RimWorld Gameplay Alpha 12 – #19 – Collapse! – Let’s Play


Welcome to my Let’s Play of RimWorld! RimWorld follows three survivors from a crashed space liner as they build a colony on a frontier world at the rim of known …


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  1. i am the first one111111111111111111

  2. Mario Mio says:

    hey ctop you should put traps at the doors to really pack a punch plus no escape and maybe you will knock them out and I found out if a person escapes there is a 50 percent increase of a massive raid so there's that

  3. Kyle Kroll says:

    Ctop you should try a mortar then you could blowup whole groups of attacker at once and that would be awesome

  4. Dead Pool says:

    49 min and 11 likes wowowowowowowow

  5. i love rimworld i love you (perfekt combo )

  6. It's pretty sad that this series isn't doing too well.I really enjoy watching it.Also when are you going to start shipbuilding and mortars?

  7. Zikri afif says:

    not early again…

  8. the reason why their is a roof in the dark spaces is because its a mountain and is more rock above the dark spaces ctop

  9. Unknown says:

    Cowboy hats are being built, Konstantin's Hat will get its glorious renewal.

  10. You probably have lots of clothing your guys could wear stored in those graves outside your wall.

    Dig em up and cremate the bodies, Free clothing!

  11. Edward Kurtz says:

    You can capture the visitors but they don't really like it ?

  12. Can you play more scrap mechanic

  13. Eli Davis says:

    crop when r u doing more slime rancher

  14. esribnick says:

    you should have a bunch of beds made for medical things so people can be helped and get health back so you don't have mass graves

  15. Twijn says:

    According to Reddit and Google, there is no way to remove the roofed areas. You will have to put supports out there, as it will infinitely create collapsed rock. It is a good source of rock, although your survivors may die from it, as you found out. xP

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