Rick Ross admits to bein in Illuminati! Meek Mill v Drake – Westwood


Rick Ross talks about bein in the Illuminati & bringing Westwood in, Meek Mill’s beef with Drake – the Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy & Self Made 4!


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  1. can't ignore the fact he got female breasts

  2. Rick Ross looks like the back Buddha with a beard and why th fuck is he so fat but his legs so skinny?

  3. BlueNGold09 says:

    Tim really feeling it at 2:01. his eyes rolling and everything

  4. FlyingS A says:

    This shit is funny. keep em coming!

  5. Jalen Taylor says:

    This was the worst interview i have ever watched in my life

  6. eric sosa says:

    Tim was super yayo up

  7. omar kato says:

    these 2 niggaz must be fuckin, raw style

  8. omar kato says:

    rick ross breath look like it kick

  9. Why the hell doesn't Rick Ross have a shirt on,and why are these two men constantly touching each other???

  10. It didn't say shit about the illuminati

  11. who dat passed out niggas in de back

  12. rick rossmy god bless your soul and may he be rid the devil from u

  13. Bc Selector says:

    Ross sound like Doc Rivers

  14. I guess ?'s are bad for youre throat …

  15. Blank Blank says:

    Cant watch cause his voice

  16. I'm being serious here – is Westwood an act ?

  17. Lo Pan says:

    my nigga Westwood look like he just completed a secret British intelligence mission by poisoning rick ross pastrami chilly cheese and ham begal wrapped double chicken wing steakburger with a extra large mayonnaise Shake on the side…….for starters

  18. puppets the lot of ya

  19. Jak ESS says:


  20. That's a clone version of Ross that's why it's so skinny! Beware of the media's deception! They always blame it on bs weight loss diets and etc. Like they did rapper Fat Joe, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Kirstie Allen, Al Sharpton, Al Roker, Ciara, Leonardo DiCaprio's fat look-a-like (aka double) rapper 50cent etc..Can't u tell the chip inside him has a flaw in it that's why he sounds like a robot! The demon inside him is being sarcastic but it's making truth seem as if it's just propaganda!! His body is totally mutilated with demonic tattoos , dark sunglasses inside a building at night, fake jewelry, bragging about 40 fake homes he doesn't have and how much life would be better if u sign up to be a mason! Which is what they tell you when u sign up! How did Tim know what Ross was saying when he said "illuminati" ? …they both know the signs and the elite…what a coincidence!!

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