RimWorld Alpha 13 Part 5 – “RAIDER ATTACK!!” (Let’s Play)


Buy Games for Cheap!: https://www.g2a.com/r/starsnipe Welcome to my RimWorld Gameplay! With RimWorld Alpha 13 just launching, I decided to dive back into …


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  1. Ryan Willis says:

    41st view, 2nd like

  2. matthew chan says:

    Did somebody know when the Rimworld will out on steam ?

  3. set the other tabs in training for the dog. if you do that, he can pick stuff up, attack, and i think he can help downed animals.

  4. another thing, make a room either in the mountain or just make a room. put a cooler in the temp tab on a wall, then set the temp way down to like -2. makes a freezer.

  5. Bring back Waka Flak jr.

  6. TheRedKnight says:

    it starts raining when theres too much fire :L

  7. Bed rest and flick should be at 1 too!

  8. gamen life says:

    you need to strip here zo here weapon is put eweay so see cant break out

  9. Jacob11549 says:

    Tame more stuff so each colonist can have a body guard

  10. Mac Attack says:

    the best schedule for the players is put any on all hours
    so then they will do as what they need

  11. jimmy5322hk says:

    you can set your current bad to prisoner bed first

  12. star please tame that cougar thats always hanging around ur base, why dont u join the bedrooms or something and place ur beds in better positions, u should have beds for everyone and an extra medic bed thing, ur da best, please make longer vids and i absolutly love the seriers keep up the good work :)

  13. You should tame some animals

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