fan and we should all slope off so as not to face some real evil manipulation. Turned off at that point.

  9. The Talmud says it is okay to rape 3 year old children. These Talmudists are sick and behind ALL THE EVIL in the world. They are behind every war and are pushing paedophilia down our throats.

  10. Take a look at a photo of them side by side they look the same. I'm wondering if he is Saville's son, food for thought. Would make a lot of sense.

  11. vince vega says:

    Theroux, your a stupid wanker. you were the one who made a documentary on that fuckin rapist back in 2001. you were aware of the rumors that surrounded the bastard. Your the investigative journalist, so thats your job to dig this shit up. How the fuck can u call yourself a journalist, prick.
    Most of the stuff ive watched from you is always tip toeing around the real issue. Never getting to the root of the evil. How dare you try and pin the responsibility on that poor woman who witnessed the predator in action at the hospital. Your the prick still working for that criminal organization, the fuckin BBC.

  12. His parents siblings family did not know this man If they didn't know how could anyone else know.
    Only those like him know as well, of course his victim's

  13. louie looks just like jimmy is he jimmy son ?????

  14. Memoquin says:

    I viewed the documentary in a much more positive light, considering the subject matter. Journalism having a conscience is a rare thing, and to have someone show remorse and go on to make a companion piece that reinterprets a precious piece of work is actually quite humble.

  15. Vile and narcissistic couldn't be farther away from my view of Louis theroux.Vile and narcissistic was jimmy saville,I watched the documentary and was riveted, but most of all Prince Charles was not his 'best mate'

  16. I thought Loiuis seemed very sincere and his quality of journalism is far better than you could ever dream of being. I'm a fan of yours Richie but you tried to ridicule the quality of his journalism and you've ended up making a fool of yourself.

  17. Carloshache says:

    This guy misses the point of the documentary. The reason Theroux talks about his own failings to see through Saviles act is to make an example about how clever Savile was to hide his crimes . Even he as an investigating reporter who were out for Savile's secrets and had heard rumours was duped. It's just one example because EVERYONE was duped. It's just a study in how we were.

  18. sbwords says:

    The BBC has blocked Louis Theroux 2016 documentary on Saville from Youtube. The cover up continues.

  19. 'Are you a pedo?' – 'Me? No way mate!' – 'Fair enough…'
    Theroux is an interviewer, not an investigative journalist, so I don't suppose one can be too harsh on him for just skittering across the surface of complex issues. He did what so many others did, chose to take Saville's word for it and left it at that.

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