RimWorld Gameplay Alpha 12 – #18 – Axle and JJ! – Let’s Play


Welcome to my Let’s Play of RimWorld! RimWorld follows three survivors from a crashed space liner as they build a colony on a frontier world at the rim of known …


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  1. is jj a boy or girl cause you said both he and she and i cant realy see i have to watch in 144p

  2. Put an orbital trade beacon in your crematory since you always seem to have a ton of clothes there and finish those two chairs at the dining table.Its driving me crazy :p.

  3. Unknown says:

    Axle is such a productive person, I guess you can say, he's on a roll.

  4. Celina Lum says:

    Ctop's videos always make me smile any1 else

  5. Max Pearce says:

    What mod are you using ctop

  6. Twijn says:

    Can't wait 'till this game comes out on Steam.

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