Rihanna’s Illuminati Satanic NWO Photo-shoot for W Magazine EXPOSED


In this video I expose a photo shoot done for W magazine featuring Illuminati Princess Rihanna. This shoot was done by Steven Klein a well known Illuminati …


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  1. La B says:

    Everything she does just turns my stomach.

  2. tman dunk says:

    Sunday law is the mark of the beast which is coming soon worldwide. Research Blue Laws and read your bible carefully. The real Sabbath is Saturday which Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.

  3. Matthew Mark says:

    u have cool videos but u reuse your own content too much. I'm a huge fan so I watch all your vids. It gets annoying seeing the same content over and over. BUT I STILL LOVE U MARIO

  4. Bryan Snap says:

    Hi Mario, i want to ask you something did your channel receive the youtube silver button or something to recognize your work? i mean, im asking because of the media managers that handle the big web sites like this one maybe they dont like the type of subget you talk about and whatever also i think youtube is part of the NWO if you see the logo, im just curious on that because my channel is almost about the same thing.

  5. well if your intune with your spirit than that shouldnt change you or scare you right?

  6. In the name of Jesus!!! In the name of Jesus!!! We are the victory over Satan!!!!☺☺☺☺

  7. AR Videos says:

    We will end this cruel world, we will end the illuminati, I was an atheist blinded sheep the other day but you have brought me to Christianity which has made me wake up. Thank you.

  8. Paul K says:

    You must tell Christians to stop sinning.

  9. Anssi Ulmala says:

    God has gave me a Mission to save these kind of people.

  10. M Ste says:

    Their infested with demons of their own volition,, actually most of these celebs were probly the chosen elect of God,, Satan loves those who have been chosen,, like the children of Christians,, there spiritual gifts make them extremely valuable and can be turned into weapons against the kingdom of God,, Satan loves people who serve him willingly it makes him feel more like the most high ,, except an eternity with him is hell not heaven good video brother

  11. Anssi Ulmala says:

    Do you know Donald Marshall? He knows so much about those Illuminati Cloning Centers.

  12. Anssi Ulmala says:

    Sorry of that I was arguing before that you are focused so much on exposing The Illuminati and The Satanic Media and The Satan. I was saying that because I was not enough careful before I said that and actually you made even really good other videos of The Gospel and later I realized when I watched your Channel that of course you make different kind of other videos too. I didn't know how many different kind of other Channels you have made too. I also like to expose The Illuminati and other secret societies and save those people out from those Cults to The Jesus Christ. I love Jesus and I know how important is our work together to save those people out from The Satanic Kingdom to The Kingdom of God.

  13. I was stuck with a Spanish cereal ad

  14. loved the ending your cat is beautiful!

  15. Rihanna loves cages for some odd reason

  16. Mbari Hogun says:

    She Was Born On The 327th Hebrew Day! Do You Know What That Means?

  17. Mbari Hogun says:

    Did You Know That Jesus Is Resurrected On The 400th Day & 400 + 266 = Not Very Vigilant ~

  18. Mario is it appropriate to laugh when you say "hellywood"? Because after all that describes it better than the actual name "hollywood"

  19. PUGA says:

    Bruh I ain't brain washed I don't even give a f*** about these people at all I like there music and movies but if they die I wouldn't care

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