Ricky Harris Dies at Age 54 – Illuminati Baphomet Blood Sacrifice Ritual EXPOSED


Ricky Harris Dies at Age 54 – Illuminati Baphomet Blood Sacrifice Ritual EXPOSED || Death comes on THREES! || Comedian Ricky Harris Dead At 54 Gay …


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  1. malvo dead Damn Julius get out his dreams

  2. jobezg says:

    Why is every celebrity death an illuminati sacrifice? Aren't celebrities mortal just like every other person or am I missing something?

  3. RedfenceSlu says:

    Man.. Why in the fuk would the Killuminati want to kill Rickey Harris.. Im sure they have a who lotta other mfkaz the would love to kill.. gtfoh..

  4. 2know4sure says:

    "happens in 3's?" Debbie Reynold's makes FOUR. so much FOUR your cliche…

  5. Brian Walker says:

    Damn they stupid for believing this shit!!!

  6. Joshua Brown says:

    and why is it always the same type of death… explain…and the deaths are always the same in racial categories…and these arent normal people.. all that money and suddenly you have cardiac arrest… they could easily afford to get a checkup or visit a doctor from simple pains.. you dont just go from healthy to heart problems…like honestly yall are stupid for calling us stupid…we just tryna help yaw ungratefulbrainwashed mufuckas, and excuse my language and insults, but if you dont see the picture or understand whats goin on..dont visit these videos then..

  7. why is it that every dam time a celebrity dies it's the illuminati? Ya'll need to stop wit this bs…R.I.P. Ricky Harris

  8. : Carrie Fisher's famous mother died a day after she did. So that's four bro, NOT three, smh. If you're going to try and be an electronic journalist, you need to step your research game up, smh.

  9. Leave folks nem alone, man



  12. Dude your stupid! Ricky died because he died! Dumb Ass! He wasn't that popular enough For the illuminate wanting to kill him! Ricky! Rest In Peace brotha!

  13. TriceyDiva? says:

    first Alan Thicke then zsa zsa Gabor then Carrie Fisher then Debbie Reynolds then Ricky Harris then George micheals

  14. LaLa says:

    WTF…he wasn't "famous" come on now; there's where more than three…smh.

  15. OK,get a life man,OK…and 1 more OK for 2017 OK..crap, that's 2!

  16. KoimaLechoN says:

    I love this guy n the shit he pulls out of his rectum, he says when u go into hip hop you have to sign the contract in blood, lol funny shit man you always make me laugh dude especially the way u say baphomet cracks me up. Another great vid, I will now subscribe to your channel bcoz of this vid, wake up ppl this is purely satire. Well done sir keep em coming.

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