Ring of Power ( Full Length Documentary )


On the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11 , ” power ring ” puzzle together the missing pieces of our human history . Find out how a …


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  1. rick213 says:

    ben carson stated he thought the jews created the pyramids to store grain. alot of people are calling him crazy for saying the jews created the pyramids but this documentary says otherwise.

  2. Shoot, I mean, I know this video had to have come out AFTER 2001, but why does it look like it's from the 80s?

  3. Colin Bellew says:

    5 hours,fucking hell,will try and give it a go

  4. I've been awake for only a year now and am ashamed to say I'm 48 years old. I was among the mind controlled military troops who unknowingly defended the oligarchs. I have only one thing to say at this point and it must happen. "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS".

  5. You are very wicked she mixed the truth with deceit the only thing that was true is about the government and the catholic church this troll is evil and very misinformed!

  6. Donna K says:

    BLASPHEMY (the parts about Jesus)

  7. 9 one one is just ignorant its 9 eleven moron.

  8. With famed words they will make merchandise of you!

  9. I would watch this but seeing that the pope and the jesuits are not mentioned in the description it probably is not information that leads to them and their absolute responsibility for all things evil on this planet. The "illuminati"are a front group just as the bankers are.

  10. The Church made its money because when the Roman Empire faced disintegration, the ruling oligarchy found the office of emperor was not going to do it and military might would not accomplish the goal. So Christianity was created, or rather what might have been a Jewish heresy and which was never intended to be a 'new' religion was Romanized and became a transformed Greek religion. Later as history unfolds the various 'barbarian' princes and kings become what are clients sort of like a corporate franchise. Think of the Franks and Charlemagne was something like a franchise owner and fulfilled that old office the oliarchy used to transform the old Roman Empire into a new Holy Roman Empire. Later then when Henry the VIII rebelled he set up the Church of England and essentially broke off his boss, the Pope and became an independent franchise owner creating a new franchise. Same with Martin Luther who served in partnership with the German princes who really wanted to form a new oligarchy, a competing franchise.

    That why God grants the Crown as an office much like the Vatican has the Holy See. This is simply an office that serves a function like the office of emperor for the oligarchy itself. Later, when the Latin's felt they should be the center of this Christian empire (before the protestant reformation) and perhaps for revenge on the Eastern Roman Empire for allowing it to 'fall' when the fourth crusade is fought. A new Latin oligarchy sought to make the Pope and Rome the new center. So they literally gutted Constantinople. It would be like looting New York today. That event is how the Church (the Catholic Church) made much of its wealth and the various Italian city states. It killed the wealth and power of the Byzantium empire. Sure it kept existing but it was a shell of its former self and yes for internal reasons Byzantium fell at that time too. That means the Latin's simply capitalized on the already corrupt circumstances they found, but Rome wanted to be the center of this franchise system we call christendom. It was a political ideology.

    The main reason why kings would convert and with them all their people had to (as it was not a choice) was to secure their own personal bloodline. The first converted Viking King did that to secure his bloodline as the viking system didn't have a secure system for recognizing established royal houses. Or for economic reasons like the king of Ethiopia who converted. It was links with Rome and their economic trade. Christianity then was just as much a political ideology and economic system than anything else, and what rulers (especially non-Roman and non-Greek rulers) got, those of the barbarians, was a secure lineage of their own personal bloodlines and succession, and economic ties. They got political and economic benefits. So in other words, the Church of England is a competing franchise and like the Catholics didn't want dissenters.

    About the Jews in Egypt thing, the strange thing is that Hebrews were in fact slaves in Babylon. Yet, no big Hollywood movie of that period? You see it would be anti-climaxtic. Instead of Pharoah chasing after them. Cyprus the Great would simply allow them to go free, and the story would also need to tell why they were put into slavery (or 'captivity') in the first place. It demonstrates the Bible is really, at least the first 5 books, like a history book of a people who were among other things create a bronze age political ideology. When you talk about the divine back then that was also talking about government and political ideology. By granting their tribes a God they are making a political statement relative to the already existing powers of that time: Hittite, Canaan, Babylon, Egypt. The Hebrew were a border people, much like the Franks were to the Roman, and served that function for the then existing Assyrian/Mesopotamian state.

    The ancient Hebrews and their religion really come from the various Bronze Age cultural soup that existed in the 'cradle of civilization', and later after the Bronze Age collapse, the new incarnation of the Iron age "Kingdom of Israel" which ultimately breaks into two Kingdoms. Also in the Bronze Age also along with Zoroastrian religion you see a shift from communal and tribal religion and religion based on individual. Hebrew religion is communal and based on 'tribes' and yet has a hybrid shift toward God's relationship with the individual. It remains a relationship with the entire 'people of the tribe' rather than as an individual. Later, when the Roman/Greek transform this religion they move it fully into a individual relationship and out of tribal.

    Anyways the Hebrew religion is really a bunch of elements from many sources layered together. The Hebrew language and writing for example came from the already existing innovation you find in the Phoenician alphabet and the land of 'canaan'. That same area is also a seat of Neolithic trade and religion. The real 'font' of religion is found in places like Gobekli tepe. That is where the neolithic religion forms, and things like that sling you see David use against Goliath was an invention from like 9,000 BCE. It was out of this time and religion that layers in with the people who came from the East, migrating tribes who eventually become the 'hebrew'. It was only after they migrated there, and slowly became the 'hebrew'.

    And this is another big point. The office of Pharoah is a bronze age thing of how that religion worked. You see the King was simply a member of the priestly caste or families. These families were the government or 'state' and the 'royal' family was simply an elevated member we call a Priest-King. Pharoah is the title of that office in Egypt so it would be like saying Holy See or perhaps Pope or President. It was like saying 'chief administrator. The job of this administration is to manage the crops and surplus which evolves out of a neolithic religion.

    Also about the Hyksos. They introduced the chariot so in the story of Moses and Ramses that obviously would mean, since they have chariots, that such an event must have occurred after when the Hyksos ruled Egypt. Since we know when they ruled we can date Moses at least to a point. Even if he were a fictional character the story could not logically have taken place before the introduction of the chariot.

    I view those events right before the collapse of the Bronze Age, and they function as a story much like the Illiad to the Greeks which is about a time in the Bronze Age. The Bible then is like the Illiad: Iron Age stories about the Bronze Age. Sure they could have existed before but as oral traditions, but later were written down.

    Also the 'sacrifice' of babies? This was a common practice and often used to 'demonize' someone. The romans would level that charge against Carthage. But for example the Greeks did this too and (ready for it) so did the Romans. In other words, it was something you found across the ancient world, but true they often had local and different reasons why they did it. Yet, infanticide was not somehow unique so if Solomon did this in his 'court' it would have been normal and it would be an exception to that rule if he would NOT have done so. By stating this 'fact' is really just restating an ancient form of propaganda.

    Lastly, you can think of Christendom and whatever an historical Yeshua and his immediate followers (if he was not fiction that is) are two different things, and the latter Christianity and Christendom are really something like a slave system, which eventually when the Church was the State, you found mass serfdom, the nobility as partners and peasants essentially much like the bronze age farmer under that bronze age religion: a slave or quasi-slave, or you use a term like 'share cropper'. It is a system then that stretches back to the neolithic, and transforms in the Bronze and probably because of it (among other factors) helps lead to the collapse of the Bronze Age. You then see it transform numerous times afterward.

    You could say that gnosis then would be something that existed before Christianity but that particular form was the newly transformed version that came to be during early Christianity. That aspect did not seek to make Christianity into a slave system. That was for the exoteric Church. The power of the Bishop back in that day was like the power of a Judge in our society today, it was a legal and administrative position. That Christianity was a legal system. Whereas the Gnostic was the opposite. Was was the response from the Church: cleanse gnosis from the Earth. To protect the slave system, you can't tolerate gnosis. The Church Fathers are the ones who created Christianity, not Jesus and his followers. In fact, the Church in Jerusalem was put down much like the Gnostics as the true 'center' was a Roman one.

    In other words, the true illuminati are those who oppose those who attempt to control the world, but those who attempt to control the world already do and so it is not really a conspiracy. It is simply organizations we know well, like the IMF, WTO, the FED, the Vatican, etc. The boogie man commonly called the illuminati is simply the product of a misinformation campaign to name that which seeks to liberate is 'demonized' as its opposite. In other words, illuminati is an idea, not a specific group of people. It might have a once upon a time set of members, but it is more like the idea of those who formed Anyonmous or who became the original Gnostics, or those who formed the Rose Cross movement (Which was never a real organization per se but more like a movement). That is what the illuminati is: a concept to describe an inner gnosis and those who seek it and by doing so seek liberation from the slave system we call established religion.

  11. zuluula says:


  12. Trike Buyer says:

    Thank you AMENSTOP PRODUCTIONS. You helped me on my journey for truth against the evil harmful greedy psychopaths of the world and their rulers. .

  13. Joe David says:

    and the Egyptians weren't Caucasian either smh sheeesh. get your own identity

  14. dom b says:

    what about a 1 day all positive news feed eh?

  15. I knew it. The woman at the beginning is a total disinfo agent and you would see that if you did your research. The vatican and the jesuits are the real culprits in all this and not the jews. Look up "israel seems to have sold jerusalem to the vatican"

  16. There was never a nation called palestine. Even the arabs admit that. This is all bullshit!!!

  17. Greatland says:

    The waters r being tested now as millions of immigrants flood into us n other countries n banks n other powers r shifting gears. These powerful beings, hardly human, love chaos, negativity, and death, so for the love of your families n country wake up! in one month by simply stockpiling gas n not buying any watch what will happen, become ur own credit union n watch what happens, buy up farms n start co-ops n watch what happens! please become part of the solution!

  18. Greatland says:

    interesting look at around 30:00 when plane is flying (referring 2 911 exodus of saudis) and look at the grid behind it Im wondering what caused this? film? or holographic grid?

  19. Identity theft… Egypt is African and not European…

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