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  1. PinkToeBlack says:

    So cubes/squares are bad and triangles are bad. Any other shapes that we should be afraid of.

  2. I understand what you are saying abut occult symbols and messages. But I don't get how Beyonce addressing race issues is Illuminati. I don't feel like that particular action is insighting a race war. As a Black woman in America, I think it is important to address race. We can't continue ignoring it like it doesn't exist.

  3. I'm intrigued…… Do you think that the illuminati had something to do with Anton Yelchin's death? Cause that shit don't add up man… can you look into it caz i'm interested and sad asf caz he was my fave for sure.

  4. D.N.A says:

    Has the uprising against the cubes begun ?

  5. Wtf Brought me Here

  6. James Miller says:

    Omg shut the fuck up yall so annoying with this dumb shit yall be so worried about Rihanna, Beyoncé etc. when yall don't even know them personally so shut up and 2 just because shes the only one in the video doesn't mean its her music she was featured on the song Calvin Harris wrote and produced it dumbass

  7. Irvan Irawan says:

    just kill dajal or lucifer

  8. The cube at the mosque in mecca… The startrek borg cube etc… Nanuet nanu

  9. i have a question i need help with.I love my family so much and they have become backslidden in the worst way. All my friends ,Everyone i pretty much know get mad or annoyed in some way when i talk about whats going on, no body wants to hear me out, i try to show them whats going on and it seems like no one cares about anything i say. they look at me like im mad like a crazy person. at this point im not sure how to bring up the topic of whats going on ,not sure what to do knowing that i will be judged for not telling others about Jesus. i have bought a telescope so that i can check out planets and stars and say god named all of those. i admit i have not had a chance to use that tactic yet. im honestly afraid for all of them,im afraid even for myself. lastly because i love my family and others so much i have a issue that is deep in my heart .not a feeling i asked for, not something i want to think about ,Its just there. My problem is this, I know God sent his son to save us ,Is that not love! I cant understand how god could put a soul into hell fire for eternity, you might say its our own faults,A choice. Im not choosing hell ,i want to be with God. It says he will wipe our tears away. i feel like if your family is in hell how is it possible to wipe your tears away without erasing who you are and what you love? i know that i wouldn't even put hittler in hell for eternity. im cool if he spent 10 million years there then after put on another place like earth for eternity ,A place where theres always stress. God says to forgive . turn the other cheek, I think you know what im saying. Im humble in my heart and i cant understand the things of this earth so i cant comprehend god. Anyway pray for me and who ever needs it . thanks.

  10. Thank you brother!

  11. Also, how did you know I have red hair? 🙂 I have green eyes as well. Hmmm, the pieces of the puzzle should be fitting together in your mind.

  12. I love this channel but those trumpet sounds just simply are killing me….Please put something else at the begenning.

  13. M Dean says:

    The cube is nothing compared with the technology we have. God hates knowledge. ?

  14. Chejo says:

    shows a cube = Satanic ritual. shows thunders = Satanic ritual. People who like this video probably voted for trump I can tell…

  15. A Jackson says:

    they got it all wrong

  16. lahiru mohan says:

    Jesus uncle is dead we killed him dw gods back in his place

  17. christians are hilarious

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